Get Your AC Checked


The last thing you want is to find out in the middle of a hot summer that your AC has gone out

Spray for Bugs


Whether you have a method you use on your own, or you use a company I suggest as thing warm up to get your home sprayed for bugs

Clean Out Gutters


Full gutters can cause the rain to run down your foundation causing erosion and leaks.

Trim Your Trees


Our last two homes had very large trees and having them professionally  trimmed and checked on can save homes and lives as those big rains start  to fall.

Replenish Emergency Prep


Include things like water, breakfast bars, CHARGED external chargers,  medicine, and anything else that would be super important for 24+ hours

Pressure Wash


It is  a great time of the year to power wash that siding so when you are outside you can enjoy your house more fully.

Get Your Ducts Cleaned


You can leave your windows open during the process during the nice  spring weather and it will make your home air quality so much higher.

Re-stain Fences and Decks


The cold winter months are hard on wood so assess where yours is and be  ready to tackle the project to protect your wood from the hot sun!

Clean out the Car


If  you live in an area where salt is used on the roads in the winter this  is especially important so that your car gets all that salt cleaned off  and it doesn’t sit on their longer than needed.

Spring Clean Inside


Clean your blankets and such that you were using more during the winter,  and power wash the rugs that can be cleaned.  Get your house feeling  spick and span!