Is the Sneak Peek Gender Test Accurate?

Is the sneak peek gender test accurate? Incase you missed it on Instagram, I announced that we are expecting another SWEET BABY GIRL!!! I posted all about the symptoms and old wives tales on this post, so if you’re curious on that be sure to check out that post too.  

One thing I will fully admit about myself is that I am NOT patient.  Like not at all.  So this time around when I found out I was pregnant I decided I would try out the Sneak Peek Gender Predictor Test.

 I had a strong feeling on the gender and wanted it confirmed earlier.  So are you wondering, is the Sneak Peek Gender test accurate?  Read on to read my opinion.

This test was not sponsored by Sneak Peek.  I purchased it on my own, and did the test for my own research and fun, to see if the Sneak Peek Test was accurate. This post contains affiliate links. 
Little girl holding balloons waiting on gender reveal for from sneak peek gender test

Sneak Peek Test Review

A Video Sharing my Experience with Comments from Others who have also Taken the Test

I have updated this blog post to contain a video with some of the comments from both readers and friends and their experiences.  

I want to make it clear, I am not anti this test, I am just sharing my experience and the experiences of people (both positive and negative) that have reached out to me who have also taken this test!

My Experience with the Sneak Peek Test

Before I share my results from the Sneak Peek test I want to share why I felt so comfortable and confident doing this test, when I had never done something like this in previous pregnancies.

When I found out I was pregnant it took me only a couple of weeks to be 99% sure we were having a girl.  I was confident.  

Mom with 3 kids in pink surrounded by pink confetti and balloons

 This was my 4th pregnancy and so far I had 2 boys and one girl, going Boy, Girl, Boy.  I had experienced how my body handled both boy and girl pregnancies, and in my opinion felt as though my body felt different with the two genders. 

I pretty much knew the gender 100% with Walker and this time around, due to CRAZY similar pregnancies, and a gut feeling.   Reading the reviews for Sneak Peek test it seemed as tho ‘false results’ were only if it said ‘boy’.

 I was fairly confident in my abilities to take the test, and was so sure it was a girl, so I figured I was good to go, and my hunch would be validated earlier.  I know not every mom with multiple kids has this same experience with similar symptoms and such, but for me it had held true with my other three.

I should also add – people always ask if I guess well for other pregnant women, and hilariously I DO NOT.  I actually am the worst at guessing other peoples gender of their baby. 

My Symptoms

With Jack and Walker I was slightly sick.  Not horrible, but really nauseous and tired for the first trimester.  By about 7 weeks it had set in and I felt pretty darn crappy for a while.  

I remember when I hit 8 weeks with Avé and I didn’t feel sick, I started getting some pretty strong feelings I might be carrying a different gender.  (Avé is my second.)

With Avé and with this baby I got REALLY SICK.  Like I am talking food poisoning sick, and in the midst of it realized I missed my period and took a test to find out I was pregnant.  That might be a coincidence, but either way happened both times. 

I wouldn’t say any other symptoms were the same super early on, but as the pregnancies progressed those similarities did continue. 

little girl hiding in balloons waiting for sneak peek test gender reveal

About the Test

Incase you aren’t familiar with the test, let me first walk you through how the test works.

 You order a test online.  You can get it through their website or even grab it on Amazon, so it is really easy to get.  You get the kit in the mail, and you prick one of your fingers to fill a small vile with blood.  

The blood sample is then sent off to be tested to see if they detect any Y chromosomes.  Basically because as females we only naturally have XX chromosomes present in our system, the presence of Y chromosomes would show that we are carrying a boy.   

If the Y  is detected then it is deemed you are having a boy. If no Y is detected it says you are having a girl.  Overall – the premise of the test is wild.  It is so crazy that a body shows the Y chromosome so soon. 

Toddler girl with pink and blue gender balloons

Contamination Risks

Due to this process, it is VERY important to do the test alone and without your husbands help.  You don’t want any male DNA to get into the test from someone else.  

I know some people have a friend who is female help them, because it is tricky to do with one person, but do not let your husband or partner help!

You also need to thoroughly clean yourself and the area you’re taking the test as to not get any male dander in the test tube.  This is as important for taking the Sneak Peek Test as the absence of men during the process!

I am a mom of 2 little boys and am married to a man, so I knew the process of getting rid of Male DNA would be trickier than others, but went into the test with great confidence in my abilities to get the area ready. 

When can you Take the Sneak Peek Test?

I have been asked a few times when you can first take the sneak peek test. The answer is at 8 weeks or later in your pregnancy.  I believe I was about 9 weeks pregnant when I took the test. You need to wait until that 8 week mark to assure the male DNA has time to be in your system. 

Where do you Take The Sneak Peek Test?

The Sneak Peek Test can be done both at home or you can go to to many locations and get the blood drawn for you.  From what I have heard the blood draw from locations has a higher rate of success due to no contamination, although I still don’t think based on reader comments that is 100%.

For the sake of this blog post I am talking about taking the test in my home, as that was what I chose to do. 

How Accurate is the Sneak Peek Test?

Their website states that the test is 99.1% accurate – I can not confirm or deny that.

How long does it Take to get the Sneak peek Test Results?

There are 2 options based on what you buy. There is a 72 hour option and a 5-7 day result option. Either way they will come to your email.

My Experience Taking the Sneak Peek Test

 I took the test on a day when all my kids were napping and my husband, Sam was at work.   I cleaned the kitchen, and sprayed it down with lysol like it was my job. I keep a very clean house as it is, but I was very determined to find out what I was having early, so was thorough.

Kids with blue and pink balloons

When it came to actually collecting the blood – IT IS NOT EASY.  You will use a item they send to pick your finger and fill a vile to the line.

 This sounds easy as can be, but let me tell you…getting enough blood out of your finger IS NOT EASY.  I have talked to others who have since done the test who have said the same.  

I was squeezing like no ones business and even had to use more than one finger.  By the time I was done I truly had a bruised finger, but I am sure that isn’t everyones result.  I kind of wonder if getting the blood would have been easier if I had gotten my hands really warm prior.

The instructions tell you to make sure you don’t get blood under your nails, which I also found to be impossible due to how you have to get the blood and the slow flow.  

I had scrubbed under my nails really hard, but I feel like its worth noting that blood DID go under them.  ( again from talking to others…they had that same issue ha).  

toddler boy and pink confetti at gender reveal

The Results Are In – My Sneak Peek Test Results

Fast forward one week.  The result were timely and I truly appreciated that.  I mean after all…I had paid money just to appease my own impatience.  The results were sent to Sam (because I knew I would just check my email 400 times a day), and he came upstairs on a Friday while the kids were napping, to tell me he had the results.

 I was so excited to hear him tell us we were having another sweet girl, and he said IT’S A BOY.  I literally burst into tears.

mom holding toddler boy upside down

When we found out we were pregnant I was pretty impartial on what we would have.  I would say I was 60/40 leaning towards wanting a girl.  

But you guys, I LOVE my boys, so in no way did I think this would be my reaction.  For the first time in 4 kids, my intuition was so rocked.  With Walker and this baby I was so sure on gender, so it just felt wrong. 

Family in blue and pink for gender reveal

We had a doctors appointment 2 weeks later where I was already planning the doctor ordered blood panel.   I decided to assume that the Sneak Peek might have been wrong, but to also assume 90% it was a boy.  

We discussed boy names and such, but I in my heart was still so shocked.  I just sort of blocked it out because I just didn’t think it was right.

Roughly 1 month after the original results came in from the Sneak Peak test, we received our panel from the doctor and were told we are having a GIRL.  I again cried so hard.  We had a name, and it just felt right.  It was so great to know my intuition was right.

I had spent the month prior both sad, but mostly confused, and when I think back to it I am half happy I did it, because hearing “its a girl” was that much sweeter, but also regret it because I spent a month just so emotionally torn.  

I think because my personality is needing to know things 100% it was probably not the best thing for me to take a test without those kind of results anyway.  

