As a mom, you need a bag that offers large capacity, easy access, and plenty of pockets for organizing both personal items and those of your little ones. Here’s our top pick list of the best bags for moms in 2023 catering to every style and budget.

With a backpack, moms can easily navigate through crowded spaces, hold their children’s hands, or push a stroller without the hassle of a bag slipping off their shoulder. In other words, they are the VIP of mom bags.

The Freshly Picked Diaper Bag will always be my favorite.  It's soft, versatile, and stylish. 

My personal favorite feature is that most backpacks offer exterior pockets that fit a water bottle or baby bottles like this Amazon pick.

Tote bags are another option for those moms who need to maximize their storage space. Known for their spaciousness, durability, and versatility, tote bags make some of the best beach bags out there for moms.

Another soft, versatile option.  Add a purse organizer and the functionality increases exponentially. 

And as my kids have gotten older, I find myself grabbing for belt bags or crossbody bags.

This is a great option if you're going out to eat or out with the family for the day. 

This is a perfect sporty option.  It is also not brand name so you don't have to worry about getting it dirty!

Carrying a budget-friendly bag can eliminate the stress and worry that comes with using an expensive designer bag. This allows them to focus on their daily activities without constantly worrying about potential damage or theft.