I've done these multiple times and the lumber cost is usually $100.   Additional costs will vary depending on what tools you own or need to rent.    This project takes about 2 hours.


1×2 Poplar Board – this will be your frame. 1×12 Poplar Board -this is your shelf top 1×3 Poplar Board - this will be your front finishing piece



Nail gun  Saw  Drill  Spackle  Wood Glue  Paint Small foam rollers 

Sand paper Wood filler Matte Wood Sealer Level Stud finder 


Patch any holes with spackle, then when that is dry, sand and fully clean the walls.

If you are personally cutting this at home, cut your lumber for ONE CLOSET SHELF to make sure your measurements were right. If they were great then it’s time to cut the lumber for all remaining shelves.

Make sure it is level as this is how you will support your closet shelf, and remember your shelf is 1 inch tall and will sit ON TOP of this, so if that matters in terms of your placement be aware. Use your drill to attach this piece – if possible putting into the studs.

Same height and push them as far back and close to the back piece as you can. It’s fine if there are gaps, but the biggest thing to remember is it can’t hang in front of your top board. Use your drill to attach these to the walls .

Take your top board (this is your 1×12) and place it on your frame all the way into the back corners then use your nail gun or a hammer and nails to secure it. Adding wood glue will also keep it more secure.

Take your time and line it up well so you don’t have a lip! This piece simply makes it look more finished. Again we used a nail gun, and wood glue, but a hammer and nails will work too. Just be careful not to dent your boards.

And now the fun part - organizing your new shelves.  I love clear bins, linen organizers, and metal first aid tins.