Modern Little Boys Room

I have been working on updating Jack’s room into a modern little boys room for longer than I care to admit.  I wanted to give him a space that was all his, and can’t wait to share the end result with you!

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white bunk bed with green wall and black and white bedding | Modern Little Boys Room

Modern Little Boys Room

When we moved into our home 2 years ago I painted it the same as our old house to help him feel at home and adjust to the move (see before photos here).  

Now that he’s getting older and more independent, we were ready to change his room and give him a space that reflected him.  I wanted to do a modern little boys room, while still making it a space FOR him.

I was able to design a room with so many aspects of his personality and items he loves present!

If you’re getting ready to move your little man to a big boy room be sure to check out my friends’ post on transitioning your toddler to a big boy bed! Bonus points – these lovely ladies, The Babbling Blondes, are STL locals!

We have since changed this room to our sweet daughters nursery, and Jack is sharing a room with his younger brother.  If you are looking for more boy room inspiration, check it out here!

Modern Little Boys Room Bed and Bedding

A bed and bedding were our first things to tackle.  Jack has wanted bunk beds for quite some time, and after some serious debates between my husband and myself we decided to cave.

green wall with white bunk beds and black and white bedding | Modern Little Boys Room

We did this inexpensive bed from IKEA because we don’t know how long this will really be what he wants, and because I loved that he could sleep on top without being too high.  

I spray painted it white (FYI it takes a good amount of paint), and love how simple it turned out.

Green wall with white bunk beds and black and white beddys bedding | Modern Little Boys Room

For bedding, my biggest concern was that with bunk beds it was always going to look sloppy and his bed would never be made.  

We ended up going with Beddy’s bedding for both beds, and that problem was solved.  – I did a full review of Beddys Bedding here if you are on the fence about it!

You can use code ARINSOLANGE for 20% your purchase from Beddys

If you haven’t heard of Beddy’s, do yourself a favor and check out their site.  They have the most amazing bedding that zips on both ides and fits over the mattress like a fitted sheet, so for kids making their beds it’s a breeze, and for bunk beds especially it is almost NEEDED. 

Lego Storage and Playspace

One of the other reasons for updating Jack’s room was to give him lego storage and space to play with his legos away from Walker.  Having them on the main floor was creating constant stress because if they fell and Walker got them they were such a safety hazard.

bar sized kids table white dresser with decor | Modern Little Boys Room

 I also know that jack is a 5-year-old boy and deserves to be able to play with his favorite toy, so we decided giving him that space in his room was the best option.

hanging lego storage | Modern Little Boys Room

We purchased bars and hanging baskets from IKEA ( here, here, and here), and placed all of his legos in them on one wall.  I then purchased a shelf from IKEA and we hung it using brackets from the hardware store.

hanging lego storage | Modern Little Boys Room

It creates the perfect bar width play space for kids, and doesn’t take up as much space in their room.  You can see how I used it similarly in the basement here and here.

This has been one of my favorite functional and design savvy things I have done through the house.  I love that his legos are so accessible to him, but easily cleaned up and out of the way for me!

hanging lego storage in boys room | Modern Little Boys Room

Modern Little Boys Room Accessories

Green paint color – BEHR Evergreen

I don’t have many accessories in his room, because it isn’t a huge space and I didn’t want too much for extras.  I will link the items we do have In his room below for you.

Light (same light that we added to Walkers room) // Lamp // Shelf over bed // Gold rhino over bed // Stool  // Stuffed dog // Stuffed donkey // Rug

Little boy playing legos | Modern Little Boys Room

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I hope you loved this modern little boys room, and found inspiration for your own space. If you have any questions leave them in the comments below, and be sure to follow me on Instagram (@arinsolange) for more fun and inspiration.

Hanging lego storage | Modern Little Boys Room







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      1. I would also like to know the paint colors if you remember. I love that green for a project I will be tackling soon (kitchen/breakfast table).

  1. Hi! Love this room! I’m waiting for the same bunk bed to arrive for my girls who are 5 and 3. Love that it’s not too high. Any tips for the bottom bunk? What did you put under the bottom mattress, if anything? Thanks!

    1. We actually just laid the mattress on the floor! it worked great and my son loved it. We have memory foam mattress so they worked great, and my son actually seemed to prefer the bottom so it must have been comfy haha!