With my oldest two I had several ultrasounds confirming gender, but really needed that confirmation when they were born to believe it, so I defintily lean towards needing 100% results.

its a girl after wrong sneak peek test results

So, Is the Sneak Peek Test Accurate?

So does this fully explain the question of ‘is the Sneak Peek Gender test accurate?’ NO. This is my experience.  I am a mom of 2 boys, and a little girl. – so yes there is more mane DNA in my house than some.

 I’m very Clean and follow the rules very well.  So although this might have been user error, I feel confident saying that it wouldn’t be hard for another person to have flawed results also when it comes to contamination. 

I know few people who follow rules better, and keep a cleaner home, so although that was likely what skewed the results, I feel that is the same for so many others then. 

family with pink and blue balloons

I have many friends who have done the sneak peek test and gotten accurate results stating both boy and girl.  I have also had many friends who have taken the sneak peek test and gotten a false male result.  (I have not personally had anyone report a false female result). 

So,  it definitely is possible for an accurate early gender detection,  but for me if this had been my first baby I wouldn’t have done the test again.  

I think ultimately most things like this are more for fun, and not results to be fully tested without a doctor involved!

I would love to hear in the comments if you have done the Sneak Peek test, and if so if your sneak peek test results were accurate or not, and for what gender!

A little edit – there are lots of comments on here, and I have had so many messages on Instagram, so always feel free to message me there!

Is the sneak peek gender test accurate?
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185 thoughts on “Is the Sneak Peek Gender Test Accurate?

  1. I did the sneak peek test with my last baby and it said boy. He is indeed a boy but I prayed so hard it was wrong and the ultrasound technician would say girl. Haha that didn’t happen. Lol
    I don’t see myself using SneakPeek again because even after the email results, I didn’t believe it. It was kinda fun but caused too much emotions for me, personally. I did like that it was fast! From dropping the package off to getting the results via email it was roughly 36 hrs. If I ever get pregnant again, I think I’ll just assume it’s another boy.

    1. YES! I told my husband that although it was fun, it was WAY too many emotions, then a month of me wondering. It ended up making the call that it was a girl so much sweeter, but wasn’t really worth the month of being kind of bummed out. I am always curious on how many people who got the positive boy result that was correct had their husband or sons DNA in the sample also. Because you totally have a lot of boy DNA in your house too! And I swear all my friends that have 3 in a row switched genders on the 4th, so ill cross my fingers if you go for 4 that it will be a sweet girl!

    2. I have a som already and Pregnant I wanted to know so quick and found sneak peek on the internet after i read so many review on people doing it at home and got the wrong result, I decided to do the clinical sneak peek test.
      I was hoping for a girl
      so bad deep inside me I felt different with this one, but I kept saying its a boy just for me to feel confident if I was wrong, but all ky family was saying they are sure its a girl and that make me feel so good because I knew with my situation with a boy a little girl would be a nice addition to our family.
      Long story short I did the test got the result the next day its a boy!!
      I felt so bad, all my imagination all my dream all gone in one day, since today I cannot live with the idea that i am having a boy again . God knows how i am feeling right now.
      I hope for you who is reading this you really got the gender that you want.
      At the end of the day i am hoping fr an healthy baby.
      Thanks for reading!

      1. I did a Sneak Peek test at exactly 8 weeks at a third party ultrasound place. The test was performed by a phlebotomist so it wasn’t the at home test. I was convinced I was having a girl. I have a little boy at home, and this pregnancy has been soo different. I just got the results last night and it said BOY. I feel confused and sad, as I have been dreaming of having a little girl for as long as I can remember. I’ve tried reading many of the comments and it seems like the only false results for boy were from the at home test. Have you heard of any false results from the “professional” Sneak Peek test? I am holding out hope that maybe it’s wrong…I’m sure it’s not though.

    3. I did a sneak peek test at 11 wks and said I was having a girl. I was so made up as have 3 boys already. Started buying little pink bits and even had a name picked and everything. Just had a gender scan to reveal I am having a little BOY! I’ve been so upset and shocked and can’t get my head around it. Feel awful for feeling this way too.

      1. Did you take the test at home? I did mine early and am really hoping it was wrong. I want a boy so bad and have a girl already!

      2. This happened to me just today! Sneak peek said girl but my doctor said today she thinks it’s a boy!! Soooo sad. Already have two boys and really wanted my girl!

      3. Hi,
        My name is Laxmi. I have done sneak peek test on 8weeks 3 days. A week after I got result a baby girl. I have already two girls. Now I need a boy. Do you think the result will be wrong?

        1. I just took sneak peek and it came back boy and I already have a 13 month boy. I feel it in my gut, my dreams and the way the pregnancy is so different from my son that it couldn’t be another boy. I don’t even want to tell friends and family because I’m certain it can’t be correct. At the end of the day I’ll be happy either way but I 100% regret doing the test. It wasn’t easy and if these results aren’t accurate I’ll be real annoyed.

          1. That was sort of my heart as well Ashley – either way I was fine but man I regretted taking the test!

      4. Hi their can i ask if you baby is now born and if was a boy i just did my test at 11 weeks and its come back girl..i was so hoping for a boy as have 2 girls 1 boy already..but as long as healthy is the main from the uk and was wondering if shipment can affect results

    4. The emotions that come with this are ridiculous. I did the test at 11 weeks also and did it at work so as not to contaminate with my “male” household. The results said BOY. At first i was sad as my first baby was a boy and I really wanted a girl since I knew this was my last (I have 3 older children from my husbands first marriage but my daughter was 10 and a tom-boy when i got her). A few hours before my results came in, I just had a feeling; this is a boy, I know it! Got the results, I was happy….. then cried my eyes out that I would never get to do hair bows and tutus, etc. My husband said we could have another….Im like UM NO, Im nearly 40 and you are nearly 50 this is #5 and we are DONE! Eventually, I realized that I am very naturally a boy mom, I love being a boy mom, was excited thinking about all the pros of having another boy. THEN, I went to get the Chromosome test done at 15 weeks and said sure, tell me the gender with it just to confirm my at home test. YA’LL…,. she called and said it was a GIRL and i was in total denial. I was like um no…Im having a boy, my baby is having a brother. She was kind of questioning where i had it done and im like ok, but either their is Y in my DNA or there isnt…how can that be screwed up? I called back and schedule the gender ultrasound for tomorrow because I am totally wrecked and confused! I am 100% team boy and now it might be a girl? I also read that ultrasounds are only 95% accurate so now i dont even know if i will believe it when i hear the results from her!!!

    1. haha So I actually kept it super secret after the fact because I felt so strong it was wrong. I didn’t want people thinking I was in my head.

      1. I just wanted to share my experience. I did the sneak peek at home gender test at 10 weeks and it said I was having a boy. I just had my ultrasound and the tech asked if we wanted to know the gender (I didn’t say that I already knew) so to our surprise she said, you’re having a girl!!!! My husband and I couldn’t stop gasping in shock, so we told her why. She said I’m 100% sure it’s a girl, so your test was inaccurate. We are still completely shocked but so excited. We have a 3 year old boy already so we are overjoyed to have a little girl!

  2. I just found your blog by google search. 🙂 I too, took the at home test, with three other males living in the home, though not present for the actual test. I cloroxed the area, washed my hands with soap, and was careful with package contents and what they touched. I got a boy result and am now awaiting final confirmation from an ultrasound to be sure. I did fib up a couple times during the test…I scrubbed under my nails, but didn’t use soap *it was super early, brain not functioning. Then I was about to pass out from the blood, so I was in a rush to prick my second finger and forgot to use the alcohol swab. Don’t even get me started on what got under my nails, lol. My gut feeling is this pregnancy IS a third boy, but sneakpeek has me all convinced I could have EASILY contaminated. I’m with you…I don’t think it is worth the uncertainty and wait. 🙂

    1. Nicole,

      I am dying to know what you end up having, so you will have to save my blog address and come back and report! I felt like the only thing that I kind of flubbed was maybe under my nails too. I scrubbed hard, but I feel like there is no way to know if they were possibly clean enough. I have been loving the feedback I have been getting from other moms. Seems like a lot of people got a boy and it was a boy..and then I wonder, was their test pristine, or would they have gotten boy either way haha!
      Regardless, congratulations on your sweet bundle on the way and I can’t wait to hear what you’re for sure having. If its easier for follow up, I’m on Instagram at


      1. Same and mines come back boy I already have 4 boys I just want a little girl. And now I have 5 weeks to wait until I can find out for sure why did I do this test

  3. I just did the sneakpeek test today! This makes me question everything! I have a husband and a son…and a male dog LOL so I scrubbed everything to my hearts content! Bleach and all! I am hoping I didn’t mess it up!

