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Free Preschool Printables

I will be the first one to admit that my kids go to preschool for a reason: I am not great at teaching them academic skills, but I know that with summer around the corner I need to come up with some ways to keep the kids engaged all summer, and keep them learning!  Especially with Jack starting kindergarten in the fall, summer school work packets are going to be a must this year.  I am excited to have teamed up with a couple of lovely ladies to bring you all some free preschool printables for all your littles to use this summer too!

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Free Preschool Printables

When I decided to put together school work packets for the kids I knew just who to go to for advise and help.  If you don’t follow Melissa and Alison on Instagram, you’re missing out.  Both ladies have young kids and love to share the preschool activities they do at home with their children, which are honestly SO INSPIRING.   

Both ladies were teachers before having babies of their own, so they know their stuff, so these free resources are not only fun but truly well thought out from a teachers perspective!   So, with that being said, I am SO grateful they shared a few ideas with me for this post, but be sure you head to their blogs to get WAY more ideas!!

Melissa’s blog // Alison’s Blog

I am going to share how we are using these packets in our home in this post, but also am attaching all the free preschool printable’s you can click and print. 

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How I am I using the printable’s?

I did a post a couple of weeks ago about a schedule for summer for my kids.  They are working on school work every morning while we get things ready for the day. I have taken most of the printable’s above, and laminated them.  For the activities that the lamination worked for I figured that was less work for me as the summer goes on. There are some days where the activities will also include simple things like working on writing 3 letters on paper.

Each kid has a binder and I will pull the pages they are to do out each morning.  I am hoping this keeps things organized and simple to keep us doing it all summer!

If you need a laminator we have this one and love it, and you will likely want these extra sleeves

Also I am not a fan of normal dry erase markers for my kids because they aren’t washable, so I keep a pack of these on hand for activities like this

*updated – although I still love to laminate, these little dry erase pockets are also a great option for those of you looking to not waste paper over and over.  You simply pop the paper in the sleeve and are ready to go!

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Free Preschool Printable’s

Each of the links below will take you to another page.  When you go to print there will be SEVERAL PAGES per activity.  It kind of seems confusing when you first click on it, because the cover sheet is not actually the activity, thus I have gotten some questions on this!

I have added some more free printables for kids to this page! Check that frequently for more items, and be sure to print out the most recent new post that will help work on emotional intelligence with your kids. 


free preschool printables

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Flower Petal Play Doh Counting Mats

Flower Petal Count & Color Popsicle Color Words Pattern Practice

Pattern Practice

Popsicle Color Words

Sunglass Number Match

Rainy Day Pack

All printables on this link 

I would love to see you and your little ones using these free preschool printables, so be sure to tag me on Instagram if you try them out, and I hope you enjoy!  These are a great way for kids to fight bordem so really will be a great option for you if you are stuck inside!

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Free Preschool Printables

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