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Veer Wagon Review

Veer Wagon Review

Who is ready for a Veer Wagon review? It seems as though if there is anything other moms are researching currently, it is probably great strollers seeing that that is about the only mode of getting out of the house right now.  I wanted to share my Veer Wagon review, and give you my honest thoughts on our newest member to our stroller fleet (my poor husband ha!).

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I want to make sure it is clear that this post is NOT sponsored in anyway, so my opinions  and time in this review is simply to help you in your stroller shopping experience!

2 kids in Veer Wagon

This past fall right after we welcomed our 4th baby I couldn’t stop thinking about trying out the Veer cruiser.  It was a newer stroller/wagon on the market and I had to know if it was as good as expected.  

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Before I get into this review – we have owned SO many other strollers, but a couple of favorites are linked with reviews below.  

Uppa Baby Vista (double)  |  Uppa Baby Cruz  |  Britax B-ready (double)  |  Joovy jogger  |  Double Bob Jogger  |  Orbit Baby Stroller  |  Keenz Wagon  |  Thule Jogger  |  Several umbrella type strollers. 

I list those (MOST WE NO LONGER OWN) to give you a good idea of how many I have tried, so  I feel I have a great idea of what constitutes a great stroller/wagon at this point.

One thing I will also be doing in the next week or two is sharing a comparison post on the Veer Wagon vs. Keenz; if that is another one you’re considering and are torn between the two!

Those are just two of the MANY strollers I have owned over the years – and I also recently sold our Keenz stroller wagon which I VERY much favor the Veer over!

Baby girl in veer cruiser toddler seat

Why The Veer Cruiser?

Like I said – I was dying to try the Veer wagon stroller, but it was for more reasons than just curiosity.  We have a 2.5 year old boy who is HUGE.  He’s very tall for his age, and hates the stroller, but when I venture out with all 4 kids, I HAVE to have a way to strap him in when needed.  

We had originally planned to use the Uppa Baby Vista for this, and although I love the stroller, it wasn’t great for Walker and his hatred for being in the stroller.

I was hopeful that moving to a wagon style seat would appease him a bit more, and I loved that the Veer (as opposed to our Keenz) would allow for a newborn with carseat attachments.  My husband had a lot of pushback, but ultimately he did give in on it, and he has been eating his words ever since. 

I knew that we had strollers on hand to work in other capacities like the mall and such ( I will touch on that) but really wanted something to make the longer outings like the zoo and such more pleasant with 4 kids.

At this point we have owned the Veer Cruiser for roughly 6 months.  I have used it in several different ways with the baby, as well as with all my other kids.  We have taken it via car, and used the Veer Wagon Cruiser on plane trips, so I feel like I can finally give you a good review of the wagon in case it is something you are considering for your kids! 

kids in veer cruiser

About the Veer Wagon Cruiser

Before I get into my review – what I love and don’t love, I want to give you a bit of an overview.  You can also read more about it on their website.  I will also walk you through buying options and places, and talk to you about where I purchased mine and why. 

The Veer Cruiser is an all terrain stroller/wagon.  You can push it like a stroller, or pull it like a wagon.  Suitable for newborn (with proper Veer wagon accessories) to 55 lbs per each seat.  (for reference, my 7.5 year old is very average in size for a 7 year old and 50 lbs even).  

What we LOVE about the Veer Wagon Stroller

Okay so as a bit of a spoiler, we LOVE this wagon, but I am going to walk you through why and I will also talk to you about why we maybe wouldn’t have loved it as much in different stages of our lives with kids. 

Versatility with Age

We are currently on baby number 4, so for the most part if we are doing family outings we are traveling or going somewhere like the zoo or something.  I am not frequently doing things like going to the mall and such with multiple kids, so we have not used this wagon in that capacity. 

Again the biggest reason we love this is because for toddlers is  they don’t fight it as much.  Toddlers tend to see a wagon as fun, verses a stroller as a way to contain them.  I don’t know why.  I also don’t know why toddlers eat their own boogers, but there are things we may never know, haha.

 I also love that when we originally got it we had a new 2 year old and almost 5 year old who could share one seat when needed! (I will say that this is not marketed in that way, and they couldn’t both be belted in, but it did help on the occasional longer walk when our 5 year old pooped out.

Does the Veer Wagon Fit Easily in Trunk Space?

I own a Chevy Traverse which has very similar trunk space to a mini van.  The Veer fits in out trunk very easily, which has not been the case for many of our other double strollers and another wagon.  I don’t like to have to fully disassemble something and play Tetris on the daily, so that was a huge selling point for me!

Baby girl in Veer wagon toddler seat

Veer Wagon Age

The biggest selling point on this stroller wagon for me was that I could use carseat adapters with Goldie as a newborn, add a toddler seat for her young toddler years, then use it without that seat as she got older.  

