Girls Christmas Outfits from Amazon

Girls Christmas Clothes from Amazon – because if you have been around for very long you probably know that finding Amazon finds is one of my favorite things to do.

I am a mom of 4 – with 2 little girls who I LOVE finding unique finds for, and Amazon is an affordable, easy place to shop for those unique finds.  

Little girl in Bonnie Jean Christmas Dress and Coat

Girls Christmas Outfits from Amazon

This Girls Christmas Outfits from Amazon post contains affiliate links – originally written in 2019 updated in 2020.

I am SO organized – but I also can be SO last minute on certain things, and for me that tends to be Christmas outfits. I think for me it is always because I can’t decide what we are going to be doing, or what the weather will be.

The good news is that has led me to finding some amazing Amazon finds over the years, and sharing them with all of you.

Little Girl in Bonnie Jean Red Coat

I rounded up items in this post that will help you create the perfect dressy or more casual look, no matter what your plans are for this holiday. I went with shoes, bows, and purses – so you can create a full outfit.

Girls in pink Santa Dresses

The Shoes

Because I know shoes can be so tricky, I only added shoes we own ( aside from one pair that we own in a VERY similar version from the same brand).

Sisters in Red Plum Tutus

 The Mary Jane style is one of my favorites because the way the buckle works there are no holes, so they can really grow for longer than many shoes like this.  AvĂ© just out grew her red pair, so I think I will grab her some black or gold this year!

The little moccasins we are obsessed with, and Goldie has this exact pair.  They are an investment, but honestly the only baby shoes I ever buy.  If you go with a metallic she can wear them daily.

Girls Christmas Outfits from Amazon

Shop Those Items Below

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  1. Reindeer Dress –
  2. Velvet Bows – Velvet bow are my favorite thing on little girls and Amazon has great packs of them!
  3. Pink Baby girl outfit – this little outfit is SO cute
  4. 12 Days of Christmas dress – this is darling. I love that it has a fun little quirky theme to it.
  5. Green Pinafore Dress – this is so cute and can be used well past Christmas.
  6. Freshly Picked Mary Janes – these are the CUTEST toddler girl shoes. We have owned several pairs for my 6 year old and they are super comfortable so they can run around in them.
  7. Baby knit outfit – we have this in several other versions and it does run large
  8. Scalloped hem dress
  9. Nutcracker themed skater dress
  10. Red Velvet Bubble Romper
  11. Gold Shirt – I am thinking I will do this paired with black leggings then a long skirt to wear it two different ways for my daughter this year.
  12. Gold Shoes – I got these in the boot version for my older daughter a few years ago and LOVED that she could wear them dressed up but then to school and not ruin them.
  13. Red dress – this is SO affordable and so stinking cute.
  14. Santa dress – we did this and the bubble romper version for our girls last year and it was beyond cute on.
  15. Rudolph Purse
  16. Santa Dress
  17. Velvet shoes – these are classically gorgeous
  18. Knee high socks – we have so many packs of these knee highs and they are THE best.
  19. Freshly Picked Moccasins – these are the cutest and will last for all your kids.
  20. Little Knit Jumper
  21. The Bubble romper to go with #14
  22. Gingerbread Purse
  23. Reindeer Dress
  24. Santa Jumper – this is SO CUTE
sisters on pink couch in pink Santa dresses

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Girls Christmas Outfits from Amazon
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  1. Oh my goodness, I LOVE the Santa dress on your girls! I had to order one for my Clara! Thanks for always having the best outfit ispiration.