The Best Life Insurance for You

This post on the best life insurance for you was sponsored by Policygenius however all thoughts and opinions are always my own

Do you have life insurance?  I know thats not my normal topic of discussion over here, but it’s actually something I am VERY VERY passionate about.  It is also something that I will admit, I found very complicated and confusing when it came time for Sam and myself to get it.

 Because I think, as a mom, who typically blogs here for other moms, that I should share not only the material goods I am passionate about, but also some of the more serious parts of life, lets talk life Insurance!

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The Best Life Insurance for You

When Sam and I found out we were expecting Jack, one of the quickest things for me to jump to needing was life insurance, specifically for Sam.  I already had a policy, so had SOME – n0t a lot – of knowledge about life insurance, but also was really passionate about needing it. 

You see – I think that as young people we tend to think life insurance isn’t really needed, however for me, I knew that sometimes the unthinkable happens.  When I was 4 I lost my mom suddenly in a plane crash, so I grew up knowing that prepping for the unthinkable makes horrific moments filled with one less worry.  

So when Sam and I were pregnant with Jack and talking about me staying home with him, I knew that had to be a step in making that happen.  THAT SAID, knowing what the best life insurance is for you is NOT EASY.  And honestly we had no idea where to start, or what all the terms even meant. 

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When Policygenius came to me about doing this blog post I was honestly so excited to share with you all a great resource for finding life insurance.  Policygenius is an online insurance marketplace that specifically has a mission for helping people get life insurance by making it easy for them to understand their options, as well as get quotes and buy a policy all in one place.

If you are anything like Sam and I, when you’re first figuring this out, you are not only stumped on what the terms mean, but also don’t know what even a ballpark figure should be for your insurance, so having a site that can help you see all of that in one place is so valuable, and can get you all the way from education on what you need to a policy all in one. 

(Also – a fun fact – the Policygenius CEO, Jennifer Fitzgerald is one of only 4 women in the U.S. fintech space to raise over $50 million in venture capital funding.)

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Why Use Policygenius and Compare Life Insurance

If you are new to life insurance, then you will quickly find out that the same policy can vary in price from insurer to insurer by up to $133 a month.  That is a huge swing, and no one person has the time to call each place to get that started.

Using Policygenius helps you see them all in one place ( I mean – we all do it for airfare right?  Go to one site to see how to get the best price for getting from point a to point B, so its the same idea.)  And because life insurance tends to be a long term decision, choosing the wrong policy, and paying more now can mean paying up to $47,000 extra in a 30 year policy!

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Why Get Insured Now?

Okay so now you know where to look for the best life insurance for you, but I am sure lots of you are wondering why.  Aside from the fact that I truly believe we should all prep for the unknown of tomorrow today, there is more to it than that. 

Life insurance rates naturally increase 8-10% yearly as you get older (I mean after all – your chances of needing it are going up as you get older), so locking in low rate when you are younger can save you so much money long term.  We locked Sam in when he was 23 years old, so were able to get a really great rate, even tho we in no way anticipated him needing it.  

I know for us, we are also offered a policy with Sam’s job but fora couple of reasons, even if you fall in that category you should have additional insurance.  First off most people need 10x that amount to properly provide for your family.  And second – for us we didn’t want to think that in the instance that Sam would lose or leave his job, that we would have a window where he wasn’t covered.  I know in your mind you think “ill get it then when I need it”, but the reality of it is, normally at that time things are crazy and hectic and you just won’t even think of it!

I know this is such a ‘morbid’ topic for so many, and not quite the fun thing to shop for like the best Summer shoes, but I know for sam and I, it was such a sigh of relief to know it was done.  I don’t like to think of the worst case scenarios, but I also would be lying if I said i never did based on my childhood, so knowing that at the very least if something happened to Sam or myself our kids would be financially well taken care of is a huge weight off my shoulders.  

If you are looking for the best insurance for you,  check out Policygenius and shop around.  There are different aspects to different policies that can make them better for your situation.  And honestly – hopefully if you are like me, you will be pleasantly surprised by how affordable it can be to add such a huge amount of peace of mind to your life!




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