      1. Gosh im reading all these i did it got boy results but i live with my husband and 3 sons so im startonh to wonder if there could have been contamination

        1. Hi Cyntha, I always suggest waiting until a doctor confirms after how many times I have seen the results being wrong.

  4. I did the sneak peak test at 11 weeks and it came back 100% boy. We were overjoyed because we have 2 girls already. I even had a nurse do the test to be sure i didn’t mess anything up. I was still nervous because I just didn’t think it would happen. We decided to go to an early ultrasound place at 14 weeks and 4 days and she said congrats you’re having a girl! I have never had so many emotions in my life. Sadness and confusion I just didn’t know what to think. We are so happy either way. In the end a healthy baby is all that matters and we are so blessed. We are waiting for our 20 week scan on May 15th to confirm for sure what it is. The early place lady wasn’t sure for a while because the cord was between the legs. I’m still convinced she is wrong but we will see. I wish I would have never done the sneak peek test because I feel like I would not have been so upset about the ultrasound. It was just like a stab in the gut.

    1. Oh My gosh, Please be sure to update me here or on Instagram (@arinsolange) when you find out!! I am crossing my fingers for you. Did you go into a place for the nurse to complete the test, or did you have a nurse (friend/family) do it at your home? I am just curious, because this blog post has been by far one of my favorites for hearing others stories, and connecting with others!

      1. Hi Arin,
        I just did the sneak peak test at a friends house with male dogs, a husband and a son (the dog was there but her family was gone). I got my results back and it says boy. I’m hoping the results are wrong! Our first, a little girl, passed away shortly after birth and our second is a healthy boy! So I really want my girl ❤️ I am only 11 weeks but have a doctors appt tmr and am going to ask for blood work there too since I am high risk 🙂

        1. Oh my gosh, bless your heart. I hope you get your sweet girl. If you think of it I would love if you updated me here or on Instagram (@arinsolange)! Praying for a healthy pregnancy for you.

      2. Gender disappointenent is real!
        Thats my 3rd and last pregnancy, I had 2 boys and was hoping for a girl. This pregnancy has been so so different from my 2 previous, I am ot sick at all, no morning sickness no nothing! I was so surprise and my friends were saying when is different it might be a different sex, and deep down I was kinda neutral, in my heart I kneww I want a baby girl so bad but i knew that God’s will is the best! I did the sneek peak clinical test I was so excited and I couldn’t wait to know the gender, found out that we are having another boy! I am so down emotionally, I barely can think, I had strong hope this time and I wish I didnt do the sneek peak I so wish I didnt knew at all! But what is important is having an healthy baby! Hopefully the test can be wrong, because I feel totally confident this pregnancy is not the same at all!

  5. I took the sneak peek test at 9 weeks and it came back 100% boy! I didn’t really trust it though when I saw the results. We have 2 boys already and I read a lot of reviews of people getting a false result ???? so I waited to announce until we had an ultrasound to confirm it. Well ultrasound confirmed that we are actually having a little girl!!! It was such a beautiful surprise!

  6. First pregnancy first baby at 38via ivf. Got a girl result on sneak peek today and was checking out others experiences. The real kicker is the ivf dr knows boy/girl but won’t tell because his office is “gender neutral” from the pre implantation genetic testing. Hubba and I are excited either way, but I don’t want to get into girl mode and it actually be a boy. 10.5 weeks till gender ultrasound

    1. Congratulations!! I keep hearing from everyone that “girl” is almost always right, so hopefully it is for you – just for the sake of how weird it is getting mixed results! Best of luck on a healthy pregnancy!

  7. Just got my results and hoping they are wrong as I have 4 boys last try for a girl it states 100% boy buy idk this time I been so sick have pimples and redskin not my glow I was sure it was a girl
    My hopes are dashed literally crying here

    1. Oh my goodness I am crossing my fingers for you. Did you do the home test, or go into a clinic? I too was just so sure I was right that it was a girl, and like I said the test was wrong for me.

  8. I did at home test I completely sprayed my area with Lysol and scrubbed my hands for mins after I had a shower
    I just sat crying for past two hours I mean I’m happy if baby is healthy but I so wanted my girl this is it for us and just it’s you so hard
    The hardest part is my first with my husband i was told via ultrasound it was a girl I was so excited so happy me and my mom bought a bunch of things that sit it tubs on hopes now it’s brikwn dreams ????

    1. Well I am totally crossing my fingers for you. Come back and repot to me when you know for sure. I did SO MUCH LYSOL and scrubbed and scrubbed too, so hopefully there is still a chance!!

    2. for all of you wanting a girl desperately– I get it.
      I had two boys and wanted a girl. It was 1991 and I had done some research and as we all know the male determines the sex, BUT the woman’s V is what controls how the swimmers swim. Let me explain. If you as a woman have a basal V the boy sperm will be very fast to get to the egg. They are sprinters. So if your V is basal and you use a Vinegar and Water douche before sex you will give the girl swimmers a better chance, they are slower but travel better in the acidic environment.

      Let’s say you have 3 girls and want a boy…. you would use baking soda douche to make your V less alkaline.

      Now– with all that said and published in the Boston Medical Journals………… Your husband has to have boy and girl swimmers!! Ladies, some men have 90% boy to 10% girl or 90% girl to 10% boy… and some men might have nearly 0 of the swimmers that you are hoping for.

      I was very blessed, I had two girls after my two boys. I ended up with brothers and sisters. I used the vinegar and water for both of my girls. I used nothing with my boys. I have shared this with many woman over the years and have had many happy results.

  9. Just got my sneak peek test results yesterday… saying I’m having a boy (I’m 10 weeks and 2 days today). Trying not to put too much stock in it because I’ve read so many reviews saying it’s inaccurate. I have 2 girls at home and my husband. Like you, I followed the steps very carefully, washed thoroughly, scrubbed, etc. and now I’m really wondering if it’s true or not!

    I’m having the NIPT test at my OB’s office tomorrow so we’ll get results back from that sometime next week, and then I’ll do the ultrasound in 10ish weeks to confirm.

    1. Oh my gosh I am so curious to hear if it is correct for you or not. You should let me know here, or via Instagram! @arinsolange. And congrats on your pregnancy!

  10. My daughter has two boys already and we did this test….like you, she followed it to a tee!! scrubbed, etc….to get all the male DNA out of site as much as possible. Results said BOY!! guess what? fast forward a month and ultrasound says GIRL!!! we are way too excited to be upset….but i don’t think the results are as accurate as described. Glad to get my baby girl grandbaby in March!

    1. Oh my gosh this makes my day for your daughter and you!!! I agree with you. I have had way too many people have similar experiences to me for me to think it is accurate. Enjoy all things fun and girly!

  11. I was 9 weeks pregnant when I took the test and results said boy. My 20 week anatomy ultrasound is on Wednesday and I’m so excited to find out if it was right or not! This is my first baby so I’m happy with either but I’ve always hoped for a girl first! We shall see! I’m surprised at how many stories there are of it being wrong with the boy results!

    1. Oh my gosh, first off, congratulations!! Second – I would love to hear if it was right or not! I know sometimes its hard to remember to come back to a blog post, but would love to hear via Instagram if you are on there!! (my handle is @arinsolange)

  12. I took a Sneak Peek test at 8 weeks. Results cam back BOY. I am NOT convinced. I have a very strong feeling that it is just wrong!! I am sick in the same way as I was with my daughter. And I think I have pretty good intuition….

