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Baby and Toddler Girl Clothes from Amazon

Amazon finds are one of my favorite things.  I also know from this little space that you all love them too.  I rounded up my favorite Baby and Toddler Girl Clothes from Amazon today in a fun blog and Instagram post.  My friend Val does these Amazon round ups weekly and always has the greatest finds, so this was so fun for me to join in on this week.

flat lay of baby girl amazon fashion

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I have personally done a lot of shopping for our baby due next week on Amazon so it was super natural for me to put all my favorite finds in one space.  I will be sharing and highlighting (in my style picks highlight) on Instagram all of the items I personally already own so you can see them in person too, which I think can be super helpful.  

I will be sure to update this post with photos of items I buy as time goes on, because I am sure I will order more of these cute items once baby girl is here and I know what size she is!  

I didn’t include any shoes in this graphic, but I actually buy most of my kids shoes on Amazon (because HELLO, they don’t tell you until you can’t shove their feet in anymore).  I am going to do a clickable section of my favorite shoes THAT WE OWN at the end that are from Amazon as well!

Baby and Toddler Girl Fashion from Amazon

Baby and Toddler Clothes from Amazon

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(will bold any items we personally own!)


  1. Pink Gingham Pajamas
  2. Loved Baby Sleeper – we own this exact one for the baby on the way, but also owned it in several colors for Walker and they are SUCH GREAT QUALITY.
  3. Knee high socks 
  4. Cute little overall type set – this seems to run a bit big in my opinion but I was impressed by the quality. 
  5. Swing Dress – comes in several colors.  Avé has this and it is darling on!
  6. Ice Cream Dress – Avé owns this (shown below) and it is so cute.  I won’t lie – it’s not amazing quality but great for a themed for maybe a birthday party or something. Little girl in ice cream dress against pink wall
  7. Llama Sweater
  8. Solid ribbed pjs – we don’t own these yet, but I plan to.  I have many friends who own them and love them!
  9. Short Sleeve Swing Dress
  10. Little romper – this is so cute and I can’t wait to get it for the baby when she’s a little bigger. (very affordable)
  11. Tights
  12. Dot Romper – I got this in a different color and will definitely be ordering this one too!
  13. Heart Romper
  14. Colorful Dress
  15. Flower Sunglasses Toddler girl in flower sunglasses by pool
  16. Minnie Mouse Purse Toddler girl in Disney themed outfit
  17. Pom Pom Sweater
  18. Little Purple Romper  –  comes in several colors
  19. Rainbow Sweater Onsie
  20. Knee High socks ( these are on Avé in the photo below) – I love these socks.  They stay up and are so cute on!Toddler girl in apple dress
  21. Felt wide Brim Hat
  22. Pajamas 
  23. Dot romper
  24. Simple Bloomers
  25. Dress
  26. Headbands – these are such a great dupe of the baby bling bows.  I bought this pack and LOVE THEM.
  27. Mustard romper
  28. Cute Sweaters
  29. Rainbow Dress – Avé has this and it’s pretty thin, however it is so cute!

My Favorite Shoes WE OWN from Amazon for Little Girls


And be sure – if you love this post check out these other Amazon round ups, as well as this post with lots of other great fashion picks!  If you have any questions on these baby and toddler girl clothes from Amazon let me know in the comments below, and I would love to hear if you try anything! 

Band and Toddler Amazon Clothes


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