How Much Is A Bernedoodle Puppy?

Have you been wondering how much a Berenedoodle puppy costs? It is no secret that I love our Bernedoodle dog, Penny.  Penny has been a member of our family for the past year and a half and we can’t imagine our lives without her in it. I have been on a mission to share more about owning here with you all in case you want to add a Bernedoodle to your family! 

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How much is a Bernedoodle Puppy?

If you’ve wondered what it is like to own a Bernedoodle, I covered all the basics in an earlier blog.  When we first began our search for Penny, I remember having so many questions.  

One of those questions was “What is the cost of a Bernedoodle?”  Many people choose to adopt, but that is not an easy option for us because of our allergies. If you too would prefer to get a dog from a reputable breeder, be prepared to spend way more than your typical adoption fee. I’ll go over what you need to know about the price of a Bernedoodle and why you will pay higher prices for this designer breed. 

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How Much Should I Expect to Pay for a Bernedoodle?

Recently, we attended an auction where a dog was an item up for bidding.  The starting bid was $3,000 and I have never wanted a dog more.  You may be thinking to yourself, $3,000? That is a ton of money for a dog. 

You’re right! It is a lot of money for a dog.  But, there is a reason why the average cost for various breeds of dogs and designer dogs are high when you get them from quality breeders.  

Also known as a Bernese Mountain Poo, Bernedoodles are a great family pet.  They have high energy, are intelligent, loyal, and have wonderful temperaments.  

One of my favorite things about Penny is that she is a hypoallergenic dog. With several allergy sufferers in our family, it was important for us to have a dog that we could be comfortable living with and not cause any health problems or allergic reactions.  

How much is a Bernedoodle puppy

The price range for a Bernedoodle from a good breeder will range from $2,500 to $6,000. What makes the price of Bernedoodles so variable and why is it so high? 

This is actually a good thing.  You want your dogs well taken care of and the cost of your puppy takes into account the cost it takes for the dog to reproduce and the puppies to stay in good health and on top of their shots until they can go to their forever home.  Not only will you pay for the health of your dog, but your location, supply and demand, and other factors such as lineage, temperament, coat, color, size, and generation will all play an important role.

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Lets Touch on Biology to Break Down this Pricing 

Let’s go back to biology class for a minute.  Each parent contributes a set of chromosomes to their child. Those chromosomes not only determine the sex of the child, but also decides what color hair, eyes, and other genes are inherited.  

Some children look more characteristically like their father, while others may inherit their mother’s left handedness.  Like humans, dogs too inherit different genes from their parents like color, coat, size,  health concerns, and temperament. 

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The price of your Bernedoodle can vary depending on the generation of your puppy.  You’ll commonly see terminology such as F1 generation or F1B generation in regards to the Bernedoodle and other designer breeds.  The “F” tells you that the dog is a hybrid offspring from two purebred dogs. The number after the F simply tells you the generation.  

A F1 Bernedoodle is a first generation Bernedoodle from 50% Bernese Mountain Dog and 50% poodle.  A F2 Bernedoodle is a second generation Bernedoodle, meaning both parents are F1 Bernedoodles.  

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My friend, Stephanie Hanna also has the sweetest Bernedoodle, Piper. Check Stephanie and Piper out on her blog and Instagram!

Now, you can also backcross (“B”) a Bernedoodle with a purebred Bernese Mountain Dog or purebred poodle. Generally, this occurs when you backcross a Bernedoodle with a poodle.  An F1B Bernedoodle would be 25% Bernese Mountain Dog and 75% poodle.

 You can take this up a notch and even have a backcross of a F1B Bernedoodle with a poodle to create an F1BB.  In this case, you would have 87.5% poodle and only 12.5% Bernese Mountain Dog.  Second generations can also be backcrossed.  In that instance, a F2B Bernedoodle would be 62.5% poodle and 37.5% Bernese Mountain Dog.  


All of that is to say that your dog’s generation type can greatly impact the Bernedoodle price that is set by the breeder.  The amount of poodle or the amount of Bernese Mountain Dog your new puppy has is determined by their parentage.  