    When I took the test, I sanitized as I should, but did do the test in my first grade classroom (after school), which is of course, half full of boy students. Therefore, I suppose there is a chance of contamination. I was so uncomfortable with the results that I asked my doctor for a test in his office yesterday (at 9 weeks) because I want a second opinion! I will have to wait a week for those results. It is SO HARD TO WAIT!!!!

    1. oh my gosh. So much go how I felt! You will have to DM me on Instagram and let me know what happens! @arinsolange is my handle!!

    2. Hi , I’ve just done the sneak a peek test . This is baby number 5 . I already have 4 boys who I love deeply and wouldn’t change for the world . But would love to have something different lol I would love a little girl . I did the test , I didn’t clean as I should , as in my head surly DNA couldn’t go into my blood . Through all
      My pregnancies I’ve always had fun trying to guess what I’m having . I used the Chinese gender prediction with all my children and it’s always been right . I’ve done it with this one and it says girl , I also had a reading back in January last year and she told me I would have another baby and it would be a girl . Anyway the results came back today and it says I’m having another boy . To be honest I’m not shocked at all , I truly believe I can’t have girls . I’ve had 4 miscarriages over my time at 6 weeks and I believe these were my girls . I wanted to know early as i am going to really struggle for another boys name . At least I have 6 months now to find one .

  13. I took the sneak peek test at 9 weeks, I have my husband and my son’s DNA floating around my house. I scrubbed down my area and followed all the directions. Results came back Girl and after two ultrasounds to confirm and her birth earlier this year she is indeed all girl! The test was correct for me!

  14. I just got my results back and it said girl! I have 2 boys already and I am really hoping that the girl result isn’t wrong! I’m 13.5 weeks/

    1. Oh my gosh!!! you will have to update me via Instagram (@arinsolange) or on here! I bet its right. It seems like those girl results are almost always right! congrats girl!!

  15. I got my Sneak Peak results last week, it said boy. Kind of had a gut feeling that it was a girl, but maybe it was wishful thinking? I have 4 kids, 2 boys & 2 girls, my husband has 1 boy and this is our first together, I was really hoping he would have a chance to experience a girl since this is definitely the last pregnancy (it was an oops- got pregnant with a iud in). Have to admit, I was a little disappointed and I’m hoping that with all that male DNA floating around, not to mention the male dog, that I somehow contaminated it, but I was super careful, so it may be accurate. Lol, yours being wrong gives me hope!! Hoping I’ll find out with the NIPT soon what the actual gender is!

    1. Oh my goodness, I will be crossing my fingers for you!! I would love to hear what ends up happening – either comment here or shoot me a message on Instagram! (@arinsolange)

  16. Found your blog after some googling. I have 2 boys at home (plus a husband) and my sneakpeek came back boy. I’m holding out hope it’s wrong!! Blood pooled under my nails as well, so that is giving some hope (weird sentence lol). Getting my nipt tomorrow so hopefully will know for sure this week! Thanks for sharing your story!

    1. Hi Natasha!

      Crossing my fingers for you and can’t wait to hear what you find out. Would love to hear on Instagram (@arinsolange!)

      1. NIPT confirmed my 3rd boy today. So it was right for me. Feeling some gender disappointment but I’ll be okay when he’s here.

  17. You guys should have just chosen the option where you take it to a lab and get a phlebotomist to draw your blood for you. No chance of contamination and worth the extra money not to stress about whether the results are accurate or not. 🙂

    1. I definitely thought about doing that, and know that is much more accurate, however, I felt as though if they stated a 99% success rate with home tests it was worth following the directions and doing it that way.

  18. I took the test around thanksgiving, found out we were having another little boy. I was so sure I was having a girl. This pregnancy has been 100% different. The sickness this time around is so awful… waiting for ultrasound results in January.

    1. Amy, I am so curious to hear what you are having! Be sure to comment back or find me on Instagram (@arinsolange) to let me know!!

  19. I found your blog from a google search about SneakPeek. I was supposed to get my results today – but instead I received an email telling me they were unable to run my sample. I’m very disappointed in this because I am an Nurse and had one my coworkers draw my blood (from a vein my hand) under sterile conditions. I am opting not to repeat the test and will just do the NIPT after the holidays. I wouldn’t recommend the sneakpeek to anyone – I just don’t think the results are trustworthy.

    1. Morgan – I so appreciate this comment! I have loved getting to hear results and outcome from so many ladies via this post – I am doing a follow up blog post to this one and would love to quote you if you are open to it?

  20. I also found your log via google search an I am happy I did because it gives me a little hope. I am a mom of three boys and a husband. Youngest son is 23 months old. So I believe you can guess the amount of male DNA in my home. I was very excited when I received my sneak peek kit in the evening and couldn’t wait until morning to do the test. 1 was 10+ weeks when I did the test at home in my kitchen. Hubby was sleeping in the bedroom, older boys were gone to school and youngest was gone with grandma. I Cleaned an area in the kitchen counter top with Lysol (my kids sit in this same area everyday to eat breakfast, lunch, dinner). But my mind wasn’t even thinking that at the time because was eager to do the test plus I was already running late for work that morning. I followed the instructions. However I missed the brushing . I just washed my hands with soap and water. Did not air dry. I used paper towel to dry ( guess which one I used, the one used by the whole family). Like I said earlier, my mind wasn’t thinking. I just needed to do the test, drop it off In the mail and go to work.

    I usually read reviews before trying new products. Unfortunately, this time, I never even thought about reading the reviews about this test before purchasing it. Guess I was carried by the fact that it’s 99+% accurate. Had I read reviews, I probably would have been more careful and strict with prep. I started reassessing and picking up my mistakes after the results came back saying BOY. I love and cherish my boys so much. However, this time around we were trying for a girl. So this is not the news I was expecting to hear. I was very disappointed and Felt so down. I have 4 brothers and no sister, so I have always prayed for a baby girl so bad.

    I though the test would just confirm my gut feeling that I am carrying a baby girl. But I ended up being very disappointed. However I still believe this test might be wrong for me I am still having some hope because I didn’t sanitize as much as u and the others did. Also, with all 3 of my boys, I had severe morning sickness and vomiting almost every single day up to weeks 14-16 of pregnancy. However with this pregnancy, very little or no morning sickness at all. I’ve only thrown up once and that was from gaging with tooth brushing. Based on my past experiences, it’s kinda strange for me to be pregnant and don’t feel sick. I am 12 weeks today and I am enjoying this pregnancy but hoping and praying that the sneak peek results were wrong. I really want my little girl 👧. But the bottom line is a Healthy baby.

    1. Vera,

      I am so curious to hear your results from this!! Update me here or on Instagram (Arinsolange). I am crossing my fingers for you that its a girl and if not like you said – HEALTHY!

  21. I am 10 weeks with our 4th and we currently have 3 boys, and a male dog! Lol I am a RN so I had it drawn from an IV site at work to eliminate any risk of decontamination. My husband has guessed the sex every time, he said girl this go ‘round and so did sneak peak!!! I am sooo excited but still in shock because I
    Had convinced myself it was likely another boy seeing as that’s all we’ve made in the past 😹 I was so confident in whatever this said because I knew I eliminated the contamination factor, but now after reading all the reviews it makes me so anxious for our ultrasound. Thankfully the girl result seems to be more accurate. I’ll let you know when we have a ultrasound!

    1. Kristen! Oh my gosh I am so excited for you! Everyone I have talked to who has gotten a girl result has been correct, so I bet you are having a girl. I AM SO EXCITED FOR YOU and I don’t even know you haha.

      1. Lol!! Thank you Arin! ! We are pretty excited and of course Grandma has already started her wardrobe and Im still waiting to buy anything until i see that ultrasound! 😂

      2. I just got my sneak peek results today and it says little girl! This is my first baby and it took me 8 years to conceive, so I’m happy either way, but I always wanted a girl so I’m hoping it’s right. It does seem like the girl results are more accurate so fingers crossed.

