5 1/2 year old Jack

Im a little sad I’m writing this post.  Not that I am not grateful that I have been Jack’s mommy for a full five and a half years, but because I swear I just had him.  I swear!  Jack has been the constant learning lesson from God who I will be so eternally grateful for.  He’s a total mama’s boy, and a big piece of calm and quiet in my life!! I love you sweet boy.  Stop growing up.

little boy eating apple on grey couch

A few things I want to remember about 5.5 Year old Jack

  • Wiggly teeth. 2 teeth are gone and the top 2 don’t stand a chance over the next week or two.
  • How hard we are working on pronouns. You know them but talk faster than you think.
  • The way you sneak out of your room SO quietly when you’re done resting so you don’t wake up your siblings.
  • Great group hugs for Walker
  • Your love of all things super heros
  • and all things legos
  • The way you were made for the outdoors
  • Your sweet prayers, and the way you always pray for “those who are hurt and sick.”
  • Your over use of the word ‘very’.
  • What a great artist you are, and how much you love to make books.
  • How exciting your first soccer goals were for you, AND us.
  • What a free spirit you are at the beach
  • When you eat or drink something of mine you remind me that ‘sometimes its nice to share’.

As hard as it is for me to watch you get older and more independent, its such a blessing being your mama, and you’re the perfect, cautious little trail-blazer for us!! We love you sweet boy.  But try not to turn 6 too fast!


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