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Goldie Mae Favorites for 5 Month Old

Our sweet Goldie Mae is 5 months old.  Which is literally heart breaking for me to type.  I have her 5 month update and favorites for 5 month old products to share!

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If you have been following along, then you likely know that I have been tracking Goldie’s first year with monthly updates as well as her favorite items each month.  

My hope is that if you click through these posts you will find some products that we used consistently throughout the months and will know where to splurge and where to save.  

5 month old baby on Serena and Lilly hanging chair

Goldie Mae – 5 Months Old

For starters lets talk about our sweet girl.  I feel like this update won’t be super exciting because I was a little late in writing her 4 month update.  She is still such a smiley happy girl, however has been a little under the weather. 

We broke her of the swaddle here recently and she did really well.  She definitely had a little bit of a regression, but mostly did really well, and is now sleeping in just a sleep sack.

She is still not rolling, but is darn close to sitting up.  Honestly – I feel like being the 4th baby she never gets time on the floor to even try to roll.  We are constantly on the go and she is being held 99% of the time.  I am not sure if that’s a good thing or bad thing, but it is the reality ha.

She is wearing mostly 0-3 month clothes, we are struggling with her skin, but it is definitely doing MUCH better since changing to all scent free.  

Overall – she is just such a doll baby and makes us all so happy.  I wonder daily how on earth we got lucky enough to have her. 

5 month old baby in her crib

5 Month Postpartum Update

Not much change from last month – I have been trying to tackle losing the baby weight as of the first of the year, which has been nothing short of frustrating.  But none the less – I am working at it.  My hair is falling out horribly which has been a bit hard, but I knew that was coming.

 I am still very much struggling with the balance in life.  With not wanting to miss a thing, but also accepting the reality that I am a working mom now.  If I am being honest – it’s constantly hard for me to know if I am making the right choice on that.  But alas…. we are taking it one day at a time, and I am doing my best to just balance things the best I can!

5 month old baby on nook mattress

5 Month Old Favorite Baby Items

To shop this image just click the item you are interested in shopping, or head to the descriptions below.  As a reminder, I have done these every month, so if you are wondering how long it has been a favorite, you can click back on those past monthly posts.  

Some items that have ‘fallen off’ are still items we love and use, and you are more than welcome to comment or message me on Instagram to get my opinion.  The Nuna Leaf vs the Stokke items have been a big debate, and I am going to speak on that in stories!

Past Monthly Favs

1 Month  |  2 Months  |  3 Months  |  4 Months

  1. Boon Drying rack for drying bottles
  2. Burpy bibs – these are the best burp rags
  3. Pacifiers – tip – get some of them in glow in the dark for their crib at night
  4. Halo Swaddle – we are using this now as just a sleep sack.  Its a great transition option because you can do it tighter around the waist until they get used to being in nothing. 
  5. These Mats are my favorite for changing baby on the couch or bed!
  6. Infant carseat – have remained really happy with this one.
  7. Headbands – these baby bling bows leave no marks on their head and are so so so cute on.
  8. Mustella Shampoo – great for babies with any kind of cradle cap
  9. Veer Wagon – we seriously Love this.  We use it with the car seat adaptor for Goldie and Walker but just ordered the toddler seat for Goldie. 
  10. Aquafor – A game changer in her skin
  11. Pacifier Clips
  12. Hatch sound machine – this remains such a favorite.  One of my favorite aspects is that if something is going on during nap time I can turn it up on my phone to try to keep her asleep. 
  13. Avent Bottles
  14. Freshly Picked Diaper bag – read my review here, but honestly it is the best diaper bag ever. 
  15. This infant bathseat is amazing. Just put it in the tub for your baby to use.
  16. Baby playgym – this one has remained great for Goldie! 
  17. Rings – these are amazing.  Goldie loves to fling them and chew on them, but they also allow you to clip toys on things or get toys lower on the playgym.
  18. Boppy Baby Carrier.  Seriously a game changer in terms of baby carriers.  We have owned them ALL, and my husband and I both agree in terms of more of a structured carrier this is the way to go. 
  19. Jumper 
  20. Slumberkins – my kids are all obsessed and Goldie is no exception.
  21. Stokke High Chair – we own this one and the Skokke Steps and honestly LOVE both.  I am going to bring up the other and try them both out and do a comparison post here soon. 
  22. Crinkle paper book – she loves these!
  23. Glow worm. The ugliest favorite for all my kids.  we actually don’t even use it in the glowworm anymore, but just use the music and sound.  When we lay her down we push the button.  My kids start to know that sound means to go to sleep.
  24. Mattress – I will be talking more about this this week, but we are in love with this mattress!

5 month old baby girl in Serena and lily chair

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