Packing up to hit the beach with kids is no easy task!! Nothing like carrying kids when its 100 degrees to make you figure out the best way to function on the beach!

I have 4 kids, and we head to the beach a few times a year, so I feel  like I have truly mastered the art of what to take (and what not to  take) over time.

Skip the large cooler, and go with the Bevpod.  It fits 10 cans and is super compact.

This chair turns into a wagon so for beach days when I'm the only adult, this makes it SO much easier to get out the door.

This mat is durable and the perfect base for our beachside hangs.

Put sunscreen in this small pump container to eliminate messes.

Baby powder is the best way to get sand off of kids.  I put some in this  container with a built in puff so that we can eat sand free snacks  beachside.

These camping towels pack up compactly, come with a carabiner, and dry quickly!

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