I just finished potty training my 4th toddler - check out these tips on getting your little one potty trained in 3 days. 

now let's potty train 

Getting Ready to Potty Train

Find 3 days where you can fully devote yourself to being home and focusing on your toddler. 

Purchase your supplies - I'll share what you need. 

Prepare yourself and your toddler.  It is a hard process on both of you - set expectations. 




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Some Supplies to Consider

Day 1! 

Say goodbye to diapers/pull ups and put on underwear.  Serve LOTS of liquids, and prepare for the whole day on the potty/ around the potty.

Day 2! 

Today will start off with a step or two back.  Again no diapers, and lots of liquids.  As the day goes on, give a little more freedom with the day.

Day 3! 

The hope is with day 3 you are starting to feel confident that this is going to 'happen' and diapers will be over! Continue with every 15 or so minutes on the potty.

Day 4 and Beyond! 

If your toddler didn't "get it" by day 3 - THAT IS OKAY. 2 of mine did and 2 of them didn't.  The two that didn't were accident free by day 5.  So keep at it!

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