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Favorite Items for a 3 Month Old – Goldie 3 Month Update

I can not believe that our Goldie Girl is 3 months old!!!  I think I will probably be starting ever one of these posts off that way.  As with the last 2 months I am rounding u my favorite items for a 3 month old as well as giving all the updates on our girl!

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3 month old baby picture

Goldie 3 Month Update

I feel like 3 months old is such a sweet age.  Goldie is sleeping through the night.  Currently she goes down for bed at 7 pm then we wake her for a “dream feed” at 10, and she sleeps until between 6:30-7:30. am.  

She HATES THE CAR and is not a big fan of tummy time. 

She loves being held and sitting up so she can be talked to. 

LOVES bath time and has gotten super active in the tub.

She is roughly 11 lbs and I swear its all in her big ol cheeks!

She has started to grab at toys hanging in front of her, and we keep getting just the start of belly laughs.

She really likes to be in the Stokke infant seat of the highchair.  Loves being in on the action and something about that seat typically has her content. 

Overall, she is a really good, very content baby.  She is SO SO smiley especially for mom and dad, and is definitely becoming more aware when we aren’t around.  

three month old baby girl

3 Month PostPartum Update

3 month old baby, also means I am 3 months out from having this sweet girl.   I feel like as she started sleeping more I gained so much of my emotional stability back.  I do best when our babies move to their own room so that the evening and night time becomes a bit more “normal” for me.  

I still have 400 lbs to lose, and have done nothing to try haha.  But really, I told myself not to even go there until after Christmas.  I am finally allowed to leave her at the gym so I am just baby stepping back into things.  

I started some home workouts and quickly realized that no matter how much I worked out during my pregnancy, the c section was brutal and my abs will need some tender love before I can dive in (which was a tough pill for me to swallow).  

Overall we are good.  I am still trying to balance things.  4 kids is a lot.  I am late more than ever before (which I hate).  I have dropped the ball a lot (which I hate). And over all I just feel less organized and with it (which I hate).  But it has all been so worth it for our girl!


1 month favorite   |   2 month favorite

Be sure to check out the posts above to see what I loved those months to see how these items last!

Favorite Items for a 3 Month Old

So now onto what we are loving.   I am going to link everything in the photo, with some description below.  You can either find it in the links below, or simply click on the photo to shop!

  1. Wipes warmer – she definitely still does love warm wipes at night. 
  2. Burpy Bibs
  3. Pacifiers
  4. Swaddle – we switched her to this one from the Ollie Swaddle this past month and she has done really well in it!
  5. Changing Pads
  6. Carseat
  7. Baby bling bows
  8. Mustella – I still swear this is the way to go for cradle cap
  9. Pacifier Clip
  10. Sound machine
  11. Bottles
  12. Veer Wagon – I love this with the carseat adaptor so we can go on walks with Walker
  13. Tights – these fit even a newborn which is HARD to find. 
  14. Tub seat – she loves this
  15. This infant seat on the highchair might be her favorite item this month
  16. Drying rack for bottles
  17. Diaper Bag – read my review of this one here!
  18. DockATot – she naps so much better in this
  19. the Stokke highchair to house #15
  20. Glowworm – ok hear me out on this creepy/ugly thing.  I have used it with all of my kids.  We push the tummy when she goes down, and if she stirs we push it again. My kids learn to associate the little melodies with going to sleep.  This time around it was actually so worn out we ONLY have the insides – so its basically a little light and music thing, no glow worm hahaha.
  21. Play mat – she seriously LOVES this. 


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favorite items for a 3 month old baby

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