Creative Ways to Display Children’s Books

A couple of weeks ago I did a round up of 40 of my favorite children’s books.  It was so popular that I knew I wanted to continue to post about some of my favorite books, including holiday options.  Books are such a fun, useful way to decorate spaces in your home, that your kids can still enjoy.  In this blog post I am going to show you some creative ways to display children’s books.  I have used books in all of my kids rooms, as well as in several other areas of my house, so read on to check them all out!

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Creative Ways to Display Children’s Books in Bedrooms

All of my kids rooms have always had books on display.  I have used very similar methods in all of them, but all slightly different at the same time.  Be sure to check out each of the links to the rooms if you want to see more!

I used these clear photo ledges in both AvĂ© and Goldie Rooms – I love how they allow you to display books or decor without adding a heavy aspect to their rooms!

Clear Book Ledges

clear book ledges with children's books.

Book Ledges  |   Rainbow Garland 

Clear book Ledges

Book Ledges   |   Stuffed animals   |   Full Room Tour

Creative DIY Storage

Wicker basket ladder in nursery

In Walker’s Nursery I did this simple DIY and used 2 tiers at the bottom to store his books.  I loved how functional it was in the room.  

Full Room Tour Here

Book Ledge Decor

Bunk beds in kids room against green walll

In my oldest son’s room I used a book ledge as a way to create decor over his bed, but also as a way to keep books within reach on the top bunk! Check out the room here!

Playroom Book Storage

Book ledges in playroom

Check out the rest of this playroom here – We have all the kid’s books on display for them to easily read and pick out titles!


Creative Book Storage in Living Area’s

On top of displaying my kids books in their rooms and playroom we also have books on the main floor on display.  This can be done in a ‘big’ way like the book nook below, or just by incorporating them into your decor like they are on our bookshelves.

DIY closet book nook

Check out the full Book Nook here!

Living room built in's


If your looking for more creative way’s to display children’s books, be sure to follow along on Instagram to see what else I post.  

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Creative Book Storage

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