Keep in mind each breed’s qualities and determine what you and your family find important in a dog.  If it is more desirable to have a dog with more poodle traits than a Bernese Mountain dog, then it’s best to look at F1B and F1BB.

 These breeds are in high demand among people who want to have a hypoallergenic dog. In general, people will pay more for a hypoallergenic dog.  In other words, the Bernedoodle cost rises with a higher percentage of poodle lineage. 

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Types & Sizes of Bernedoodles 

Not only can you have different generation types, but the type of poodle that is used to breed can range from a Standard Poodle, Miniature Poodle, or Toy Poodle.  The size of the poodle parent impacts the size of your Bernedoodle. 

 There are several types of Bernedoodles, which are characterized by different sizes due to their poodle parent breed. Keep in mind that your generation type will also directly impact the size and price of your new puppy. 

How much is a Bernedoodle puppy

Standard Bernedoodles, like our Penny, are a cross between a Standard Poodle and Bernese Mountain Dog.  In general, these are the largest sized Bernedoodle puppies.  They can grow to be between 70-100 pounds and stand 29 inches tall.  

A medium Bernedoodle is an unofficial type, but does include a Bernedoodle that is either a smaller Standard Bernedoodle or larger Miniature Bernedoodle.  These medium Bernedoodles range from 35 to 55 pounds and stand up to 25 inches tall.  Based on Penny’s size, she really falls into this category.  

Smaller Bernedoodles include the mini and tiny Bernedoodle.  A mini Bernedoodle puppy has  a Miniature Poodle as one of their parents.  At 25-50 pounds and up to 22 inches tall, this is a great option for a medium sized dog.

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 Should a mini Bernedoodle breed with a Miniature Poodle, a micro Bernedoodle is created.  These are an example of an F1B and the pup gets no bigger than 20 pounds. 

A tiny Bernedoodle, on the other hand, weighs between 10-24 pounds and stands up to 17 inches tall.  This occurs when a Mini Bernedoodle and Toy Poodle are bred.  Dog breeders upcharge $1,000 or more for these smaller sized Bernedoodles.  If your heart is set on a micro Bernedoodle, expect to pay top dollar.


Color & Coat

Generation type and size aren’t the only other factors that can increase the cost of a dog.  The coat colors and different coat types also play a big role in determining the price for your dog. 

 Because Bernedoodles are a mix between a poodle and a Bernese Mountain Dog, the offspring can have a combination of wavy or curly coats, taking after the poodle side.  Or, those that take after the Bernese Mountain Dog side will have straight coats.  

Since poodles are hypoallergenic and typically non-shedding dogs, these curly and wavy coats are more desirable for most homeowners.  As a result, puppies with these coats are going to cost more than a puppy with a straight coat.  

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While poodles are generally one solid color, Bernese Mountain Dogs have a variety of colors, known as tricolor.  As a purebred dog, the Bernese Mountain Dog must have black, white, and rust strategically arranged in a certain pattern on their body.  When you cross a poodle with a Bernese Mountain Dog you can have many different colors and patterns.   

One of the most common color variations is a black and white Bernedoodle.  They will be all black with white markings on their head, chest, and feet. 

A Merle Bernedoodle is another popular but extremely rare variation.   This pattern includes a solid base coat with speckle colors seen throughout the coat.  This can only happen if one of the parents is carrying the Merle gene.  However, Merle Bernedoodles are more prone to serious health risks.  Be very cautious should you have your heart set on this pattern.


Tri-color Bernedoodles have the traditional tricoloring of the Bernese Mountain Dog but can include colors such as white, black, rust, apricot, red, brown, and cream.  A phantom Bernedoodle is similar to a tricolor Bernedoodle, but instead of three distinct markings with white being the primary marking, they have more brown hues.  Commonly, you’ll see a black coat with brown markings.

Ultimately, there are tons of different colors and patterns that your Bernedoodle pup can be.  In the end, it all comes down to genetics. Of course you’ll be expected to pay more for more rare and desired color patterns.

