Small Home office

See how I transformed a very small room in our 1860's home into a home office/craft room.


For a small office storage can be tricky - not all offices need as much storage as mine, but if you do - remember to use all the height the room can give you!


We went with Klearvue cabinetry.  It was an easy install and great for us as beginners. I was very mindful about what needed to be stored, snd added an appliance garage for our printer to be hidden.


As an avid DIYer I needed space to do projects.  We added two DIY work benches into the space and they are my favorite part.  Find how I made these in my post!

Pick a Focal Point

With a small space you always want a focal point, and to keep the rest simple.  For my space we went with peel and stick wallpaper as the bold focal point. 

Pick a Focal Point

I kept the rest of the room light and bright, and tried not to compete with the wallpaper.  I also purposely went with a very bright space to make it feel larger.

Purposeful Decor

I was very purposeful with my decor.  Floating shelves added more decor, and allowed for me to leave craft supplies out. 

Head to this blog post for more tips on creating your own small home office, and to see more details on mine!