        1. Oh my gosh!! First off, biggest congratulations to you! What a blessing. It seems as tho the girl results are nearly always right, so I bet you are getting that sweet girl of your dreams. I can totally relate to that, and am so happy for you. Wishing you a happy healthy pregnancy and delivery.

  22. I took the sneak peek test at 10 1/2 weeks and the results came back saying 100% girl! I was so shocked because I really thought it was a boy. I’m happy that it said girl, but my husband is determined that it’s wrong. Everything I have read about the test though says if it comes back saying girl then there really isn’t a mistake. Fingers crossed it’s right, and we have a healthy baby! 💜

    1. Congratulations!! I have definitely heard that it’s almost always right when it says girl! would love to hear what you end up having here or on Instagram (@arinsolange)!

  23. I took the sneakpeak test this week at my OB office. I had my results with in 36 hrs of my blood being drawn. Our results said it’s a girl! I was right at 10 weeks when taking the test. I too feel more confident with my results since the issues tend to be around male results. We also have no strong desire for a boy or girl and just pray for a health baby. So even if our results change, we are happy. We have shared the news with close friends and family but have yet to even post or share our pregnancy with social media. We have decided to not share anything until confirmed in our anatomy scan. Knowing the gender has really helped me become more excited about this process and has given us the opportunity to name our baby and feel more connected.

    1. Congratulations! I love that your OB office lets you do it! I totally agree that girl results seem spot on, and knowing the gender makes things so real and exciting. I hope you have a healthy pregnancy!

  24. My pregnancy now is 100000x different than my pregnancy with my son. I was so sure I was having a girl, but I didn’t want to say it out loud because I didn’t want to jinx it. I was hesitant to take the Sneak Peek test because I didn’t want to worry if I would get an inaccurate result, but I did it anyway because I’m impatient. I got the results back today and it says BOY. I’m not going to 100% believe it until my next ultrasound though…

    1. Britanny, I would love to hear what the result is either here or on Instagram (@arinsolange) or Facebook (Arin Solange at home!). I felt the same way (as the post says)!

      1. I got my sneak peek done on the 22nd off January, on the25 I got a boy results, since we’re already have 3 boys my husband want me to have an abortion, I was hoping a baby girl, cause my 6 years old daughter is dying for a baby sister. I told my husband I’m not having any abortion, I can’t wait to have my ultrasound done, it’s killing me when she’s calling every little girl sister.

  25. I took the sneak a peek test at 9 weeks! My result came back boy. I have 2 girls and 1 boy and honestly I was hoping for another girl! I find out today at 1130 by ultrasound if they are correct but I’m so hoping it’s wrong! Lol

    1. One of my favorite things about the comments on this blog post is people actually being honest about hoping for a certain gender haha. crossing my fingers for you! If you think of it, you should update me here or on Instagram (@arinsoange).

  26. Haha oh yes gender disappointment and gender bias is a real thing!! Lol I found out my test was wrong and I’m having my little girl!! 🙂

    1. Happy for you Morgan. Your post gives me some hope. I am so much hoping my sneak peak boy results were wrong just like yours. After 3 boys, I really want my bb girl.

  27. I took the sneak peek test at 11 weeks. I was in a hurry when I took the test but followed directions, washes my hands 3 times scrubbed underneath my nails and bleached the whole area. I had the results sent to my aunts email because she wanted to throw a gender reveal party and couldn’t wait until the 16 or 20 week sonogram. The results said boy but in my gut I think it’s a girl. This pregnancy is so much different that my sons. Unfortunately we won’t find out for sure for another month.

    1. Becky,

      I am so curious to hear what you end up having! you will have to let me know. It definitely is possible it was wrong. I have been shocked by how many false boy results are in these comments.

  28. Just found out today we are having another boy. 4th and done. Disappointed but praying for a Healthy baby. Some things aren’t just meant to be.

  29. I took the test yesterday. I cannot stand the site of blood but thought I was brave enough. I am 9 weeks pregnant, I have 2 boys and fingers crossed for a girl. I filled the vial halfway before I almost passed out. Like everything was turning black, shallow breathing, shaking…the whole 9 yards. So I quickly sit down get my refillable waterbottle(that my boys handled earlier), I wasnt thinking but knew I needed something cold quick. Once I felt well enough, I got up, used my last alcohol swabs to clean my bloody finger(and of course without thinking cleaned a new finger with the same alcohol swab), I sprayed rubbing alcohol on my hands, pricked another finger and proceeded to fill the vial. Then I finished the test and sent it off.
    Results said boy, but this pregnancy surely is not like my previous 2. I’m nauseous most of the time, my boobs are already sore and have been sore since I first found out. Many smells turn my stomach and I’m already in stretchy pants so early. I dont know. But I guess I will have to wait a while to find out for sure.

    1. you will have to update me!! it is seriously brutal to take in my opinion, so I am so sorry it was such a rough test for you!! crossing my fingers for accurate results either way!

    2. Hi Mel! I have 2 boys and just received my sneak peek results back and it said boy as well. However, all the symptoms you mentioned, I’ve been having and I didn’t have with my first 2. Curious if your results were correct?

  30. I did Sneak Peek last week. I did not follow the directions to a T, but felt it was sufficient enough. This is my 4th baby, oldest is an 8 year old girl and is severely Autistic. Then I have 2 boys, 7 and 2 and a 14 year old stepson, as well as a husband and 2 male animals. Results came back boy and I’m devastated, but hoping at my ultrasound this weekend that by the grace of God, my test was wrong. I have this void in my heart and I’m longing for a little girl I can buy bows for and paint her nails and toes and dress up. My daughter could never tolerate bows and I’ve never been able to paint her nails due to sensory issues. She’s also nonverbal, which makes it that much harder. I will update this weekend!! Fingers crossed!!

    1. Amanda, I hope you get your second sweet girl, and am praying for a healthy pregnancy for you! Based on all the comments on this post and my own results a false male is definitely very possible! looking forward to hearing your end result!

  31. I took the sneak peek test and got my results yesterday. It said boy (yay!) but now that I am reading all these reviews and stories about false boy results I’m really questioning it! I have a boy and a girl already and I felt like it was a girl again based off my pregnancy symptoms feeling more similar to my daughters pregnancy than my sons. I don’t have a preference either way but I’m just curious! The blood definitely did get under my nail and I took the test in the same bathroom my husband and I share sooo I’m extra skeptical. We shall see!!!

      1. Hi everyone I have 4 boys 13,11,8 and 10 months I done sneak peak @ 9weeks 1day I scrubbed everything with bleach washed hands 1000 times and air dried them got blood easy didn’t get under my nails. Results came back girl !!! I’m trying so hard not to get excited as I don’t want to be crushed if it’s a boy…. I do feel completely different on this one no sore boobs very little sickness ? I guess we will have to wait and see??

        1. Kimberley,

          Oh my gosh I’m so excited for you. I have only had one person of the thousands of messages and comments who has told me their girl result was wrong!

  32. I took my at home test at 17 weeks because this pandemic has not allowed me to go to OB appointments and get ultrasounds. I have an 8 month old daughter and made my husband stay upstairs. Cleaned my kitchen like crazy and scrubbed my hands up to my elbow until they were red. I even changed my clothes before I did the test. I was not risking anything! Lol I personally did not struggle with the finger prick. My blood flowed so quickly and didn’t get under my nails. I only used one finger and It took me 1 minute to prick my finger and fill up the vile, which surprised me because I kept hearing how difficult it would be. My results came back 4 days later saying Girl. I want another girl so bad, so I’m scared that its too good to be true. I’m also not sure if I’ll be able to confirm since my hospital isn’t allowing me to personally go in. I just turned 20 weeks so I may have to wait until birth to confirm. We already did our gender announcement on social media and we’ve picked out a name as well. I will be so bummed if it is wrong because then we’ll have to go back and tell everyone “never mind.” Haha Fingers crossed that my results are accurate!