I love the versatility of it! (I will say that to make it that versatile there are added accessories and costs, which I will talk about below!). 

I love that the seats that are built in do have 3 point harnesses which for my 2 year old doesn’t seem to make him angry like a 5 point harness would, but keeps him safe and secure. 

Comfort of Use

I love the push of this.  We almost exclusively push it like a stroller, and it is really great.  I do not find it any more difficult than any other double stroller, other than certain turns you have to do more of a 3 point turn.  I love that it comes with a snack tray with cup holders for kids on it, and 2 adult cup holders for my husband and I as well. 


We flew with the Veer Wagon last month and it was amazing for flying!! We purchased the travel bag that is an optional accessory for it, and it was worth every penny.  We personally folded it and had it packed in the travel bag when we left the house.  

We then left it that way until we got through security. It was able to fit on the belt in the bag so it didn’t have to be fumbled with. (many strollers are too wide for the belt so have to be taken to the side which can be a time hold up!)

One we got through security we then put it together and had the little two get in while we got coffee and food and such then waited at the gate.  

We then folded it back down before we lined up.  With the travel bag the way it folds down you can roll it on two wheels – see here, so it is SO MUCH EASIER for gate checking.  Like night and day.

One thing worth noting – we did all of this with the toddler seat, but I wasn’t able to figure out how to bring the added attachment for our diaper bag with the travel bag.  I need to do more research on that.

baby girl in veer wagon

Things I don’t Love

Like I said above – we are using this primarily in an outdoor capacity, but I do think this could be tricky if you are a frequent mall shopper needing to turn in tight spaces all day long.  Target, and such you would be fine, but places like say GAP might be tricky. 

The added  Veer wagon accessories – this wagon is an investment.  And the investments do sort of keep coming pending your kids ages.  

I think it’s worth noting that this is often times the case for many nicer stroller brands.  We have an Uppa Baby Vista and have also had to buy several accessories to make it suitable for our bigger family.   If you are simply buying this for 1 year olds and up you could get by with no accessories, however I do think that the added basket for a diaper bag and such is sort of a ‘need’ in my book.  Essentially this gives you the under side of the stroller space.  

Adding the Veer wagon canopies is also an added expense; so that is something to be aware of.   When you buy the wagon you are getting the wagon, the snack try for the kids, and 2 cup holders for you.  

The other thing I so far don’t love, is like I said above, I didn’t seem to be able to find a way to add all the accessories in the travel bag.  I do think that if you are paying that for the travel bag it should be able to fit the wagon in its entirety, but I am going to check with the company on this and report back if I am wrong.

Buying the Veer Cruiser

I want to talk to you about where I purchased my Veer cruiser, and why, but also give you a couple of links for places to purchase.  I will also share what accessories we have, as well as other options for accessories.  

If you choose to purchase the wagon after my Veer wagon review, I would be beyond grateful for you if you purchased it through one of these links.  I earn a small commission when you do so!

I personally purchased mine at Nordstrom – let me explain why.  It is hard to try this in store, so there aren’t really any ways to try it out.  Nordstrom has an amazing return policy, and you can return in store, so personally I went that route, because I knew if I didn’t like it I could swing by the store for an easy, no questions return! Below are links to other places to purchase that may better suite you.  You can also purchase directly from their website.




( there are a few other options available)

Veer Wagon Accessories

Like I said above – we own the travel bag, the toddler seat, carseat adaptor, and foldable storage basket. Below I will talk about those as well as other options, and give links to purchase.

Carseat adaptor – Veer has added many new carseat adaptor options – check their website to see if your infant seat is compatible with any they have.  When using the infant car seat adaptor you can still use one other seat.  You can only use 1 infant carseat adaptor on the wagon at one time.  Buy Uppa Baby, Maxi Cost, Nuna, Cybex on Pottery Barn Kids

Folding Storage Basket – The Folding storage basket adds needed storage in my opinion to the wagon.  I love that it can be folded up for storage! Buy on Nordstrom 

Toddler Seat – The traditional bench seat has a 3 point harness, but for younger toddlers you can add a more traditional stroller seat with a 5 point harness.  We personally have this on one side for Goldie and the traditional on the other side for Walker.  The toddler seat can be left on for folding, and still fit in the travel bag! Buy on Pottery Barn Kids

Travel bag – As stated above a perfectly designed travel bag.  If you plan to fly very often with the wagon I highly recommend it. Buy on Nordstrom  |  Buy From Pottery Barn Kids

Nap System – This essentially turns the wagon into a large bassinet.  We didn’t purchase this due to having too many kids, but I think it would be a great item to have!  Buy on Nordstrom  |  Buy from Pottery Barn Kids 

Retractible Canopy – This is something we will likely add this summer.  The wagon doesn’t come with any traditional sun coverage, so this will likely be a must in the bright sunny days. – buy on Amazon  

There are other items such as extra cup holders, blankets, visors, bug shields, rain shields, and sidewall color kits all on their site as well.  I chose to only highlight the items that I personally would see myself purchasing.  


