Shower tile trim is an important part of any bathroom renovation or remodel. It can add a custom or clean look to the shower, while also protecting from sharp edges. Additionally, it helps with the maintenance of tile and cleanliness in the shower area.

There are MANY kinds of tile trim, but here are a few of the most common and their purposes.



Bullnose tile has a gently rounded edge that gives it a smooth, finished  look and helps to hide any imperfections in the tiling job. It can also  be used to create an attractive border around tiles or along walls and  countertops.



Cove base tile with a flat top is used to join wall to floor tiles,  especially in wet environments such as the shower. The concave edge  keeps water from collecting in the grout lines.



V-cap tiles are a decorative trim option to finish the perpendicular  corners of your tile, those that form a ninety degree angle. They  eliminate sharp edges and unfinished tile sides.

There are many things to think about when tiling your shower.  Trim tile pieces come in a wide range of styles to suit everyone’s  preferences. Some are better suited for different areas of the shower,  and some allow you to decide.