Light Blue Bedroom in HGTV Fresh Idea

Talk about a marathon of a bedroom. We FINALLY finished Walker’s light blue bedroom and oh my gosh am I in love. We went with Sherwin Williams HGTV Fresh Idea for the paint, and a VERY blue room, and honestly it is everything I envisioned. I will share all of the details in this post, and later this week will also be sharing the blog post on how to build his bed incase that is why you are here!

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light blue bedroom

Light Blue Bedroom for Walker

My sweet Walker John is almost 5 years old and it honestly feels like just yesterday I was designing his nursery. Sam and I were discussing the fact that that was the last time we designed a room for just him. He moved from said nursery to a shared room with Jack. We then moved and in the year and a half in this house we still hadn’t tackled his room.

Dare I say, it was worth the wait? I had big dreams for Walker’s room and a true vision for a while, but wanted to hammer out the details so it could function well for him before we worked on the space. Walker is my messy kiddo who hoards everything so I knew I had to be very smart with my selections.

Something about Walker has made me gravitate towards classic designs and blue since he was born, so doing a light blue bedroom seemed natural. I went with a sort of classic sports/country club vibe in the room, and just love the simplicity that came together.

Preppy Boys Room

Sherwin Williams HGTV Fresh Idea

When it came to this bedroom hands down the biggest choice was paint. I knew I wanted A LOT of blue, so it needed to be the right blue.

I settled on Sherwin Williams HGTV Fresh Idea, and Honestly the shade of blue couldn’t have been more perfect. It is definitely a light blue, but is just dusty enough in color to not feel like an infants room. We opted to paint most of the walls, all trim, the bed, and the doors in the Fresh Idea paint color, so we really leaned into the color!

Sherwin Williams HGTV Fresh Idea bedroom

Designing Walkers Light Blue Bedroom

Now that you know why I went with light blue, I will walk you through all the details for his room, and the links to everything we included. Like I said at the start of this post, we will be sharing a separate tutorial for the bed this week.

We overall went for a room that would have great storage, would grow with Walker, and didn’t have too many things he could move around. Walker is creative, and that sometimes means with his room as well – and I am particular, so I have learned that we mesh better if I make sure I remove some of the temptations for mess.

Preppy Boys Room

The built in bed, with the built in desk under the window worked so well for his room because it really optimized space for him to play, but gave us major pieces of furniture that couldn’t be moved. We also designed the bed to have storage beneath, so it was all something that was both pretty, but functioned well for us!

light blue bedroom with tan accents

Bead Board Walls

The first step for this bedroom was to add bead board to the walls. This was honestly more of a need than a design choice, because the walls are old plaster and had a rippled effect that I wanted to conceal. The bead board ended up being such a pretty way to handle that!

If you are tackling bead board there are a few things to keep in mind in order to have a great end result.

1 – cutting bead board was actually not as easy as we anticipated. It is difficult to get a clean cut. Make sure you use a really sharp blade on your table saw or circular saw, and cut with your front facing down if possible.

2 – You will need tools for cutting outlet holes and such. This is definitely a material where a jigsaw is important. This can be less expensive – but you need one of some sort.

When hanging the bead board you will add liquid nails to the back, and then attach to the walls with a nail gun. I will link to all of those tools we used below incase this is new for you.

We personally measured up our walls to a given height, cut all the bead board to that height, then we added a 1×3 over the top, with a 1×2 going horizontal on the top of that. It gave a finished look across the room.

Preppy Boys Room Dresser

Supplies Needed for Bead Board Walls

If you are wanting to add bead board to your room below is everything you will need + paint!

  • Bead board sheets
  • 1×3 boards
  • 1×2 boards
  • Nail gun – we have this one and love it
  • Circular Saw or Table Saw
  • Jigsaw
  • Liquid Nails
  • Caulk for seams
  • Wood filler for the holes from nail gun
Built in bed in light blue bedroom

Light Blue Boys room Details

For the details in Walker’s room we went with simple accents that would give a really simple and preppy feel. I went with a mix of favorite brands, simple DIYs, and Amazon finds to create a space that is very simple and cute.

The Bedding

I am going to share a graphic below for you to shop all of these items, but I wanted to highlight the bedding first! For Walker’s room we went with Beddys Bedding – which if you have followed me for any length of time you likely know that I add this all of my kids rooms.

It is all in one bedding that zips for closure and is just the most functional and pretty way to finish a bedroom. They are so kind and always offer 20% off to my readers and followers with the code ARINSOLANGE so be sure to check them out and use that code at checkout!

Beddys Review Here

Light Blue Bedroom

Adding Antiques

Some of the items on the walls are antiques – this was a fun way to give the feel we were looking for and it was also super budget friendly. If you are going to try this as well, we found that using these large staples was a great way to hang some of those odd shaped items!

Window Treatments

For the Window Treatments we decided to try a DIY and they honestly turned out great. We used the fabric from the curtains that we also used on the bed, and some inexpensive blinds – I will do a follow up video on that process on my TIkTok and Instagram if you are interested.

preppy boys room details

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14

Shop Light Blue Bedroom Details Below

  1. Bean Bag Chair – this seems simple, but this actually stores all of Walker’s stuffed animals and blankets. It is a great dual purpose piece.
  2. Throw Pillow – This is so comfy
  3. Ceiling Fan – This ceiling fan is great. It is gorgeous and puts out a good amount of air.
  4. Curtains – this is is the fabric we used on the window treatments, as well as the curtains on his bed.
  5. Star Pillow
  6. Gold Lamp
  7. Hat – this is both decor and something Walker will wear. Use code ARINSOLANGE and save 10% on your order.
  8. Sconces – we opted to cut the wires off this and did a sconce hack using these two items in the sconce so it is now remote activated. (light | Adaptor)
  9. Rug
  10. Name Pennant – LOVE THESE and have one in my older sons room too
  11. Directors Chair – comes in several options. I stenciled Walker’s name on the back of the chair for added details.
  12. Throw Blanket
  13. Dresser
  14. Canvas art
light blue bedroom in HGTV Fresh Idea

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Hopefully you feel inspired to create your own light blue bedroom, and if you try out HGTV Fresh Idea be sure to let me know! I think the color created such a gorgeous space for our son, and would love to see your rooms. If you have any questions leave them in the comments below, and be sure to follow me on Instagram and TikTok (arinsolange) to see more of what I am sharing!

light blue bedroom

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