The Best Way to get Rid of Dog Smell

I never thought I could love a dog so much until I met our sweet pup Penny. She is a Berniedoodle pup that is full of sunshine, sass, and sweetness and is a beloved member of the family…. but can we also talk about the fact that adding a dog to the house also had me researching the best way to get rid of dog smell from my house!

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Dog sitting on a Nugget

The Best Way to get Rid of Dog Smell from Your House

Getting a dog has always been on our radar… but over the years I have also gotten more and more particular about my home so I knew I needed to go into it with some research in place. We already have 4 kids so I was super hesitant to add a canine companion to our household.

We are already in a constant state of DIY, renovations, and crazy life haha. But, to be honest, the main reason I was hesitant is because I like to have my home nicely arranged and in tip top shape. 

I’ve created a sanctuary that I call home and walking into that sanctuary I was afraid that I’d be hit by a lingering smell of dog odours. Not exactly the warmest welcome when entering the front door or the first impression I’d like to give people.

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Help! My Dog Stinks!

If you are like me and have been afraid that your house smells of unpleasant pet odors I’m here to help you love your furry friends again and put those worries to ease! With the right tools, regular basis cleaning, and some general good habits, I’ll have your house guests walking into your home without even realizing a dog lives under the same roof.

Dogs can still be your best friend but have that lovely je ne sais quoi scent about them. That scent that makes you want to automatically throw them in the bath or eat a bag of Fritos because if you can’t beat them, join them! A smelly dog is in some ways just part of nature.

All dogs have natural oils that are not only unique to them, but also help protect your dog’s fur and your dog’s skin. Dogs also have sebaceous glands and sweat through their fur and paws. That sweat that comes through your dog’s coat may be what you perceive as a wet dog smell that transfers to your soft furnishings, carpets, dog’s bed, and what may seem like the whole house.

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Other reasons for dog odors include diet, hygiene, or a medical cause such as bacterial or fungal infections. Dogs may have bad breath due to their diet or hygiene. Giving your dog bones and brushing their teeth are two of the easiest ways to help combat bad breath. 

That lovely Frito paw smell is actually caused by bacteria and this bacteria is generally harmless. Yeast, mites, and fungal infections can also affect your dog’s ears and fur which may lead to a doggy smell. 

When dealing with bacterial or fungal infections, please consult your pet’s Veterinarian as they may need medication. Regular grooming which includes bathing, haircuts, anal gland expression, and nail trims are key for keeping these avoidable pet smells at bay.  

Berniedoodle next to toddler girl

Perhaps you’ve brought a new puppy home or maybe your older dog is starting to have a harder time making it outside, either way, dog urine is one home smell that you do not want! For older dogs or dogs that have previously been potty-trained but begin to have accidents, I urge you to see your Veterinarian as this could be a sign of a medical condition. 

However, for those of us going through the puppy phase of potty training, I am with you! This was my biggest fear when we first brought Penny home. Seeing that dreadful wet spot on my bare floors or even worse, cushion covers! 

I definitely cringe just thinking about our potty training time with Penny. Fortunately, we are in the clear now and I’ve learned a few tricks along the way to help you erase those pet odors. 

The best way to get rid of dog  smell from house

The Best Way to get Rid of Dog Smell from your House – How to Eliminate Dog Oders

The majority of dog smells are avoidable and with a little effort you can keep those pesky smells away. For those smells caused by a medical issue, it may be as simple as taking the proper medication. For other beloved pets, the smell may take some elbow grease and good old fashioned home remedies. Check out my useful tips below to help your house be free from pet smells!

Schedule Regular Grooming and Veterinary Appointments

The best way to prevent avoidable pet odors is to be responsible pet owners and regularly schedule your dog’s veterinary appointments to keep up to date on all things health related. Dental decay, bacterial infections, and fungal infections can all lead to new smells (and not the good kind). 

Regular grooming (or bathing) can also help prevent those avoidable odors. For quick clean ups in between baths, try some deodorizing wipes. We like this brand – They are effective and inexpensive.

kids and dog on Nugget couch

You’ll also want to make sure you brush your dog’s teeth as a puppy so they are used to it once they get older. If you want to get real fancy try adding a water additive to help fight bad breath. 

Regular Cleaning

A great way to keep pet smells away is to regularly clean your home. Open all your windows, let in the fresh air, and turn your ceiling fans on to circulate the fresh air. With the windows open, turn on some music and bust out your vacuum.

