Baby Girl Nursery Decor Ideas Girl Mamas Will Love

It is hard to believe that it has been two years since I last gave you guys a nursery decor post. Don’t even think about asking. No, this is not a major baby announcement! With Goldie turning 3 years old soon and being my last baby I had to sneak in one last post on nursery decor ideas girl mamas will love before she heads into a big girl room.

subtle and sweet nursery

Baby Girl Nursery Decor Ideas Girl Mamas Will Love 

I’ve been reminiscing about past baby girl nursery ideas.  Soon, Goldie will want to have her own big girl’s room. We’ll say so long to our baby girl’s room and hello to her little girl’s room.  In honor of me being an emotional mess with her impending birthday, here is a post dedicated to those of you who are needing inspiration for baby girl nursery themes!

Nursery Design 101: The Basics 

When I originally wrote my Amazon Girl’s Nursery Decor post, I had just completed Goldie’s nursery.  At almost 3 years old, Goldie is going to be ready to move out of her baby room and into a big girl’s room.  

One of my most favorite rooms to decorate in a house is a baby girl’s nursery. If you are on the hunt for inspiration for a beautiful nursery, I’ve gathered my favorite decorative items,  nursery furniture, and wall decor that will match any design style for an adorable room for your little one. 

rainbow girls room

Find Your Focus: Ideas & Decor For Your Girl’s Nursery

Let’s talk about how to design your baby’s room before we get into the details.  I’ve always been in favor of functional yet stylish pieces.  Every piece should have a purpose for the room and make your life easier, not harder. 

 It should be useful and pretty.  To begin your process of designing your baby girl’s room, try finding a piece that piques your interest.  It may be wall art, wall paper, an heirloom or even bedding. 

 Whatever you pick, you’ll want to make sure this is your focal point for your entire nursery design process and baby’s room.  This is the item that you’ll build the rest of the room around for a themed nursery.  

nursery decor ideas girl

Pick A Color Scheme To Complement Nursery Ideas She’ll Love

Once you’ve found that item that piques your interest, you can decide the type of theme you want.  There are tons of baby girl nurseries when you look on Pinterest.  The inspiration is there, you just have to decide what you want. 

 Before I go over my favorite girl nursery ideas, keep in mind there are many different styles that can complement any nursery room.  Do you naturally lean towards a more modern design or do you prefer traditional designs?  

You’ll want to pick your color scheme to complement the design and style of the room and the item of interest.  From white walls to floral wallpaper, you can create a huge impact in a small space.

Beautiful and functional bookshelves for a sweet girl's nursery

While you should pick a theme for your room, you don’t need to go overly themed.  Gone are the days of buying matching wallpaper, art decor, bedding, lamps, and curtains.  To avoid that early 90s nightmare, you’ll want to stick to your theme loosely.  Pick items that complement each other, but don’t necessarily match exactly.  You can mix and match decor that can easily grow with your child. 

baby in crib

Stick To Baby Girl Room Ideas Within Budget

This brings me to my next point- your budget.  While you plan your daughter’s nursery, you’ll want to consider your budget.  Many of us wish we could go into Pottery Barn or Restoration Hardware and buy the entire line, that just simply is not practical for most people.  

If you can afford to do that, then more power to you! Those of us who need to be intentional with our budgets should prioritize what is important for you and your nursery.  

If you happen to know you and your partner are planning on having more children, you may opt to go with a more gender-neutral nursery that could be used with your next child.  Earth tone accents could work in a girly boho nursery or a boy’s dinosaur nursery.

gender neutral nursery

Be Intentional With Your Purchases

Keep in mind what you want to grow with your child.  Is it more important for you to get a standard crib that your child will outgrow, or do you want to invest in a crib that can be turned into a full bed.  Most convertible cribs don’t convert into queen sized beds.  I have many friends who opt to skip the toddler bed all together and go straight for a queen size bed.  In this instance, buying a convertible crib really doesn’t do you any favors.  

Ultimately, I prefer to invest in pieces that my child can grow into and won’t be replaced in the next 3 years.  You can invest in nice lamps, curtains, and basic furnishings, and then update your wall decor, bedding, and rugs. 

 I also like looking for dual purpose items.  For example, a doll house can double both as a bookshelf while your child is younger and then as a dollhouse once they grow older. 

nursery theme idea

You can find my post on DIY nursery decor. This ice cream mobile I made for Ave’s nursery, which seems like a lifetime ago.

Look To IKEA Furniture For Affordable Pieces

One of my favorite ways to help save costs is to turn to IKEA furniture and tackle some IKEA nursery hacks.  IKEA furniture is durable, can be easily personalized, and is affordable. 

You’ll find tons of ways to create your dream nursery without breaking the bank. I don’t know about you, but my kids can be hard on their furniture.  My boys enjoy jumping and crashing into their furniture in their room, while my girls tend to think furniture is an art canvas.  

Should you decide you want to update the space with something different or if you want to avoid buying expensive pieces that your kids will ultimately use as a canvas or for target practice, then IKEA is a great idea. 

