Daisy Wallpaper for a Girl’s Room

I have been so excited to change up Avé’s room for a while now. In the past year the boys got their shared room (she thinks that is a win…), and Goldie got her nursery, so I knew she was feeling a bit left out.   LOVED her previous wallpaper, but it wasn’t super ‘her’ and I wanted to give her a little update to her space.  I had been wanting Daisy wallpaper in her room for a while so this seemed like the logical time to do it.

this post may contain affiliate links – the wallpaper was gifted from Spoonflower, however all opinions are my own. 

little girls room with daisy wallpaper

Avé’s Room with Daisy Wallpaper

Roughly 2 years ago we upgraded Avé’s room with Spoonflower Wallpaper and let me tell you – IT WAS LOVE.  The process was so easy, and the outcome was beyond stunning.

If I didn’t blog for a job I definitely would have just left that alone for years to come, but I am always looking for fun ways to change up rooms with my job, and I couldn’t help but but tackle Avé’s room.

Girls pink gingham bedding

I have a blog post here talking about hanging Spoonflower Wallpaper, because that is what we used 2 years ago as well, so I won’t go into that full process, BUT I will tell you – I loved that this gave me the opportunity to take down the water activated wallpaper and report back on how that worked for us.

pink gum machine

As always – no matter the circumstances behind the gifting of a product, I will be real with you all.  I shared on my Instagram stories how long it took to take down a full wall of the paper and it was LITERALLY about 4 min.

And that was with me being somewhat careful with the first 3 strips because I have a little project in mind with it. (it is not meant to be saved – I just personally had a fun idea).

girls bedding with bee pillow and flower pillow

As with last time, hanging the daisy wallpaper was really easy, however I will say it is kind of a 2 person job.  Because we had done it one time previously, this time went even better, and much faster.  It was I think about 1.5 hours from start to finish on hanging the 12 foot long wall.

room with pink gumball machine and daisy wallpaper

Daisy Wallpaper Details

Spoonflower is an amazing company that allows artists (or yourself) to upload any design on the site to be printed on a wide variety of materials, wallpaper included.  For this room I went with Small Daisy Garden in pink and mustard by Erin Kendal.  I loved that it had the perfect little girl feel – and I am honestly doing everything I can to persevere that with Avé!

(updating this post a couple years later – we have since moved and I loved showcasing the same artist again in my sons room in our new house! Check that room out here! )

serena and lily chair with cuddle and kind doll

As I stated above we did the smooth water activated wallpaper and it turned out perfect!! The application with water activated wallpaper is a bit more forgiving at the moment than adhesive wallpaper.

Daisy Wallpaper room

The Bedding Details

girls daisy room with beddys bedding

I didn’t change the overall look to Avé’s bedding this time, but did change the function – I ended up switching her to Beddys Bedding to give her a more function bedding set that she can make daily.  She loves IT, and we couldn’t be happier!

 I also kept the pink gingham duvet and pillows from Spoonflower that I used last time I did her room.

white beddys bedding on girls bed

If Beddys Bedding is something you have been considering check out this blog post with a full review of the bedding, or just grab yours by clicking the button below.  If you use the code ARINSOLANGE you will get 20% off your order!


pink gingham kids bedding

I did add this fun bee pillow tho, and it is SO fun and cute!! I didn’t want to go overboard with the flowers…but I can’t help it..I like a good theme hahaha. The bee pillow is so sweet and was a great whimsical touch to the room.

Bumblebee pillow in kids room

I also added this purple flower pillow, a fun pillow that matched perfectly, and left everything else that was already in the room.

Shop Bedding

Pink Gingham Bedding  |  White quilt  |  Bee Pillow  |  Purple Flower Pillow  |  Pom Pom Bed skirt

Pottery Barn Maison Bed

Accessories to Match Daisy Wallpaper

One thing that Avé has wanted since we hung Goldie’s is a hanging chair.  Goldie’s nursery has the natural colored version of the one we got for Avé, and I love that they both have them now.

After having the chairs for a couple of years I wanted to share more about them – and wrote a full blog review of the hanging rattan chairs you might find helpful!

girls room with Serena and Lily hanging chair

We aren’t in the habit of making things “even” but I will say that this past fall we were fairly certain we were going to move so we had told her that would be in her room at the new house, and we decided to do it here, instead of waiting since she was so excited.

If you are in the market for a rattan chair I highly suggest checking this one out – it is made so well and if you wait for a sale you can get it for a better deal than many other similar chairs.

Hanging chair in kids room

I kept her gumball machine in her room – which has been a part of her room since she was born, and I have simply changed up the gumballs.

 This time I went really colorful and love the pop of color.  I added a fun framed Unicorn picture (because 5 year olds love unicorns), and left her acrylic book shelves where they are.

unicorn picture in kids room

I also added this fun daisy felt ball banner to her bed which I LOVE!  I have one in Goldie’s room too and they are such a sweet little touch for the girls rooms.

daisy felt ball banner

We got a new rug in a natural texture because I needed to tone down the pink (much to Avé’s dismay haha).  It is gorgeous in person and so soft!!  I think it will be a great rug for her for years to come.

Last but not least was a huge DIY I did for her entry way wall.  I did a full blog post on that piece and how I did it the flower wall HERE if you are interested.  I am in love with how it looks, and although it was a lot of work, it was super budget friendly and could be customized for any space.

large diy Daisy art

Shop Accessories

Unicorn Stuffed Animal  |  Night light  |  Unicorn photo  |  Rug  |  Chair   |  Acrylic wall shelves  | Daisy Banner  |  Bed  

Overall this room was beyond what I could have wanted.  We turned her bed to give her more room to just be a little girl, and I love watching her enjoy her space.  One of my biggest goals with this job and the spaces I create is both to make them beautiful and ‘picture perfect’ as well as livable and enjoyable for my kids.

Pink gumball machine in little girls room
girls room with Daisy Wallpaper

The sweet Daisy wallpaper in here accomplished that for Avé, and she spends so much time curled up in the chair that its been so much fun to watch her enjoy it.  If you have any questions on the space, or anything else, you can always DM me via Instagram or comment below!

Little girls pink room

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Hopefully you are inspired to add daisy wallpaper to your house and are more confident in shopping on Spoonflower. To see what I do in the rest of our rooms at our new house follow me on Instagram (@arinsolange) and comment below with any questions. `

Daisy wallpaper in little girls room
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  1. Love this room! Found your pin because I have been eyeing the daisy wallpaper too. Which paint color do you have it paired with? Thank you for sharing!

    1. Aww if you go with it, you will lOVE it! Her room is painted Glidden Frosty Peach – a very very barely pink color.