Floral Pattern
Floral Pattern

Advent Calendar Ideas

Arin Solange at Home 

There is still time!

Whether you want to buy or DIY - let's look at some fun Advent Calendar Ideas.

A DIY can be fun for everyone, and create just what you have in mind.  Buying one is simple and still fun for the kids! Decide how big or small (or not at all you want the daily gift!

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Decide What works Best for your Family 


Here are some great Advent Calendars to buy! 

The Advent calendar doesn't have to add to your clutter and 'stuff'.  You can use it as a daily countdown, and visual reminder for your kids. This Large DIY will be special for years to come

Daily Countdown

Daily felt ornaments are perfect for little ones

Daily Countdown

Make it double as a wreath

Daily Countdown

this inexpensive DIY allows your child to punch one box open a day for a small gift

Small Daily Gifts

This fun DIY would allow for gifts for multiple kids!

Small Daily Gifts

Check out more fun ideas in this post! 

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