Girls room with IKEA dresser

Consider The Main Functions Of Your Nursery Before Decorating

When you are picking out furniture and decor for your nursery, you need to keep one fundamental principle in mind: consider the function of your baby’s room.  The overall goal of your nursery should be to promote sleep, growth, and a safe place for exploration.  Keep that in mind when you go to pick out pieces for the room.  

Promote Safe Sleep

To help promote sleep, you’ll want to create an environment that is calm.  This ties right back into your color scheme and theme.  In general, you tend to see a baby nursery with soothing tones or even an all white nursery. 

 Pastel colors tend to be more soothing, you can still use bright colors in accent pieces or decor, and still create a serene environment.  A feature wall is a great example of where you would see this in action.  This is a great way to create texture and interest, while still maintaining a calming atmosphere. 

 By only having that one accent wall you not only create a focal point, but you also have taken care of a large part of the decor. 

nursery decor ideas girl

Set Your Baby Up For Successful Sleep

Another way to create an environment for sleep is to make sure you have curtains around your windows.  Curtains are a great way to frame your windows and also provide darkness for sleep.  I’m a big fan of black out shades and curtains during the early years.  My kids must have a pitch black room in order to sleep.  While white curtains are beautiful they can also allow a lot of light to filter in. 

 If you have an older child who isn’t sensitive to light or perhaps a unicorn baby who isn’t sensitive to light then sheer curtains can be dainty and darling in a little girl’s room.

diy rainbow decor

Check out how you can make your own DIY rainbow.

Storage Is Paramount

You’ll want to make sure you take inventory of your storage space.  Do you have a walk-in closet with plenty of space in your nursery or is space lacking?  Make sure you look at my post on nursery closet organization tips. I have lots of tips on how to make the best use of your space for an organized and functional nursery. For small rooms, you may need to get more creative.  

nursery decor pink pom pom and rattan basket

Whether you have a small room or large room, you will need a place to change your baby.  My personal preference is to forgo a changing table and opt for a dresser that can be used as a changing table on top.  If you must use the dresser space for clothes, keep a few wicker baskets or this foldable cart on wheels nearby for essentials like diapers, wipes, and creams or create your own portable station. 

My go to dresser is the IKEA Bjorksnas dresser, but really you can’t go wrong with any of the IKEA products.  To get some great ideas on setting up your changing space, check out my post on the best IKEA dressers for your nursery.

baby crib with stuffed animals

Have A Feeding & Soothing Station For Baby

Along with a changing station, you’ll need to have a place for rocking and feeding your little one. Again, if space is an issue, creating a portable feeding and changing cart is a good choice to help maximize space.

 A cart filled with essentials can still be decorated with a nice lamp and other decor pieces.  The cart can be stationed next to a rocking chair and then can be placed in your closet to hold smaller toys or in a bathroom once they’ve outgrown the diaper stage.

  Rocking chairs not only provide a place to fall asleep during those long nights, but is another way to tie in your decor.  Throw pillows can bring a pop of color or provide texture to your room.

rainbow girls room

Promote Growth & Exploration

Your nursery should promote sleep, but it should also allow your child to grow and explore. As your child grows, you’ll want to set aside some space for them to explore and play safely.  I like to bring in different textures, patterns, and colors to help stimulate their brains. 

 To incorporate texture, a good idea is to bring in different sensory experiences.  A nice soft plush rug provides a great surface for sensory exploration and enhances your nursery’s decor.  Mirrors and lighting can also serve as sensory items as well. 

A crystal chandelier can have a huge impact on a room.  Not only is it unique, but it creates light and different shadows as the sun hits it.  If you don’t particularly love the idea of a crystal chandelier and still want to have a fun lighting effect, the good news is you can buy rainbow catchers for your windows and get the same effect. 

nursery decor ideas girl

Have A Set Up That Makes Sense For Baby

Now that you’ve acquired all of your essential furniture pieces you’ll want to ensure that you set up the nursery in a manner that makes sense and is safe.  Putting the crib on the wall directly in front of the window may look nice in pictures, but do you really want sunlight pouring in when your baby is trying to sleep? 

 Don’t forget to check out the arrangement of your furniture and accessories. Your diaper pail should be within reach of your changing station.  Ultimately, you should have separate areas for sleep, changing, feeding or snuggling, and playing.  

girls crib

Once you’ve set up your room, you can now fill in the gaps with textiles and accent decor pieces.  These accent pieces should complement the theme of your nursery.  Consider the decor you put up around the room.  You may opt to have a name sign, birth statistics, or paintings.  I think having something from your own childhood to incorporate into your own child’s nursery is such a sweet and unique sentiment. 

nursery decor ideas girl

Shop These Favorite Baby Products To Decorate Your Nursery

Below are some of my favorite Nursery decor ideas girl mamas will love when putting together your own nursery.  These are great options that when put together would make a gorgeous nursery, or pick and choose and add your own elements to create your own perfect room! 

