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Prime Day Deals

ITS PRIME DAY!! I don’t know what I love more, the Nordstrom Sale, or Amazon Prime day.  (My credit card and husband however hate that they fall at the same time!!). I know I could just link items in my stories all day, but I felt like the easiest way for you all to shop the deals would be if I did a mix of both strategies – blog and Instagram stories.  In order to help you find the best Prime Day Deals, I am going to add to THIS blog post today.  I will add to my Instagram stories each time I do and swipe up to my post, that way if you are more of a desktop shopper (like myself) you can still shop the deals.  Make sure to bookmark this page for easier shopping all day long, and I will do my best to add my favorites as the day goes on! Happy shopping!

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Prime Day Deals

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