 You’ll need to vacuum up that pet hair and dirt which may be the cause of your odors. Even dogs that claim to be non-shedding can leave a trail of dirt leading to a smelly area. You’ll not only vacuum your floors, but also stairs, couch cushions, dog bed, and really any favorite spots of your pup. 

For dog owners who have high shedders, chances are you’ll have a hard time putting the vacuum away. We use this stick vacuum and have found it to hold up really well and hold its charge!

Dog sitting on couch

Once you’ve cleaned up all that dog hair and dirt, a good idea is to use a steam cleaner or mop. Steam cleaners are great because they kill bacteria and viruses! But make sure they are safe for your type of flooring. For those with hardwood floors, you may need a specialized wood floor cleaner. Thanks to GoCleanCo I find that hot water and Tide powdered laundry detergent works best on cleaning my floors with a spin mop. 

You’ll also want to make sure you throw your dog’s pet bed into the washing machine on a regular basis. If your dog prefers to snooze on your couch cushions, you can try some upholstery cleaner and a clean cloth to help freshen up the fabric.

We specifically chose a dog bed that can be fully washed – the inner liner keeps the foam from getting dirty and we wash the outside and liner all the time to keep things clean and smelling nice!

Clean Up Pet Stains & Accidents the Best way to get Rid of Dog Smell

I can not stress the importance of this enough, clean urine odors and stains immediately. Do not let them set. Do not wait until morning. You will forget. It will smell. It will seep into your carpet and then you’ll spend 20 minutes on your hands and knees smelling the carpet to find said spot. Just clean it up at 3:00 am and make yourself some extra coffee. 

I love having a portable pet carpet cleaner for potty training days. Ours has saved us on more than one occasion. It will not only help clean up puppy accidents but when the day comes when your dog eats an entire bag of potato chips, you’ll be glad you have the carpet cleaner. Trust me on this one! 

** It is worth noting that I think that carpet cleaner is just great for ANYONE TO HAVE. I have used it with my kids so many times, but also use it to clean my couches all the time! If you have sofas that sort of get that water spot look if you clean them – this will solve your worries!

You don’t necessarily need heavy-duty cleaners to properly clean up pet stains. To clean up dog urine you do need an enzymatic cleaner that properly targets the pet’s stain. 

The enzyme cleaner eliminates not only the odor, but also helps break down the urine molecules which will prevent your dog from going back to that same spot and soiling again.  My current favorite cleaner is Folex – you have to just trust me on this because it is truly that good!

I find that after I clean up an accident I need to neutralize the air. Opening windows is great but not always feasible. While I love my Pura air fresheners in my home, I also like to use a natural odor eliminator elixir. I fill a spray bottle with cold water, 1 cup of apple cider vinegar (or white vinegar), and some essential oils (usually lavender or tea tree oil). 

This can not only be used as a quick room refresh spray, but also a natural floor cleaner. For carpets, try adding baking soda directly to the stain and vacuum it up after allowing it to set for several minutes. You can also try lighting specialized candles that help eliminate odors. 

Best Air Purifiers to get rid of Dog Smell

Air purifiers with HEPA filters are a great tool to have in your arsenal with your fight against pet odors. Air purifiers can remove up to 99.9% of pet dander particles which not only help with pet odors, but also help those people who suffer from allergies and asthma due to pets. We love ours so much we’ve put them in every bedroom in our home.

Dog sitting on Mantle

Not only do they neutralize odors and help those who suffer from allergies and asthma, but they can also lessen the chance of catching airborne illnesses like the common cold and flu. Lucky for you, I’ve linked the air purifier we use. If you already own an air purifier make sure you are changing the air filter per your brand’s instruction.  

Our sweet Penny pup is an important part of our family and we can’t imagine life without her. Pet stains and odors however, don’t need to be a part of your home. With regular grooming, care, and cleaning, you can keep your pet’s odors to a minimum and spend more time snuggling them without having the sudden urge to eat Fritos. I hope you found some helpful tips to help you rid your home of any unpleasant pet odors.

Best way to get rid of Dog Smell

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Hopefully you feel confident in the best way to get rid of dog smell from your house after reading this post, and you know you can happily be a dog owner and have a wonderful and clean home! If you have any questions on anything in this post leave them in the comments below, and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram (@arinsolange) so you don’t miss anything else I post!

best way to get rid of dog smell
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