There are several different options for bathroom storage ideas for a small bath. Still, sometimes you have to get creative to have enough room for everything you should have for a functional room.

Right now floating shelves are a pretty on trend way to decorate, and it gives you the counter top space you may be lacking.

Medicine cabinets are a helpful way to store beauty products, and small bathroom items while retaining a very clean look.

And if all else fails, you can always purchase items that serve dual purposes are designed to add storage.

Here are some of my favorites


TP Holder Storage

You can house wet wipes or feminine hygiene products in this toilet paper dispenser.


These hooks can hang over a shower or a door so that you can use the  space that would have a towel bar for floating shelves or other storage.

Lidded Baskets

This is a great way to store miscellaneous items while maintaining a clean look.  Plus you can stack lidded baskets to save floor space.

Under Sink Storage

Instantly double your under sink space with tiered pullout organizers.