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Ice Cream Themed Toddler Worksheets

I am still attempting to give you a couple of free printable activities for your kids each week.  I know this time while we are stuck inside is super trying for both parents and kids, so hopefully providing these free printable toddler worksheets with give you something for them to do for free.

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Free printable toddler worksheets

Ice Cream Themed Toddler Worksheets

These activities are geared a lot towards more of the toddler and preschool age, but would still work well for a kindergartener.  All of these activities an be done with nothing more than a printer/paper and crayons/markers.

I will have an option at the bottom to download and print all pages at once, but because I know Some of you won’t want every page, I am going to break them off so you can pick and choose.

I have several other free options like this, so be sure to check them all out HERE

Helpful Items for Home Learning Activities

Below I am linking to a few things we love to use with these free printable activities.  Some sleeves that you can slip the papers into to make them ‘dry erase’, WASHABLE dry erase markers and crayons, and my favorite laminator – which I LOVE and use all the time!

Count the Cherries

Work on your child’s counting skills by having them count the cherries then write the number in the box on the bowl of ice cream.

Download Counting Activity here to print for free (2 pages) – Count the Cherries Activity

Count the cherries toddler  counting worksheet

Circle the Lower Case Letter

Help your child identify which lower case letter goes with which upper case letter by circling the right answer. 

Download free alphabet learning activity here (5 pages) – Circle the Lower Case Letter

circle the lowercase letter learning activity

What Shape are the Sprinkles

Help your child work on shape recognition by telling you what shape the sprinkles are on each of these ice cream cones.

Download free printable shape recognition worksheet here – What Shape are the Sprinkles?

What shape are the sprinkles - shape recognition worksheet

Add Some Sprinkles

Have your child add ‘sprinkles’ by placing candy/cereal or drawing a given number on the bowl of ice-cream.  You can either print this several times, or just give them a new number each time if you are using items!

Free Printable Counting Activity Here – Add Some Sprinkles Activity

ice cream bowl toddler worksheet

What Color is the Cone?

Have your child write or tell you the color of the ice cream cone to work on color recognition. 

Download your free color recognition worksheet here – What Color is the Cone?

ice cream cone color recognition worksheet

Free Coloring Sheet

And for some extra fun – a free simple coloring sheet

Download your free coloring sheet here – Free Ice Cream Shop Coloring Sheet

Ice Cream shop coloring page


Download all 11 pages here – Ice Cream Themed Toddler Worksheets

Hopefully these free toddler worksheets help you, and you are able to enjoy doing some free, fun activities with your kids! These are so simple, and I am trying to find fun things you all can do that can be done without many supplies.  Be sure to sign up for my emails, or watch for more activities on Instagram (@arinsolange) each week! 

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