Goldies’s Rainbow Nursery – Subtle and Sweet

Finally at 6 weeks old I am ready to share Goldie’s Rainbow Nursery .  I knew I wanted a fun, bright theme for her sweet room, and had a few aspects that I fully planned to tie into the boho look, but in the end it just reminds me of a sweet rainbow.  

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Rainbow Nursery with pink rug and hanging Serena and lily chair

Goldie’s Rainbow Nursery

Sweet Goldie is our surprise 4th baby and our last (read more about what a surprise she was in this post).

 I was SO hoping she would be a sweet girl that we could name Goldie (the name we had loved since having our 3rd who was a boy).  When we found out it was a girl I was beyond excited to get going on her nursery!

Hanging Serena and Lily Chair with Wall Rainbow

I struggled a bit on the direction to go with her room.  I knew I didn’t want it too pink. When we had our first daughter I painted her room pink and was going for ‘blush’ but got ‘pepto dismal’ haha!  It was still a darling room but made me want a slightly more neutral space.

Hanging Serena and Lily Chair with Rainbows

The DIY’s From Her Rainbow Nursery

Before I get going on the full room – below are the two major DIY projects that went into the space! – I am a firm believer that a good DIY can take a room from great to perfect! So check these out for inspiration on your room.

Baby girl rainbow nursery

DIY Rainbow linked here!

DIY Dresser linked here!

Serena and Lily rattan hanging chair with rainbow decor in Rainbow Nursery

My Design Process

When I started thinking about Goldie’s Nursery I knew I wanted white walls due to the small room, and to tie in color elsewhere.  

Nursery with rainbow on wall and pink Ikea dresser

The three items that were somewhat non negotiable for me were: The Serena and Lily Hanging Chair, The rainbow pillow, and the star and moon wall hooks.  I loved those three items, and needed to tie them in.

I should note – there is no real reason for that.  They are just items that I had been day dreaming of using incase we ever had another baby girl, so I was so excited to make that happen.

gold star and moon hooks on wall

Normally when I decorate a room I have a pretty good set plan, but nurseries are always hard for me.  

When I did Walker’s nursery a few years ago I had a hard time too, and I think it is all based on the hormones.  My decision making is not as quick as normal so I end up teetering on choices.

One thing I did know EARLY on was that I really wanted a pink dresser.  I had an idea to do an IKEA hack for the dresser, and although I nearly went with a store bought version I ended back at that IKEA idea, and am so happy with it.  

Pink Ikea Tarva Dresser

The crib was a fairly easy choice for me – I went with a white, and modern look.  After having a crib that could convert to a full bed with my other three and never doing so, I knew that wasn’t an important decision for me, so I just wanted something affordable an simple. 

Once those big choices were made – chair, crib, dresser – and I had some direction with the theme because of the moon and stars and the rainbow pillow I was ready to start assembling and seeing a room come together. 

Baby nursery with rainbow and pink accents


Chair  |  Dresser  |  Crib

Goldie’s Chair is the Serena and Lily hanging chair – I will tell you that my husband was anti me getting it, but gave in.  

Now, he is a believer.  It is so comfortable and everyone in the family LOVES it. – I actually love it so much that we ended up adding one to my older daughters room (see her room here).  I also did a full blog review on the chair HERE. 

Hanging Serena and lily chair with rainbow and G pillow

Again – below is the gorgeous white crib.  It comes in several options, but I opted for solid white, and it has been fantastic! I love that the line for the top is at the same height all the way around, keeping it modern and casual. 

White crib with pink boho accents

Like I said above on the dresser – it is an IKEA hack.  I found it hard to find an affordable pink dresser so thought the hack was the way to go to get the look that I wanted.  

I have the full blog post here for the exact materials and paint colors.

pink IKEA Tarva Dresser

For a short breakdown – I did new drawer pulls, new feet, and paint.  I had to dismantle an area, so if you want to tackle the project I definitely would say you should read the post first.  

