Arin Solange at Home

Girls Nursery Ideas

If you are looking for inspiration for a beautiful nursery, I’ve gathered my favorites that will match any design style for an adorable room for your little one.

One way to begin your process of designing your baby girl’s room is to find a piece that piques your interest.  It may be wall art, wall paper, an heirloom or even bedding.

You’ll need to pick your color scheme to complement the design and style of the room and the item of interest.  From white walls to floral wallpaper, you can create a huge impact in a small space.


You’ll want to stick to your theme loosely.  Pick items that complement each other, but don’t necessarily match exactly.  You can mix and match decor that can easily grow with your child.

For those of us who need to be intentional with our budgets, it is wise to prioritize what is important for your family. I love pieces that will grow with my child, like a crib and toddler bed in one.

The overall goal of your nursery should be to promote sleep, growth, and a safe place for exploration.  Keep that in mind when you go to pick out pieces for the room.

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