Spacing is so important in a kitchen so you can work efficiently and have enough space to work safely.

THE WORK TRIANGLE A concept used to determine efficient kitchen layouts that are aesthetically pleasing as well as functional

MINIMUM + MAXIMUMS Average kitchen island size is 80 by 40 inches.  Standard height  of an island is 36 inches, but if it is used for seating, the standard  size is 42 inches tall.  As for floor space around the island, 36 to 42  inches around all sides is the suggested clearance zone, and 48 if  multiple people will be using different areas of the kitchen at the same  time.

Kitchen island size guidelines suggest the total area the island should take up  is ten percent of the square footage of the kitchen. For example, if the  kitchen is 200 square feet, the island should be a maximum of 20 square  feet.

ALTERNATIVES Peninsula:  an extension of the existing counter and base cabinets, rather than a free-standing piece.

ALTERNATIVES You could also consider a bar cart in the kitchen if you need extra storage or adding a kitchen table for additional workspace.

A bar or wine cart could add additional storage and a workspace while taking up a smaller footrpint. 

A counter height table will add workspace and seating if you tuck stools underneath.