Wicked Matcha Latte

Halloween Coffee Recipes include a wicked matcha tea in a pink cauldron mug.

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Bold earthy flavors are at the core for this wicked green matcha latte! 


  • 1 tsp of matcha powder of choice
  • ¼ cup of hot water brewed to 165°F 
  • ½ cup warmed coconut milk, no hotter than 165°F 
  • Maple syrup, honey, or sweetener of choice, optional


  1. ​Using matcha powder requires a bit of love. Measure out your matcha powder and either sift or whisk the powder free from lumps. You want a nice smooth consistency.
  2. Add the matcha powder to a coffee cup.
  3. Brew your hot water. The hotter water you use to brew your matcha, the more bitter your tea will taste. To avoid overly bitter tea, do not boil your matcha. Instead, aim to heat your water to 165°F for a more sweeter taste profile.
  4. Pour your hot water over the powder. Whisk continuously until your powder is incorporated and free of lumps.  To create foam, make sure you are whisking in a side to side pattern, rather than circles.
  5. Add your warmed coconut milk to the matcha tea and continue whisking again. You can choose to use a milk frother at this point to help get your latte a nice foam topping.
  6. Add in any sweeteners you may want. I’d recommend tasting your latte first to determine how much sweetener you’ll need.


Not all matcha powders are created equally. You may notice that matcha powders can be listed as ceremonial or culinary. 

Ceremonial matcha powders are the highest quality and made from young green tea leaves. Generally, you avoid adding any sweeteners to this grade. Rather you opt to enjoy the earthy flavor profile.

Culinary matcha powders are used in the baking and cooking world. This grade is what you will commonly see used in lattes and smoothies. With a more bitter taste it pairs well with the creaminess of coconut milk.