I am VERY passionate about helping your kids to love the house they are growing up in, and embracing them and their “stuff”, while still keeping your home beautiful. 

When it comes to toy storage for the living room, the biggest thing is  to realize you are mostly looking for functional furniture and adult  pieces, NOT pieces made for toys.

There are also hardware sets and other attachments based on what you're storing.

These can float all around the room as additional seating too.

Closed doors are key to keep the clutter contained

Decorative baskets are great to style on open shelves 

And if all else fails, invest in the prettiest toys you can!

Over all – my biggest advice to parents is to EMBRACE TOYS and kid items. If you are fighting them fully they will constantly be a sore spot.  If you can find ways to incorporate your kids items into your decor you will all be so much happier!