Beddys Bedding Discount Code and Honest Review

For the past 3 or so years I have had Beddy’s Bedding in Jack’s room, then in the boys shared room. It is something I get questions about frequently, so I wanted to weigh in and give an honest review of the bedding, plus share a super generous Beddys Bedding discount code with you all!

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Boys room with Beddys bedding on bed

Beddy’s Bedding Discount Code & Review

I have owned a total of 5 Beddys Bedding sets, over the past 3 or so years.  They were on bunk beds in Jack’s room. I then use 2 new sets in my boy’s shared bedroom where the beds were against the wall. That is another less than fun place for making beds typically.

Last – we got a set for our oldest daughter in her room. Her bed was more of a traditional set up on a full sized bed, so three totally different situations

Beddys Bedding Discount Code

I will go into my honest review below, but also wanted to give you a discount code. If fall in love with them during this review, be sure to use it!

Beddy’s was gracious enough to offer you all 20% off if you use the code ARINSOLANGE at checkout!!

Boys bed with name pillow and cuddle and kind dolls

What is Beddys Bedding?

If you’re here reading this post you may already know what Beddys Bedding is – but if not, Beddys is a 2 in one bedding set where the sheet and comforter zip together.

Think of it a bit like a sleeping bag where the bottom is a a fitted sheet. There are two choices in fabric. You can get the bedding minky lined, or in a traditional cotton. Both take away the difficulty of making your bed!

What’s the best bedding for bunk beds?

Why we tried it…

Like I said before – we originally decided to try out Beddy’s bedding for Jack’s room with bunk beds.  The idea of making a bunk bed made me cringe. I wanted to see if Beddy’s was worth the hype, and the best for bunk bed bedding.

 I had seen so many bloggers share about this bedding, but you just never know. Is it being shared because they love it? Or is it because they love the owners, or because they were given it for free? (I know that might not be the popular thing to say, but sometimes it is reality!)

Ikea hack bunk beds

I also loved that due to how the bedding is made and the over-all structure of it there wasn’t any over hang on the mattresses. This is definitely an advantage to zipper bedding.  Jack’s bunk beds had the bottom bunk on the floor where extra fabric would have been a mess.

Beddys were a really logical choice for that space – so I set out to give it a try and really decide if I loved them, or if they were overrated. Below is my review.

girls daisy room with beddys bedding

My Overall Thoughts On Beddy’s Bedding

First off I think I need to preface a few things and give sort of my over all thoughts before I dive into more about the bedding!

We obviously liked Beddys enough to get it for multiple rooms. That said – there are always draw backs, to great products, and this is expensive bedding, so I wanted to share both sides.

Beddys Fabric Pros

As stated as a reason I wanted to try them, the LACK of fabric is amazing. When I say that I mean there isn’t an over hang on the sides of the comforter. This could probably also make Beddy Bedding a good option for RV bedding.

This is especially great for kids.  That is probably my number one love when it comes to beddy’s bedding.  If you like things to look clean and tidy then this is perfect.

Tv stand as night stand

Because of how it’s made you don’t tuck anything in at the end of the bed, so that lack of fabric, as well as the fact that the comforter isn’t falling off on both sides, and there is no sheet is a huge win for me!

Beddys Fabric Cons

But fabric is also where my 2 negatives come in.  In Jack’s room we went with the black buffalo check and the dash for the bunk beds.  When we washed them the black bled onto the white SLIGHTLY.

I am a perfectionist and it wasn’t enough for me to really be bothered, but it did happen.  

Since my original post I have learned that they do give a tip on keeping this from happening on their site. It is still in my review because I am sure other people will miss those instructions. That said – it was user error!

Modern boys room with bunk beds

I also wish there were just MORE fabric choices.  I initially almost didn’t go with Beddys for the boys shared room simply because I have seen the fabrics in use so many times that I wanted something a bit more unique. So that would be a downside for me.  

That said as a blogger I am accustomed to seeing more of those brands with friends than most people.

I also think it’s worth noting that I DID end up using Beddys again…so clearly the Pro’s out weighted even for me…and I am pretty big on going unique.

white beddys bedding on girls bed

How Do Beddy’s Beds Work: Making the Bed

First off – you are buying this because of how easy it is to make the bed with it being zipper bedding.  And it is EASY. 

It is a great option for younger kids you are teaching to make their own beds, and we will likely get this for Avé so she can work on making her own bed too.  So if for no other reason than that I will say they are WORTH IT.

green wall behind IKEA bunk beds

That said – something that I didn’t think about, that is LIKELY A NO BRAINER, but for me got me frustrated was that it is still a pain in the butt to make the bed after washing – especially if its a bunk bed.  

I was hoping this would be some sort of cure all on that, but the reality is you still have to put on a fitted sheet essentially, and on bunk beds that still sucks haha. 

Why We Love Beddys Zipper Bedding

The biggest reason I went with Beddy’s bedding a second time around was for the clean and simple look it provides in a room. 

I am pretty minimalist with decor, so I love that even when the beds aren’t made there isn’t extra fabric at the end of the bed coming un-tucked, and hanging off the sides. 

I was also really impressed with the quality – especially concerning the zipper.  When we first ordered I honestly had my doubts that a zipper could withstand Jack. 

I was worried he would break the zipper and I would be ticked, but they are really well made and industrial zippers, so that hasn’t been an issue. 

boys shared room with beddys bedding on beds

We personally have done the minky lined ones each time, and the boys LOVE how they feel.  I like that they can use the comforter with the comfort of a blanket instead of needing that extra layer.

So To summarize why we love Beddys Bedding:

  • It is durable – extra large zippers make it withstand rough kids and easier for little hands
  • Zip Closure means making your bed in a few seconds flat
  • Comfort – My kids LOVE sleeping in it.


Q: Are Beddys Worth it?

A: Yes! For me they have been. I will say I have purchased them personally for young kids (age 8 and below). But I don’t see me swaying from them as they get older. (personally I actually think they would be AMAZING for college).

Q: Do You Still Need Sheets with Beddys Bedding?

A: NO! Unless you want throw pillows or extras for decor you ONLY need the buddy’s set.

Q: Who is the Owner of Beddys Bedding?

A: Beddys was created by Betsy Mikesell. She was a mom who wanted a solution to her boys’ messy rooms – and she came up with a solution. She joined with her friend Angie White and Beddys was born!

Q: How do you Wash Beddys Bedding?

Unzip your top from the bottom and wash on cold ALONE. Tumble dry on low. ONE THING TO NOTE: one of my negatives was that one set had color bleed – they state that if you add some white vinegar to that first time around it will set the color!

Q: Why is Beddys Bedding so Expensive?

A: It is an investment – but if you use my discount code below I have found that putting them in my kids rooms has been no more expensive than buying the comforter and sheet set most of the time!

I think for a high quality bed in a bag type situation where you are getting it all you would be paying this same amount.

girls room with pink daisy

Overall – I would HIGHLY recommend Beddys bedding especially if you are decorating a Childs room and looking for a way to make their room clean and help teach them to make their bed.  

Don’t forget if you decide to get purchase it, you can purchase through my link and use my Beddys Bedding Discount code of ARINSOLANGE for 20% off your purchase!

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Hopefully you found this review of Beddys Bedding, and you feel confident in your purchase if you decide to get them for your home. If you have any questions be sure to DM me on Instagram (@arinsolange) or leave me a comment below, and pin the photo below to find this review later.

Beddys bedding review and discount code

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