If there is one thing I love to do in the world of DIY and decor it’s a good IKEA hack, and this one did not disappoint!

I LOVE using the inexpensive and simple pieces from IKEA to create something better, whether it just be an upgraded version of the original purpose like this, or a totally new one like I did with my wall mounted easel.

8 feet of Cane Sheeting   Industrial strength adhesive Silhouette spatula tool  Tarp   Spray Paint   1 piece of wood 1 x 3 x 31.25 (we used poplar)   Nails or nail gun

Lay doors on a large tarp and fold the tarp over the cabinet. Take a hammer and break the glass. Then take a small tool (like a screw driver) and slowly, and carefully remove the rest of the glass.

When we did this, on both doors one of the horizontal pieces fell out.We then took the door inside, laid it on top of the other door with a piece of Saran Wrap between them and glued the piece that fell out back in CAREFULLY using this glue.

Cut to 11 1/4" x 15.5". Soak each sheet of cane individually in a sink of water for 5  minutes to increase flexibility.

Working from the INSIDE of the door (so the outside should be laying on your surface), take your piece of cane and carefully slide the sheet into ONE SIDE and THE BOTTOM.

Once the sheet is fully in on those two sides make sure you push to get it AS FAR IN as it will go. Now you are going to take your tool and start to sort of shove in the cane on the other two sides.

Now you need to look to see if any areas need glue – I took my hot glue gun and shot some glue downward into the gaps  from the inside of the door to keep things in place.

We took a board and nailed it in from inside the bottom of the cabinet for a more finished look.

We decided to try spray painting the handles that came with it gold, and I LOVE the look!

The total cost of this cabinet for me was $287. One thing to note – the  cane is more expensive than the cabinet itself. It is definitely not a  super affordable material, but made a huge impact and for me was worth  it.