Best Items for a 4 Month Old Baby

Talk about a post that is more than behind.  My Goldie Mae 4 month update, and best items for a 4 month old baby post is FINALLY going up, and she will be 5 months in 13 days. 

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Sam and I were just talking last night bout how time goes too fast.  I couldn’t believe that before we know it Goldie will be 6 months old, and honestly it breaks my heart a bit.  Being our last baby we both wish we could keep her little longer. 

4 month old baby in rattan chair

Goldie Mae – 4 Month Update

Before I get to the products we are loving, lets give a little update on that little sugar.  Goldie is 12 lbs, and wearing 0-3 month clothes.  I am praying she holds out in each size just like AvĂ© did so we can soak up the tiny stage longer.  She is SO smiley and when she smiles her little eyes fully close.  

We have been fighting eczema so badly with the poor thing.  All our kids have had it, but hers was pretty extreme.  We changed all soaps and detergent and have seen a great improvement in just that alone. 

She hates tummy time, and can roll right on out of it, but still hasn’t figured out rolling from her back to her tummy.  We JUST cut the swaddle last night at 4.5 months old…she was SO good at getting out, but didn’t really want to sleep without it either.  Typical little lady hahah. 

She loves to have us sing her songs, is pretty easy going, but does like all the attention.  Overall she is spoiled rotten with so many people just obsessed with her!

4 month old baby girl

Postpartum Update – 4 months

The 4 month mark was slightly dreaded by me…I had told myself that at 4 months (the start of the year) I would start trying to shed the baby weight.  I didn’t want to rush it with the holidays, and a newborn, but she is sleeping well, and it was time.  So that said, that has been a big part of the past couple of weeks.  I will talk about this more on Insta stories in a couple of weeks, but for now just know if you invite me to ice-cream ill no longer be your friend HA. 

Emotionally I have done much better as time has gone on.  I can tell I am struggling with some anxiety (which I always have, but its more severe).  I struggle a lot to leave her with our nanny, and constantly think of all the bad scenarios…which I haven’t really ever done before with a baby.  

Baby girl on pink snuggle me organic

I know it’s just a lingering part of her horrible birth, and I think that for me being aware of it is the biggest thing. I figure the want to hold her more and spoil her more isn’t going to be a bad thing, so I just do that. 

The other struggle right now is work.  I was working a bit more when we had Walker, but not like I am now.  I an definitely feeling the working mom struggle of constantly being torn in a couple of directions.  I have had a lot of guilt about it and have to constantly remind myself I am doing nothing wrong and it’s okay for me to push forward in my career and be her mama. 

Best Items for a 4 Month Old Baby

To shop this post simply click over the item you are interested in in the image below, or in the descriptions below, either way.

My hope is that if you are curious if something is “worth the extra money” you can track my favorites month by month and see what stayed important and what didn’t!

  1. Boon Drying Rack – I have a feeling this will make all 12 posts!
  2. Burpy bibs – These are my favorite burp rags, but will be even better as she starts to eat baby food.
  3. Bibs Pacifiers
  4. Halo Swaddle – We just cut Goldie from her swaddle at 4.5 months, but I Love that for now we can keep swaddling her tummy tight as she gets used to it. 
  5. These little mats are great for changing baby anywhere!
  6. Her Carseat – still love it, especially the canopy part of it that pulls down for these cold winter months.
  7. Baby Bling bows – still my favorite headbands for her
  8. Mustela Shampoo – Goldie has definitely struggled with cradle cap, but this has been the best solution we have found so far.
  9. Veer Wagon – we have this with the carseat adaptor and for our big family it has been the best solution!
  10. Aquaphor – this is a God send for babies with eczema 
  11. Silicone Bead Pacifier Clip
  12. Hatch Sound Machine
  13. Avent Bottles
  14. Freshly Picked Diaper bagI have a review here, but honestly this is the best diaper bag of the probably 10 I have owned.
  15. Infant Tub seat – easy and allows baby to use the big tub
  16. Baby Playmat – this has been a FAVORITE for us, and I have owned SO many baby playmats
  17. Stokke Infant seat for highchair – Maybe my favorite item for the past couple of months.  This little seat attaches to the top of the Stokke Highchair and makes it so you can have a younger baby at the table with you.  We use it a lot for Goldie to be near us when we are cooking.
  18. And the Stokke Highchair to pair with it!
  19. Play Gym Thing – this little guy is so fun for Goldie and I love the size.  Our previous jumper was jus really bulky and that made it hard
  20. Slumberkins – all of my kids are OBSESSED with them.
  21. This little glow worm might be the ugliest thing ever, but all of my babies have slept so much better with it.  With Goldie we don’t even have it in the stuffed animal part anymore, but just have the light up music box.  Every time we lay her down she falls asleep to it. 
  22. Nook Mattress – more on this later, but we recently got the mattress as an upgrade since ours was 7 years old and pretty worn out, and it is SO NICE. 

Hopefully with the best items for a 4 month old baby you will see a lot of crossover with past months, and be better able to decide what items are long lasting! If you have questions always DM me on Instagram (@arinsolange) or leave me a comment!

Many products that didn’t make the cut are items I still LOVE, but just don’t think were TOP products this month. 

Baby girl with slumberkins and snuggle me organic

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Best items for a 4 month old baby

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3 thoughts on “Best Items for a 4 Month Old Baby

  1. This is such a great list! My daughter just hit the four month mark two days ago (slow down, time!!), and I use many of the products on your list for her. The one thing I am kicking myself for not getting is the Stokke high chair and compatible infant seat. I think it would have been so helpful, but now that she is four months old already I am hesitant to invest. It is on the top of my list in the event my husband and I decide to have another!

    1. I honestly am so mad I didn’t have it with my other babies!! It was definitely a great item, but totally agree, I think she is likely only a few weeks to a month away from us taking it off and just using the highchair. She’s starting to sort of try to sit up in it, which makes me so sad haha!