So far we have LOVED IT. The drawers are huge, and it is my favorite dresser in our house. 

White crib with macrame hanging over
pink Ikea dresser in nursery
Ikea Tarva dresser in pink with gold drawer pulls
DIY Ikea dresser
Pacifier storage Jar

Nursery Details

Paint Color – Valspar Du Jour ( see my favorite neutral paint colors here)

When it came to making this a rainbow nursery I went with lots of pops of pinks and bright colors.  I am a true pink lover so I went heavier on the pink with the secondary color being yellow.  

The yellow was a bit of a play on her name – Goldie, but also because I just kept calling her our ‘sunshine girl’.

Rattan Chair with rainbow and G pillows

 On her dresser I used items that would look great in the room for functional pieces.  

The Diaper basket it a small planter from Target.  I love having a diaper caddy, but loved that this worked great to put a pack of wipes and diapers in that were perfect.

Baby girl Nursery Dresser Decor

I also used a fun piece from Pottery Barn Kids to store her pacifiers. This piece is actually usually used for hair brushes I believe – but it is so cute for her pacifiers.  Getting creative with storage can add to a room so well!

Baby Girl Nursery with Rainbow and Pink Ikea Dresser

More Photos of her Rainbow Nursery

I added the wood beads to the crib to add warmth on that side – they were removed when she started sleeping in her bed.

And the Tapestry over her bed is perfection – so simple and didn’t make me worry with her sleeping under it.

Rainbow felt banner on bookshelvesa drop of golden sun wall hanging

Her bookshelves and the felt banner were the perfect useful space, and the “drop of Golden Sun” line remains one of my favorite pieces in her room.

Clear book shelves in nursery

Shop Rainbow Nursery Below

Moon and Star Wall hooks   |  Rainbow Pillow  |  G Pillow  |  Over bed Hanging  |  Bunny Ear Jar  |  Changing Pad Cover (this is a gorgeous linen!) – use code ARIN15  |  Llama  |  Crib Sheet  |  Rug  |  Lamp  |  Rainbow Garland  |  Acrylic photo ledges  |  ‘A drop of Golden Sun’ saying  |  Mirror (painted white)  – Similar here  |  Crib Skirt  |  Wood Beads  |  Large faux Fiddle leaf (similar)  |  Small plant (similar)  |  Light pink Pillow  |  Light Fixture  |  Curtain Rod |  Books  |  Chair  |  Dresser  |  Crib |  Large wall rainbow

Wicker basket with pompoms

The wood bead garlands I hung with tiny command hooks.  These will be removed before she sleeps in the room!   I wanted a bit more contrast on that side of the room but wasn’t finding a crib sheet that I loved, so this ended up being a great way to add interest to the simple white space. 

Wood beads on crib

Another little detail was hanging the DIY wood star and pom pom to the basket.  I love adding small aspects to a room, and when a room is as simple as Goldie’s it needed these pops!  

This was such a simple little item from the craft store – I actually think maybe a Christmas ornament.  Then pompoms add to everything!

Hot pink G Pillow

Creating the Perfect Rainbow for a Rainbow Nursery

The last big decorative aspect to her room was the DIY rainbow.  

I knew that corner NEEDED something – actually I was originally trying to come up with an idea using Washi tape but couldn’t get it quite right, and somehow decided this could work.

DIY Wall hanging Rainbow

 I didn’t want to do a full rainbow, only because I didn’t want it ‘too rainbowy’, and this ended up being PERFECT!

You are Gold Star on Bookshelves
Cuddle and Kind Llama in crib

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If you have any questions on Goldie’s rainbow nursery room be sure to leave me a comment below, or DM me on Instagram.  Hopefully this gives you great inspiration in creating your own rainbow nursery for your baby, and leaves you with plenty of inspiration! 

white crib with wood beadsRainbow macrame wall hanging

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  2. I love her nursery! Do you have a link for the pacifier storage jar? Been looking everywhere