    1. Aww first off congratulations – and second, I am so sorry you’re dealing with all of this pandemic stuff while pregnant. It sure seems like girl results are normally pretty accurate so I would trust it! Wishing you a safe and healthy pregnancy.

      1. Thank you so much! I’m pretty confident it’s accurate as well! But I guess nothings ever 100% until they’re born!

  33. The wait it SO difficult.
    I have 2 boys and am expecting a 3rd baby. I honestly don’t have a preference on gender but I DESPERATELY want to KNOW if it is a boy or a girl! I’ll be completely candid and note that I took the test about 24 hours before I should have (because I apparently cannot count); So that’s error number one on my part.

    Taking the test was HARD. While the instructions were clear getting your blood (from a trembling finger) to drop in that tiny test tube was next to impossible for me. It for sure dropped/dripped on the outside of the tube and I also forgot to pull my hair back and change my shirt. So the likelihood of contamination is real! Also to note: I’m still nursing my youngest son. I’m not certain If that could play a role in result.

    My result came back BOY and I honestly feel like it is such a shot in the dark after reading all of the reviews, YouTube videos and blogs. I think this was an emotional roller coaster I could have completely avoided and I also believe Sneek Peak needs to do a revaluation on their statistics. I will find out in a few weeks at an actual scan!

    Also – what a cool blog! I’m officially a fan!

    1. Elizabeth, First off, thank you so much!! So excited to have you along as a reader! – Second I couldn’t agree with you more. I think for me I kept kicking myself for the emotional roller coaster of still not knowing BUT having this looming test that was supposed to be ‘so accurate.’ I would say don’t trust it until you get official doctor results at the scan, and I wish you the best of luck with your pregnancy! I would love to hear what you end up having!!

  34. I took this Sneak Peek test last week and got my results within 24 hours. I’m 9 weeks pregnant with our second baby, we have a 1 year old boy. I took the test in our guest bathroom where my son bathes. I showered, did not get dressed other than under garments (TMI?!) and scrubbed the entire bathroom. I am a clean freak to begin with but I wiped walls, cabinets, took everything out of the bathroom, scrubbed my nails….you get the point! Oh, I also have a male dog so I’m the only female in the house. I had my mom come help me and made her change and scrub before coming into the room…I felt crazy but we laughed so hard at my inability to get my blood working and my moms reaction to the whole thing. It went under my nail, I did two fingers, and it looked like a crime scene. But the memories I have now…it was worth it for those!! 😂

    We got the results back…it’s another boy! I’m excited, sure I wanted a girl, but my son will love a brother. Knowing the test could be wrong, I guess we have small hope it’s a girl but I have a guy feeling it’s another boy. This pregnancy is the exact same, if not easier this time.

    I have our NIPT test and 13 week ultrasound on the 29th and will update you when I know.

    For anyone curious- I wouldn’t waste your money. It creates angst and extra worry. And when you get the results, you will end up questioning them anyway. Just wait until your OB can confirm everything. Xoxo

    1. I can’t wait to hear what you are having! But I agree with you, the angst and added stress is not worth it. Congratulations on your pregnancy, and as a mama of 2 boys, brothers are SO SWEET, so either way it will be amazing!

  35. Yes so true! I have a reminder next to my appt on my calendar to remind you what we are having, if the test was accurate for me or not. Which, I know it was!

  36. I’m hanging all of my hopes on this blog post! Haha! I’m pregnant with a bonus baby – very much unplanned – after 3 boys who are 11,9,7. I took my kit over to my friends house (she has a hubby and a male cat) and we wiped everything down with disinfectant wipes. First off – I’m wondering if disinfectant is even enough?! Anyway.. I scrubbed my nails to death, in between my fingers etc etc .. the works. I am so convinced this baby is a girl… but the results have come back BOY. I’m not sad, just deflated, and really hoping that my bonus babe is actually my daughter that I never thought I’d be blessed with. I have a private gender scan booked for June 23rd, so I will be announcing both the pregnancy and the gender at that point, but not a moment sooner!

    1. Hi Amy!! Crossing my fingers for you! I would love if you came back to let me know what the baby is!

      1. I definitely will! Hope it was wrong for me. I cannot shake that feeling that this is a girl. I’ll feel so silly if it’s not! My body is doing such different things with this pregnancy! I’ll be back in late June to update you. 💛

  37. I just did the sneak peak test! I have. 2 1/2 year old boy and we were hoping for a baby girl. I followed everything to a t washed my hands probably way more than I needed to! I did it on our coffee table where my son and husband constantly sit around but I cloroxed everything and then Lysol I went above and beyond! Got the results back and it says boy!! I cried… of course I want a healthy baby no matter what and I was so sure this was a girl this time because everything was so different! I’ll find out for sure in a couple weeks. Praying I get my baby girl!

  38. I just took the test two weeks ago I’m 10 weeks today and three results said a boy. I cried. Lol I have a husband and 4 boys . I’m so hoping I didn’t clean good because I went to my first doctor appointment today and my Dr told me he believed it was a girl this time. He got to explaining the position of the genitals but then said we will most definitely know next time you come. I’m so hoping the test was wrong and leaning more on his opinion since he looks at ultrasounds all day LOL. I saw that you said do not let your spouse or partner help you..I DID..and he had on a glove. So seeing this most definitely puts me back i curiosity now

  39. I have an almost 2 year old boy (October baby). and am currently 10 weeks pregnant with our second child. I live in a house with my sister in law, her husband, and her two little boys as well. So there’s 2 girls (including me) and 5 boys. We all share the same bathroom and I didn’t know that you shouldn’t take the test in the bathroom. I don’t have a strong intuition on which gender I am carrying this time, but I am really REALLY wanting a girl. I keep having dreams of having a little newborn baby girl. My S/O has four other siblings and between all of us we have 6 boys and 0 girls. Well I took the test at nine weeks and I got my results back saying that I’m having a BOY again. I’m trying not to let it show but I am extremely disappointed, and the results just aren’t sitting right with me. Our shared bathroom is extremely dirty with three little boys and two adult men running around, so I feel as if my spray of lysol that I wiped off with toilet paper was not sufficient enough. At one point I also opened my door to tell my boyfriend that I was having a hard time getting myself to prick my finger.

    I am high risk this pregnancy as I have something called anti-k as well as a Subchorionic Hematoma and Anemia, so I have to go into my high risk doctor on Sep 17th to get bloodwork done. I’m going to see if my insurance will cover the NIPT testing to see if I can figure out the gender at 12 weeks.

    I am praying and hoping with everything in me that my results come back with a little girl. I will keep you updated.

    1. My ultrasound yesterday confirmed I am in fact carrying a second little boy! I’ve gotten used to the idea and am just as excited. Thinking of naming him Leonardo as my first sons name is Vincent (Vincent Van Gogh and Leonardo de Vinci)
      Baby is doing well and perfectly healthy.

  40. I just had my Sneak Peak Clinical Test on Tuesday and got the results yesterday stating I’m having a Boy. However, my gut feeling has been conflicted I felt it was a little girl deep in my heart. Now I’m wondering if the fact I was carrying my 10month old all morning in arms literally could have affected the results ?? The location I had my blood drawn just gave my arm a quick alcohol wipe rub nothing major.

  41. I did my sneak peek at 8 weeks+6 days and the first test yielded inconclusive results. They did send me another test completely free and also fast tracked my test so I’d find out the same day they got the test back, so I’m grateful for that…my second test I did at 9 weeks + 4 days and got girl results back. I’m pretty confident that the results are right because I feel the same way as I did when I was pregnant with my daughter (constantly nauseous and throwing up) as with my son I never got sick at all! I don’t get my gender scan for another 4 weeks but I’ve heard that girl results for this test are pretty accurate. I guess we’ll see in 4 weeks😬

  42. Came across this blog to give me hope!! I have a 10 month old boy and 10 weeks pregnant with number 2. Just found out yesterday from sneak peek that it said boy. I think I cleaned enough but honestly not sure. I was hoping for a girl to name her after my mamaw who passed away last year. Staying hopeful until our ultrasound at the end of November!!

