I am on a mission to make sure our outdoor space at home is ready for fun days and cool nights - this table is perfect for family dinner!

These instructions are based on a 96" table.  If you want another size, you will need to adjust measurements accordingly.


16 2x4 boards 96 inch length  Outdoor Deck Screws  Outdoor Black Paint  Poly Sealer or Outdoor Stain  Optional - wood filler  Drill  Table Saw

Leave 10 boards 96 inches long (or cut them to your specified length)  Cut 2 boards 89 1/4 (this measurement will change if you shortened your table)  You need 4 pieces 30 inches long   4 pieces 36 inches long  1 of your longest pieces of extra (as close to 36 inches)

Lay down one of your 36 inch boards and drill into it the 30 inch boards coming up from the ends. You will then have a U   Then you need to drill your top cross beam in.  Paint w/ outdoor paint.

Stand your legs up, and lay your 2x4s on top. Screw the boards in – you want them to butt up the end of the black like you see in my picture.

Next, you will attach the last 36 inch board to the middle of the under side of the table. 

Last step is attaching your two 89 1/4 inch boards to the sides. Those two boards will be attached in the other direction (so skinnier side up) than your other 10 boards.

Once you are done you can fill in the nail holes with wood filler if you want and sand those down. Then either stain the boards (we decided not to do that) or seal them with a poly sealer

The total cost of this table was just $45 when we built it.  Of course, the cost of lumber when you build will impact that.