A round up of favorite nursery decor ideas for baby girls via Amazon

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16

Shop Nursery Ideas Here

  1. Diaper basket – This diaper basket can go from room to room with you and has removable dividers to use it exactly as you want
  2. Crib – this crib is delicate, light, and airy for a great night’s sleep
  3. Touch lamp – perfect for late night feeding sessions and then a night light as they grow
  4. Crib sheets – you can easily change these sheets in the dark with the zipper enclosure
  5. Acrylic shelves – these are a staple in nearly every nursery I’ve designed
  6. Beaded chandelier – another option for a sensory experience as the beads create shapes on the wall
  7. Scalloped rug – jute for more sensory exploration
  8. Velvet blackout curtains – create the perfect atmosphere to rest
  9. Blanket – snuggle up with this cozy blanket
  10. Storage Ottoman – You can never have too many so opt for items that pull double duty when you can
  11. Changing basket – this would be beautiful atop a dresser
  12. Rocker + footrest – you’ll practically fall asleep rocking your baby girl all night
  13. Wall hooks – this is another fun way to add affordable wall decor – hang your baby’s cutest outfits
  14. Mirror – play peek-a-boo with this adorable mirror
  15. Shell pillow – this shell pillow has tons of personality and is great on your rocker
  16. Neutral rug – a nice neutral rug to tie your whole room together is perfect for your daughter

7 Favorite Nursery Decor Ideas: Girl Addition 

Now that we’ve covered the basics around putting your nursery together, let’s take a look at some of my favorite baby girl room ideas.  

Neutral & Natural

This gorgeous neutral nursery gives off major natural inspiration vibes.  With lots of light, gold accents, and natural materials, it easily achieved a calming environment. The greenery throughout is subtle, but gives such a nice touch of color and highlights the natural elements.  

The natural wood crib complements the side table, footrest, curtains, and wallpaper.  Speaking of wallpaper, this is a great example of nursery wallpaper that isn’t too busy and adds the perfect amount of depth and texture. The designers kept the decor simple on the walls which does a good job of highlighting the wallpaper.  

nursery decor ideas girl

Check out this neutral nursery.

A Gender Neutral Boho Room

This next nursery is technically a little boy’s nursery, I couldn’t help but feature it. Who says you have to have a typical girls nursery with pink walls, gold accents, and a white crib? It would work for both a girl or boy and would be a great place for your little one to grow into as they get older. The rattan lamp, mirror, rug, crib, and footrest all tie in perfectly with this coastal boho themed nursery.  I also am obsessed with this area rug for sensory exploration and safe play.  

gender neutral nursery

Read more about this organic coastal nursery.

Mature & Modern

If you are looking for a great example of a modern nursery that a little girl can easily grow into then look no further.  The best thing in this room is the custom built-in bookcase and window seat. What a smart and functional way of keeping this small area organized and cluttered free.  Rather than having a very girly pink color, there are shades of pink ranging from blush to rust.

nursery decor ideas girl

A perfectly simple modern nursery

Minimalist Tiny House

Contrary to popular belief, babies don’t need a whole lot of space as seen in this minimalist nursery which was once a closet.  If you are limited on square footage, this is a great example of just how much you can do in a small area.

  The white baby furniture brings in plenty of light which makes it feel roomier.  Greenery adds a natural element and ties in nicely with the french doors nearby to the outside.  There are plenty of baskets and a whimsical mural complete the design. 

small space nursery

The smartest solution to a nursery in a small space

Floral Motifs 

Floral themed nurseries are a trend I don’t see stopping anytime soon.  Between floral accent walls, floral wallpaper, and floral decor, there are plenty of ways to bring this theme to life. 

The floral accent wall can be tricky.  You’ll want an area that is large enough, as smaller spaces can feel even smaller by the large mural. The nursery below ties in the floral mural with touches of vintage decor ranging from the gold crystal chandelier to the brass mirror and silver vase.

floral nursery

A floral and feminine nursery

I can’t talk about floral themes and not mention my sweet Ave’s daisy room in our last house.  I absolutely adored this wallpaper!  I also created the daisy mural via yarn and pom pom balls. Check out my post for all the information on how to recreate this DIY.  Simply swap out the bed for a crib and you have the perfect little girl’s nursery. 

girls room idea

Earth Toned 

Pink and gray nurseries have had their moment.  Moving into popularity are earth toned nurseries. The rich colors, natural elements, and modern design are pure perfection.  You can create such a serene environment with inspiration from nature. 

earth tone nursery

Make sure to check out all the details in this earthy nursery. 

Ceiling Details

This retro modern nursery is full of personality and details.  From the wallpapered ceiling to the neon sign of her little girl’s name, Stella; Dani Austin hit it out of the park with this nursery. The wooden crib, light rug, curtains, and furniture are all more subtle which allows for the light fixtures and ceiling to take center stage.

mod nursery

A ceiling statement in the nursery

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I hope this post gave you some great baby girl nursery decor ideas so you can start on your own sweet nursery.  Decide what you like and enjoy the process of picking out items to make the space your own.  Remember, you don’t need to go overboard on the theme.  Mix and match materials, textiles, and decor to can create a room that will grow with your little girl. Be sure to pin the photo below for later, and if you don’t already – follow me on Instagram (@arinsolange) and Tik Tok (@arinsolange) for more fun!

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