I have a HUGE passion for making a more affordable version of very high end items that I can't justify in our house full of a million kids, and this DIY was exactly that. I combined a lamp shade, spray paint, and some PVC pipe to create something that I LOVE.

Pendant Light Kit   Lamp Shade   PVC Pipe - We used 2 inch and needed 3 of them  Hot Glue and Hot Glue gun  E6000  Wood Craft circles  Spray Paint   Miter Saw    Optional - Tassel

Make them just a little longer than the height of your lamp shade. If you haven't cut PVC before know that it does make a pretty good mess. We got our PVC pipe at Home Depot.

Using hot glue you will start to glue your PVC pipe on the outside of  your lamp shade. Space them accordingly because you may need to leave a  tiny gap between each pending how the spacing turns out. 

Once it is done and dry, flip your lamp shade over so the bottom side is up and using hot glue CAREFULLY glue your small wood circles onto the bottoms of the openings. 

Once the light fixture is done, it is time to hang it, but you are going to notice - IT IS HEAVY. We chose to have an electrician come in and professionally hang the light fixture and move the existing location of our last fixture.