As much as you want to give your little girl the bedroom of her dreams, you also need to stick to a budget. Fear not! There are plenty of ways to decorate your toddler girl’s bedroom on a budget without sacrificing style.

A vibrant and colorful area rug or throw pillows can be a perfect  solution for adding a pop of color and comfort to the room. Different  patterns and textures can also add interest to the rest of the room.


This is dual purpose. First, you have a great feature wall that looks amazing. Second, you have storage for all those books you’ll end up reading.

bookshelves as accent

 You’ll want to be sure that you have designated areas where your little one can practice their independence and help pick up their belongings. Using storage not only keeps the room looking tidy, but also helps your growing toddler learn responsibility.


Wall decor can be costly.  I love utilizing what I have on hand to  make custom looking art. If you want something that is more upscale than  your own toddler’s drawings, consider framing a small piece of  wallpaper.


You can up-cycle an IKEA dresser by adding new hardware, painting it a fun color, or adding decals or wallpaper.


When decorating your toddler’s bedroom on a budget, it’s important to  think about items that can serve multiple purposes. For example, you can  use a storage ottoman as a seat and storage for toys or books.