  43. I did sneak peek clinical a couple of weeks ago and got a boy result. I was so hoping for a girl. I already have a 22 month old daughter and as an only child, I was wanting sisters. I did the clinical version because I didn’t think I would believe a boy result and now I’m having problems accepting this one 😣

    I doubt it’s incorrect, but I keep seeing people getting false boy results. I think I’ve found 3 different ones of the clinical version online.

    This pregnancy is very similar to my last one but I don’t suppose that means anything..? I’ll find out for sure at the anatomy scan in January. I should have just paid for a NIPT test 😅😅

    1. Hi Amanda,

      Fingers crossed for you – and you will have to let me know what you are having when you find out. I will tell you – I had a bit of gender remorse with both of my boys at the first moment (people don’t like to talk about that – but it is a real thing and thats okay!!!) – and now my boys are truly just my heart. So blessings on a wonderful pregnancy and healthy baby. And I wouldn’t buy a thing until the doctor says gender haha I feel like this test is very 50/50.

  44. I’m 8 weeks pregnant with my FOURTH. I have three boys- 13, 10, &6. This baby was bound and determined- I was done so I thought, I just turned 40, had fertility issues before, AND I have had an IUD for 6 years. After spending days crying over the shock of just being pregnant, I was convinced this was the girl I wanted but would never gamble for. It had to be. I took the at home test and it was a mess. Although I cleaned I had to reprick different fingers to get enough blood. I sent it off but went to a clinic to do the exact same test but from blood in my vein. I got both results back today. The clinic results said they couldn’t determine gender, was not enough fetal dna. And she took a huge vial. The at home test says BOY. I already felt terrible feeling terrible about being pregnant, for over those emotions, and now feel terrible I’m not excited for another boy. I guess I now have to sit with all these emotions until my OB confirms. I feel awful feeling awful about this. After fertility issues with my first two I always prayed for just healthy babies.

    1. I’m in your boat…my at home shows boy and already have 3 boys. I hate being disappointed but I am.

      1. I know you don’t know me – so it probably doesn’t help, but gender disappointment shouldn’t make you feel bad for one second. Even if this sweet baby is another boy – you’re allowed to mourn not having a girl. sending love your way!

  45. I just took my SneakPeek this week (8w2d preg when I took the test) and hoping it’s wrong. I got GIRL but really want a boy. I have a 3 year old girl already and in the house is just me, my daughter, and my hubby. Not much male dna in the house so I’m assuming the results are accurate. I also took 3 pricks on different fingers and still couldn’t get enough blood to fill the line but got enough to fill 3/4 way to the line. I read you’re not supposed to scrape your blood into the vial but I had to.

    I’m high risk and will be taking a NIPT test in 3 weeks. Guess we’ll see if I’ll be bringing my daughter’s stuff out of storage…

    When I first came across Sneak Peek, I didn’t do much research (odd for me cause I like to research the crap outta something before buying). I was excited by the prospect of finding out the gender way before the 16w scan. Don’t think I’ll get Sneak Peek again. It’s not worth it.

  46. I found your post on google and Im soooo glad so many of us feel the same.
    I am a first time mom and have had dreams since I was a little girl of having a girl first! Me and my Fiancé both have been together since oddly enough grade school and both pictured us having a girl. We went to a clinic to have my blood drawn it was by a women but male man uses the office and draws blood as well. I got my results back and it says a boy… i haven’t stopped crying for two days… I decided not to tell anyone the results yet bc in My heart i just feel like its a girl
    Still… me and my fiancé both and even his family and my family say its a girl. I scheduled a Sneak Peek Ultrasound at 15 weeks to find out for sure if its really a boy. I hear if its done at a clinic its a little more accurate but the fact the other male nurse draws blood too and they wiped me with a baby wipe (LOL) is just not sitting right with me… if it does turn out to be a boy I feel like i will be ok to understand and process it more knowing 99.9% more confirmed… pls wish me luck really hoping it is a girl 🙁

  47. So interesting finding your experience online! I just had an almost identical experience! I am a mom to boy, girl, boy, and this is our fourth (and last) baby and we were hoping for a girl! I really wanted it to be a girl, and really felt like it would be. We did the Sneak Peek test (through a lab that collected my blood, not at home!) and the results sent to me said boy. I was disappointed (and felt guilty for feeling that way!) but mostly was confused because I just really thought it was a girl! These results were around 11-12 weeks, and just yesterday I had my 23 week anatomy ultrasound where I was told and shown very clearly and obviously that ITS A GIRL! Sooo happy. Such a fun surprise. Frustrating that my emotions had to go through everything they did the last couple of months but like you said, it’s almost even sweeter now, actually getting the girl that I had planned/hoped for. Thanks for sharing your story!

    1. Hi Kassie,

      Thank you so much for the comment – I have wondered if the accuracy was great with the lab draws, so it is crazy to hear yours was still wrong in lab! I am so sorry you went through that, but I am so stinking excited for you. Our 4th (Goldie) is now 18 months old tomorrow and man alive I am still so happy every single day knowing that the initial gender test was wrong.

  48. I’m a mom of 3 boys (5-year-old twin boys and 4-year-old boy) so I and my hubby really want a baby girl, plus we didn’t even plan this pregnancy. I did 2 clinical tests and the first one came back as a baby girl ( we were so happy ) and the second test came back as a baby boy. so I really don’t trust them cause it’s like an emotional rollercoaster first you are so happy that you can’t believe in this happiness that you want to confirm again and spending again 150$ and sadness after cause they give you a different result.
    I’m 13 weeks today so next week I will have an ultrasound and they supposed to tell me our gender… I hope it’s a baby girl but will see…

    1. What gestational week did you first test? I got a girl result at 7.5 weeks but am really hoping it’s wrong.

  49. Hello!!! I just came across your page while I was researching clinical dna test. Tomorrow I m going to a lab to have my blood drawn and I’m soo nervous! I have 4 boys already ! This is our last baby and I hope it’s a girl this time. I’m hoping to hear back from them by Monday ! I’ll be 9 weeks then. If they tell me a boy I’ll double check on my anatomy ultrasound I will get later on in my pregnancy. Everyone around me is saying girl. But I never get my hopes up. It would be amazing to hear for once you’re having a girl ! We will see I’ll keep you posted

  50. Hi! I had my blood drawn yesterday by a phlebotomist for the sneak peak clinical test and got my results back this evening! I already have a little boy so we were dying for a girl! Girl it is!! 💕💕💕

  51. I just took mine at 9 weeks, my husband never came in contact with the package or contents. Things for me I think that may have went wrong was I used rubbing alcohol to clean prior and had blood run under my nails. My results came back as boy , my husband and I were for sure it was a girl. Just awaiting our generic testing and ultrasound to confirm by doctor.

    1. Hi Samantha,

      You will have to report back – the blood under the nails seems to be one of the biggest culprits for the wrong result, but for me there was no way to stop that.

  52. I did the sneak peak test Wednesday! Before I left the house I hugged my husband skin to skin. When I got to the OB they drew my blood and I sent it off that same day, the next day I got my results and it said “boy”. Could it be wrong?

    1. Hi Megan –

      I have had a few people tell me that the clinical was wrong too, so I would wait until your doctors scan to fully believe it!


  53. I actually did not take SneakPeek, I took Peekaboo at 7 weeks 1 day. Got girl results. My husband and I already have two girls and we’re really hoping for a boy. Going to do NIPT in a couple weeks to confirm.

  54. I also did the peekaboo test.
    Done at 7 weeks 7 days.
    I cleaned and scrubbed and all the good stuff.
    I had a boy still born in 2018; and since have had 2 girls. While my oldest is 7 & also a girl.

