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Free Printable Toddler Worksheets for Emotions

It seems as tho the whole world is home and stuck inside right now.  Although I know this is such an inconvenience for all of us, I have been trying to think of small ways to help, and I know that free resources on daily activities might be helpful. Today I am sharing some free printable toddler worksheets for emotions.  

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I won’t be sharing new items every day here on my blog, but am going to try to share with you at least 5 options per week between my own blog and other blogs.  I should also stress that I won’t be focusing solely on this.  I think its important to remember if you weren’t doing daily learning and structured days before this craziness, don’t feel like you have to now. 

I think adding in a few little things can help, and I definitely think hard times can lead to us better ourselves, and in this case our kids, BUT it’s also a time for kind of ‘surviving not thriving’ and that doesn’t mean you need to be homeschool mom pro at the drop of a dime.

toddler boy grid photo with emotions

Free Printable Toddler Worksheets for Emotions

The reason I created these worksheets is because I think it is SO important to know our kids, young and old pick up on what we are saying and doing.  This means that if the news is on and they are hearing about the current world state, or they hear us talking to our friends, family, or even Instagram stories (you know its the world we live in), they are picking up on it.

Emotional intelligence is so important, and I am a firm believer in giving kids words for their emotions and helping them to understand what they are feeling, and how they can and should act with those emotions. 

I created some free printable toddler worksheets for emotions that I am hoping are really helpful for all of you.  It is a fun way to sort of check in on them, see how they are doing, and help work on that emotional intelligence all at once. 

Some Items that will be helpful 

I have shared these few items a couple of times, but if you don’t have them, they may be worth investing in while you’re doing a lot more home activties.  One is THESE sleeves.  You put your paper in them and it turns it into a dry erase of sorts.  Especially helpful in learning type activities.  And to pair with that – these dry erase markers or crayons are washable.  Most are not so I like to keep these on hand. 


Download Your Free Worksheets Below

Free Printable Toddler Worksheets for Emotions

Above you can download all 5 sheets and print them for free.  The sheets include:

How are you?  coloring page: This page allows them to draw a picture of how they are feeling.  Kids can tell us a lot through their art.  So if they draw that they are scared or something similar it is a great opportunity to talk to them about this.

How are you coloring page

Draw the Emotions page:  This sheet allows them to draw the emotions on 4 faces – a great way to work on emotional intelligence and a fun activity. 

draw the emotions worksheet

What makes me happy? coloring page:  A fun page for kids to draw what makes them happy 

What makes me happy coloring page for toddlers

I am Safe and Happy coloring page:  Have them color this and hang it up for a little happiness

I am safe and happy coloring page

Emotions Venn Diagram:  This is a bit more complex, and most words will only lead to one area, but a little activity you can do with kids!

Venn diagram for toddler emotions


If you found these helpful, I also have another post with kids Preschool Printables that I shared via a teacher friend.  There are pages and pages of printables and activities on that one post so that is a great place to look if you are needing more activities. 

I also plan to add all the activities i’ll be sharing over the coming days and weeks to this category, so check back frequently for that, and you can even bookmark the page if you want to watch for more.  I will be sharing these as well as other friends activities weekly on Instagram stories, and remember, just try to enjoy your kids right now, and I would love for you to tag me in any posts or stories showing your kids using their free printable toddler worksheets for emotions. 

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free printable toddler worksheets for emotions


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