Everything you need to know about Pergo flooring!


We needed a durable and affordable flooring choice for our family of 6.  Pergo was our choice and I'll tell you why.

What is Pergo Flooring?

Pergo is a brand of laminate wood flooring. They use a unique three layer system to create durable, quiet laminate flooring that has a hardwood floor look

Is Pergo Flooring Waterproof?

Some Pergo Flooring options - such as the one we picked are uniquely waterproof.  (not all laminate flooring is - which can be a misconception!)

Is Pergo Flooring Scratch Proof?

Pergo is scratch resistant but not scratch proof.  That said - after several years we had no scratches in ours with 4 kids.

How do you clean the floors?

Warm water and a splash of white vinegar.  They are easily cleaned in comparison to wood alternatives.

I address even more of your common questions in this blog post! 

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