    Desperately wanted a boy. My husband and I are both extremely sad, and just praying and hoping we get another chance at having a baby boy.
    I’m not sure what the odds are. Since I already have 3 girls, it’s probably my luck it will be a girl again. I won’t know for a bit! Because I’m only 8 weeks. So tempted to reperfome the test hoping for a different result.

  55. I just did the sneak peak my gut is telling me it’s a girl I pick out this beautiful baby girl name I have two boys all ready 4 and 1 my heart was set in baby girl but my results say baby boy I have and appt on may 14 to find out what I’m having I hope the results are wrong

  56. Took sneak peak, got the results. Says Boy, But who knows?! House is full of girls (2 daughters and 1 girl dog), except husband. I am also getting a cell free DNA test as ordered by the doctor which also tells the gender so we will see if the test is worth anything other than heart ache and making it seem that the gender matters!

  57. I was really worried. I took mine at 10w6d. Came back saying a girl. I have 3 boys, my husband and one of our dogs are male. My oldest is 20 and a neat freak, but the other two are not. Thankfully we have a girl bathroom and a boy bathroom. They are rarely in my bathroom. I scrubbed for like 20 minutes all over my hands, used Lysol the night before and locked the door. Next day, I wiped with Lysol wipes. I am a diabetic, so I am really used to cleaning my hands for pricking my fingers. My results said girl. I am now 14w5d. I have an early anatomy scan on 6/24. I am very much expecting to see girl. I did so much research on the company and how they treat, read the results. If there was a .0001 spec of male in my blood or on my hands, in the air etc. it would have shown boy. This pregnancy has been awful from the start. My boys were easy as pie, never sick … Nothing. This nugget has me down for the count by 2pm lol. I would love to know how results went for those who said girl! My friend did the same test but she is not a germaphobe like me lol, hers said boy and she is having a girl. My friend is a nurse (diff person). She said that if it is taken too early or on the border line, it can say girl but in fact be a boy. If anyone reads this, wait until at least 14 weeks, just my advice. I should’ve waited to ease my mind, but I’m so impatient lol. Would love to find someone in the sameish stage of pregnancy who did this test too!

  58. Hi! I did the Sneak Peek at 8 weeks 2 days and got a girl results. Still waiting for my NIPT to confirm but I cut my nails before I did the test really short and then scrubbed them like crazy! I have my husband and 3 boys in this house and they touch everything!! Lol. Just wanted to give that bit of info in case anyone hasn’t done their test yet!

    1. Hi! Was your girl result correct? I did the SneakPeek clinical at 8 weeks 2 days as well and it came back saying girl too. I have two boys already so I was very happy to hear that it was a girl being that this is our last. Anyway, I had to get an ultrasound done at 10 weeks 2 days and I told the tech about my girl results and she looked between the legs and asked if they give ultrasounds because there was clearly something there. I didn’t know that anything would be formed so early on and other people have told me it’s most likely the cord or tailbone or something.

  59. I just took it with boy results. I can say this is also my 4th child. I have 2 boys and 1 girl. I got a boy result and I feel so torn because this feels so much like whe. I was pregnant with my girl. I am currently almost 9 weeks and I get to take the panel at my next apt for my 12 week check up
    I do not believe the boy result due to my first ultrasound (Ramzi theory) which hasn’t been wrong with my other pregnancies. This is my last. I was hoping for a girl so maybe that’s why I feel this way. I should be happy as I have several people around me trying to conceive with difficulties but we will see if my intuition is correct in a month. Thank you for giving me hope lol. It should be labeled as something for fun.

  60. Sorry for the late response, I just came across this post. 🙂 I took the SneakPeek clinical test at 7 weeks 2 days and got a girl result. I didn’t believe it because I have two boys and thought there’s no way I could have a girl! So, I decided to repeat the test via clinical version again at over 8 weeks. Again, results came back saying girl. I thought for sure I could believe it! & my husband and I were so excited. However, I had an ultrasound done at 10 weeks 2 days and I told the tech about my results. I was very excited but she told me that SneakPeak is wrong more than it is right. (She is an older lady who has always been unpleasant and negative, at least to me anyway.) but she proceeded to look between baby’s legs and said, “Do you see that? There’s clearly something there. I hope they will issue refunds.” I left feeling so sad and confused. How could SneakPeek be wrong twice?! Especially when done at a clinic. I was under the impression that there is no way of telling baby’s gender via ultrasound that early on. I have been telling myself that it was most likely just the cord or tailbone or something because we want this baby girl that we have envisioned sooo badly. Anyway, I do the NIPT test in a couple weeks and it’ll tell me the gender too. We will see what it says!

  61. So i did the test at 9+5 into my pregnancy, and got a GIRL result. I was pretty heartbroken as I already have 4 girls, and this baby was conceived the same day my Grandfather died. I appreciated the time though, to wrap my mind around having another girl, slowly prepping my daughters for another sister (they really wanted a brother.)

    Should have seen our shock when the baby had a penis at the 20 week scan! He’s here now, about to turn a year old. Sneakpeek ended up refunding me with no issues. I was told it wasn’t too uncommon for something the male chromosome to show up, and in my case I think his took a while having four big sisters.

    I’m pregnant again (10 weeks) and just got back results of a BOY this time. I’m hoping so — but also bracing myself in case it is wrong again. I scrubbed, ran my hands under hot water frequently, clorox’d and dawn’d the area before doing the test. (as well as doing it to myself and under my nails.) Anyway, only replying because you said you hadn’t had a false girl result and I was one that was. 🙂

  62. Omg i just read everyone’s response, i just got the results to my test and it says girl 😢 i already have 3 girls and this is my last pregnancy i feel soo guilty that I’m sad. Of course i already love my baby but was hoping for a boy.

  63. I have just done my sneakpeek test and my results have come back BOY aswell.. i have 3 boys, my partner and my male dog living at home.. this pregnancy just doesnt feel the same as the other 3 so will definitely update as soon as i know

  64. I had my boy in 2019, my husband has an older son from a previous relationship so we were really hoping this recent pregnancy would be a girl! Ever since I found out I was pregnant (about 7 weeks) I just had this gut feeling and strong feeling that it was a girl. I didn’t think it was wishful thinking. I had. I had virtually no nausea with my son and I’ve been nauseous everyday with this little one so far.

    I was so impatient and excited so decided to order the sneak peek test (snap). Did it at 11 wks. To my surprise, and I feel guilty saying this, to my disappointment, the results came back as boy. Of course.. we just want a healthy baby and it’s a blessing no matter what but I can’t help but feel a little sad. I had multiple dreams about having a girl, day dreams about how I would announce it to everyone including my husband, visions of the gender reveal and have been so emotional this whole time around! This pregnancy just feels different! My gut still keeps telling me there is hope and the test was wrong. Everyone that has seen me has said it’s a girl, it’s just one of those things!!

    I have an apt next week so let’s see what happens.

    My question to everyone – were the false boy results with the lancet (finger) test or the snap test? I hear there’s more cross contamination risks with the lancet. Wondering if any of the false positives spoken about here were with the snap?

    I am feeling super down and depressed, I wish I never did this test :(. Feel like I’ve given myself false hope by reading all these stories and am praying hopefully this is the case for me too – that I’ll go to my apt and be told we’re having a baby girl!

    Of course I will love my baby no matter what, but is it wrong to hope that there’s still a chance?

    Sitting here crying… lol.

    1. Talia, I’m in the same boat!

      I have 2 boys and we’re pregnant with our 3rd and final baby. I was also very eager and did the Snap Sneak Peek at 8wks, and were also feeling some gender disappointment as we found out it would be another boy.

      We’ll have our NIPT blood draw this week and find out for sure but I’ve also found myself hoping (from stories like the ones above) that maybe it’s incorrect and I’d get a girl after all.

      With my first 2 boys I never had any symptoms, and this time around I have rounds of nausea all throughout the day/night. Ive also wondered if it means anything or not.

      Please keep me posted on your appointment went! I’ll do the same. Best of luck, and I’m so appreciative I found this post.