Overall – like I said the Veer Wagon is Truly OUR FAVORITE stroller/wagon we have owned and I would buy it again over and over.  It has made outings as a family of 6 so much more fun, and the kids all seem to love it.  

The Veer Wagon is an investment, but I personally have always invested in a great stroller, and this still comes in as less expensive than many of the higher end double strollers.  If you have any questions, please feel free to leave them in the comments below, and I will do my best to answer them!

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Veer Cruiser wagon review











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17 thoughts on “Veer Wagon Review

  1. Arin, thank you so much for this great and honest review. This is exactly what I was looking for to help us to decide whether or not to buy the veer wagon. Do you have also experience with sleeping toddlers in the wagon (maybe at the same time)? We would love using the wagon for our day trips with our 1.5 old twins, but we are unsure if the wagon is suitable also for short naps. Thank you 🙂

    1. Hi Nika – great questions. I would say if you think they would nap on the infant nap system – it basically turns it into a bed it would be great for you guys ( you could do a canopy on both sides too. BUT without that -I think it would be really hard for them to nap because the seats don’t really recline.

      1. Thanks a lot Arin! I think we will go then with the nap system as long as the twins need to nap during day time 🙂

  2. Hi! Thank you so much for this informative review. Super helpful as we try to make a decision. One quick question – have you used it on the sand? Wondering if it travels well in the sand for a day at the beach? Thank you!

    1. Hi Nicole – that has been a common question. We haven’t used it on the sand but I did ask a friend who has, and she said it wasn’t the best. I think unfortunately anything like this without beach tires doesn’t do great. I know the Keenz stroller wagon has beach tires as an option – we also owned that one for quite some time and loved it, I just have felt this one was much better. So I would say maybe weigh the option of the tires on how often you would be Beach bound with it 🙂

  3. Hi there! We are considering this wagon. Our older boy is 4.5 and the company website lists 45” as the max height for the seat. How tall was your oldest in that last picture? I would imagine that extra height probably isn’t he biggest issue unless they don’t fit under a sun canopy anymore? I’d love your thoughts. Thanks.

    1. Hi! I don’t know exactly how tall – but my 4.5 year old now is pretty tall (99%) and does great in it, and my crazy tall 7 year old daughter still loves to jump in from time to time. My son is definitely big for his age and I feel like he seems comfortable in the wagon. I will also say we don’t have the sun canopys so I can’t weigh in on that.

  4. Hi. I’m considering buying this wagon for my almost 4yr old and now 6month old. As a reference how old are your kiddos in the last picture? Could you 7yr old sit with another child infront of them?
    Thanks you for detailed review.
    Will be using your links to purchase out Veer cruiser.
    Thank you!

    1. Hi! in that last photo my kids were almost 3 and 5.5 (but both are VERY tall). Right now my 7 year old can still get in with another child. She doesn’t for too long, and can’t have the snack tray on due to her long legs, but my 2.5 year old and 4.5 year old (same boy as in those photos – and still very tall for his age) fit great in the wagon together.

  5. Hello Arin, we are expecting our first child. And I was wondering if you would recommend getting this for an everyday stroller with our only child (for now that is)? I don’t find a regular stroller to appealing. But not sure if it would be as convenient. Let me know your thoughts.

    1. Hi ric – I am so sorry for the delay. We actually only used this with our 4th and Loved it! youll want the nap attachment and the toddler seat at some time, but i think this is a great option

  6. Thank you for this great review! the beginning you said “and I also recently sold our Keenz stroller wagon which I VERY much favor the Veer over!”
    You later stated “Overall – like I said the Veer Wagon is Truly OUR FAVORITE”

    Is the Veer better than your previous Keenz wagon? Do you feel the Veer is significantly smaller than the Keenz, and if so does it make a difference?

    Thanks again!

    1. Hi Carly,

      Okay so here is the only issue on my comparison – our Keenz didn’t have the straps in it, and they have changed the keenz a bit. I don’t think it would change my vote, but it is worth noting. I love the way the seats sit in the veer more like traditional stroller seats with a foot well vs a wagon.

  7. Thanks for the honest review. I have 3kids (2yr8m girl & twins 16m) and im thinking of buying the veer xl. Till what age do you recommend the veer wagon to be used? And would 2 3year olds fit on 1 seat? As for its width is it the same as a double stroller?(maybe you can add its dimensions including its widest point and longest point)

  8. Hi Arin, thanks for review! Do you know if you buy the car seat uppa baby attachment if you can use the toddler rumble seat? Or do you have to purchase the veer toddler seat? Thanks!