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How Much is a Bernedoodle Puppy?  Taking Health into Consideration

Ideally, you are getting a dog because you want them to be a member of your family for a long time.  Does it really matter what color or pattern your dog has?  Ultimately, you want your new family member to be as healthy as possible.  

Dogs cost money and their health and the maintenance of their health is no exception. When you buy a new puppy, you expect that puppy to be healthy and well cared for until they are in your home.  

You wouldn’t want the mother or father of that puppy treated poorly and you would hope that your new puppy wouldn’t be inheriting any illnesses or diseases that would drastically reduce its lifespan.  


When you look at the lifespan of a Bernese Mountain Dog compared to that of a poodle, you’ll notice a big discrepancy.  The average lifespan for a Bernese Mountain Dog is only 6 to 8 years, whereas the poodle is 12 to 15 years.  The Bernie lifespan is incredibly short in comparison to other dogs.  

This is because Bernese Mountain Dogs are prone to health issues like hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, heart conditions, and eye disorders. Breeders will pay top dollar to ensure they have a Bernese Mountain Dog in good health and with a genetically sound line.  They may even go so far as to travel abroad to find a healthy line.  

This is just one of the many reasons why Bernedoodles are so desirable and costly.  For those who love Bernese Mountain Dogs but are cautious due to their health issues and short life expectancy, the lifespan of a Bernedoodle is around 15 years.  

One of the benefits of creating a hybrid dog is the hybrid vigor.  In other words, the best traits from the purebred parents are passed to the offspring. F1 Bernedoodles have high hybrid vigor and are healthier than their parents.  Genetic diseases would need to be carried by both parents to affect their young.  


When you consider the cost of your new puppy, keep in mind that cost also includes the cost of caring for the mother and father, as well as the cost of caring for the puppy.   To prepare a mother dog to become pregnant, veterinary costs can range up to $1,000 in testing and exams.  Once the dog becomes pregnant another $500 to $2,000 per litter can be expected depending on the range of services needed during the pregnancy and delivery. 

 Once the puppies are born, health tests, newborn care, vaccination, registration fees, and exams are also needed and need to be accounted into the cost of your new addition.  

Keep in mind that caring for both mom and puppies is also a full time job.  Before your puppy goes home with you, your breeder has cared for him or her and ensured it was getting all the proper exams, tests, and nutrition needed for survival.  Reputable breeders will offer a health guarantee.  This is a sign of a great breeder who is confident in their care.

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Do Your Due Diligence

While I know many people may prefer to adopt from their local animal shelters, those who have specific needs in a pet may seek out a pet from a breeder.  Before purchasing your new family member, please make sure you are working with a reputable breeder who is knowledgeable, compassionate, and ethical. 

 Make sure you check out their social media and website pages.  You should also be allowed to meet their dogs and puppies beforehand.  Seeing the dogs in person as well as their living arrangements can tell you a lot about the breeder. 

How much is a Bernedoodle puppy

Make sure you ask about the parents’ medical history too.  Most breeders can even give you further down the family tree to grandparents and great-grandparents.  You can ask about lifespan if this information is known and that can give you a great idea of the health of the family line. 

Lastly, I’d highly recommend talking to other families who have used the breeder before.  References are a great way to ensure you’ll have a positive experience. If a breeder is hesitant to provide any of this information, that should be a red flag.

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I hope this post gave you an understanding as to why the cost for a Bernedoodle puppy is so expensive, and you’re a bit more clear on how much is a Berenedoodle puppy.  While I support adopting dogs from your local shelter, for some families, a dog with specific traits is needed.  Without a hypoallergenic dog, our family would not be able to have the experience of owning a dog. We are extremely grateful for our Penny and could not be happier with our experience.  Whether you decide to adopt a dog or buy one from a reputable breeder, your new pet is an important member of your family.  Be sure to pin the photo below for later, and if you don’t already – follow me on Instagram (@arinsolange) and Tik Tok (@arinsolange) for more fun!

How much is a Bernedoodle puppy
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