Best items for a 7 Month Old Baby – Goldie Mae Update

Goldie Mae is 7 months old!  I honestly feel as though these updates are coming right on top of each other, and it is breaking my heart to know her baby year is more than half over.  As always I am sharing what we have loved this month with the best items for a 7 month old baby, as well as all my updates on her and I!

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baby girl in hanging Serena and lily chair

7 Month Old – Goldie Mae

Sweet Goldie remains the sweetest little thing I have ever met.  She is 15 lbs of perfection, and her big blue eyes literally melt us.  This month we traveled for the first time so she did her first plane ride, her first road trip, her first time on the beach, and the first time swimming! 

baby girl in pool float

She LOVED the pool and the beach, and was such a little love on the whole trip.  Although I will tell you – she didn’t sleep on the trip.  Girlfriend definitely wants a better mattress than the pack n play.  

baby girl on gathre mat

This month was also not all sunshine and rainbows.  Our girl also had an allergic reaction to egg, which was unfortunately not my first rodeo ( her older brother Jack did also), but due to the current crazy state of the world, getting to an allergist has been all but impossible, and a lot of stress for us.

She is loving us all being home, and although I am ridden with anxiety over it all, I am also feeling lucky to get extra time with our last baby!

baby girl 7 months oldfavorite items for a 7 month old baby

7 Month Postpartum Update

There isn’t much to say.  I feel pretty much back to myself.  My skin still hates me, but my hair is growing back in!  I am struggling HARD with losing any weight this time, but am trying to give myself grace as best I can.  Overall I finally feel like I have sort of mentally and emotionally bounced back.  

I will say – she’s our last baby.  And it’s kind of heart breaking knowing it’s going so fast.  I try not to think about it, but there are times where I can’t help it!

baby girl sleeping on the beach

Best Items for a 7 Month Old Baby 

To shop the image below, just click the item on the image you are wanting, or look for it in the description below. 

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  1. Drying rack for bottles (and wine glasses lol)
  2. Baby bath seat
  3. Favorite Pacifiers
  4. Crinkle book – Goldie Loves this toy!!
  5. This pool float is a GAME CHANGER – see the image above!
  6. Our carseat – we love this carseat.  It is so light and I LOVE the shade that pulls down so you don’t need a carseat cover!
  7. Headbands – these remain my favorite – they don’t dent her head (wearing them in the pictures)
  8. Mustela Shampoo – we are still using this for cradle cap 
  9. Veer Stroller wagon – we just grabbed this toddler seat for it and cant wait to use it!
  10. Aquaphor lotion – the best for dry skin
  11. Pacifier clip!
  12. Sound machine – this sound machine is seriously a MUST HAVE.  You can control it fro your phone and it’s seriously just amazing.
  13. Bottles – we have used these with all 4 kids and I swear by them.
  14. Freshly Picked Diaper bag – I have a review here and I LOVE IT.
  15. Boppy baby carrier – this is by far the best structured carrier ever
  16. Baby play mat – I have owned a different one with each kid, and this one has been my favorite by far!
  17. This teether has been such a favorite for Goldie!
  18. The snack cup – 1 piece and love it
  19. Baby play seat – Goldie loves this and I love that the footprint isn’t horribly big
  20. Slumberkins – OBSESSED WITH THESE, and Goldie is loving hers
  21. This highchair – I linked a different one the past few months.  I truly love both, and we owned both, but I ultimately decided to keep this one over the other – I have a comparison review coming
  22. Mattress
  23. This glowworm – I’ve talked about this a few times, but honestly it’s the ugliest, but best item ever!

7 month old baby girl

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Hopefully you find these helpful, and you will have a better idea of best items for a 7 month old baby, or what you need to think about when buying for your baby!  If you have any additional questions on items we may be using that aren’t on this list please always feel free to DM me on Instagram (@arinsolange) or Leave me a comment below!

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