With some paring down of Barbie items you already have and some  organizational systems, your kids’ favorite dolls will be easier and  more enjoyable to play with than ever before.   With the right storage solutions and decluttering tips, you can keep  your Barbies and their accessories organized and easily accessible.

Zippered Bags 


These bags are clear so your kids can quickly see what’s inside, but they also have labels so you can separate them by tops, bottoms, Barbie shoes, etc. You can put different items in the different color pouches. They can travel from kids’ bedrooms to the living room play area and back again, stored out of plain sight.

Peg Board


A pegboard is a unique storage solution for Barbies. You can hang the  pegboard on a wall and use hooks to store Barbies and their accessories.  You can arrange the hooks in any way that you like to create a custom  Barbie play station.

Rolling Carts


Both my girls can easily roll it out of the closet for play and can roll it  back in at the end. It is clear so you can easily see what Barbies are  stored and can easily access whatever you need.

Hanging Baskets


Barbies would work great in these baskets if you wanted to display them in your little girl’s room.