Best Items for Baby’s First Month

Yesterday I shared my one month update for sweet Goldie Mae, and in that I told you that I would be separating my favorites post this month.  I knew there were too many updates with her to couple into the same post, but still wanted to be sure to share with you all the best items for baby’s first month.

I plan to do these monthly during Goldie’s first year, and hope that it not only helps you know what items we have loved but also for how long. Baby gear and products are expensive and take up so much space, so my hope is that you will be able to see if a product was a favorite for only a month, or if we found it necessary for the full first year.  This should help you know where to spend and save.

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Best Items for Baby’s First Month

I feel like I should start with the disclaimer incase you are new around here that the sweet baby I am basing these off of is my 4th.  I have had 4 kids in the past 6 years (2 boys and 2 girls), so I am trying to somewhat use my best judgement on items that we also loved with our other kids too. 

Newborn babies don’t require a ton, but the stuff you use, you use a lot!! Make sure you read my descriptions to help you decide id its a product for you. 

best products for baby's first month

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  1. Humidifier – this humidifier is by far the best of all of them I have tried.  It is smaller than most, can light up as a nightlight for baby, and you can add essential oils.  Even on full blast it works all night!
  2. Baby Scale – 3 out of 4 of my babies have been on the smaller side and slow to gain weight.  Having a scale at home can lend piece of mind, but also save you from constant in office weight checks with the doctor.  I love this one because it doubles as a scale for toddlers to stand on, which I use with my kids.  (as a note – not because I encourage weighing kids, but I like to track their weight on birthdays, or for things like when to move them to a booster seat!
  3. Pacifiers – we have been loving this kind for Goldie, but having quite a few of whatever style you pick with a new baby is important.
  4. Pajamas with the fold over hands – thats essentially the only kind of clothes you NEED for the first month.
  5. These Waterproof pads – I talk about them all the time but we have about 6 of them.  I use them so I can change the baby on any surface and wash them!
  6. Carseat – here is an area to really do your research and splurge if you plan to splurge.  Things I looked at when it came to the carseat were – Safety!!!, Ease of install – this is huge,  weight (because it gets heavy carrying around baby!),  and adaptability to strollers we planned to use!  We went with this carseat after looking at several and LOVE it. 
  7. These headbands are by far the best if you are having a girl.
  8. No scratch mittens with velcro strap
  9. Pacifier clips – these have been my favorite
  10. Gerber Diapers for burp cloths – the ones with the thicker center are the ones you want!
  11. The Ollie Swaddle – This is by far the best swaddle and I have tried SO MANY – read my full review here!
  12. Nose Frida – I swore up and down I would never buy this, but Goldie had such bad congestion as a newborn.  It truly is amazing and worth the buy.
  13. Guava Lotus Bassinet – This is a pricier buy in some respects, but I put A LOT of thought into it when purchasing it for our now 2 year old.  I knew I wanted something that was not horrible looking, and would last a long time.  The guava lotus is a packnplay where you can also buy the bassinet kit.  I love that you can travel with it, it rocks gently, but works for the entire crib life of your child.  I have found that putting baby in a large flat surface has made the transition to the crib pretty seamless.
  14. Nuna Leaf – I went back and forth so many times on what swing/bouncer to get for Goldie.  I ultimately went with the Nuna Leaf because it can grow with your child, and holds up to 120 lbs, so I knew my older kids wouldn’t break it.  I can not say enough good things about this swing.  We have had SO MANY options, and this by far has been my favorite. 
  15. Lullavibe – both Goldie and Walker loved this.  It gently vibrates the bassinet or swing to lull them to sleep.
  16. Avent bottles – all 4 of my kids have preferred these. 
  17. Bath seat 
  18. Dock-A-Tot – I have the snuggle me organic and the dock a tot.  I still prefer the Dock-A-Tot, and truly have found it very much worth the money.  (read my full review here)
  19. Boon Grass drying Rack – I have this large size in white so it isn’t so gaudy. 
  20. Mustela Foaming Shampoo – I promise you this will take away cradle cap in one wash!!!!
  21. Wubanub – I don’t use the wubanub long term with my babies but think the investment of only 1 of them for the first month or so is worth it. 
  22. Hatch Sound Machine – this is worth EVERY PENNY for all the amazing features. 


Hopefully this helps you to find some great products for your baby’s first month, and be sure to follow along for monthly updates.  If you had a favorite not on this list for your baby’s first month be sure to leave it in the comments!

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