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Alright FINALLY I am announcing if baby number 4 is a boy or girl tomorrow.  (if you missed the pregnancy announcement head to this post to read more!).  I thought it would be fun to do a little blog post with some of my symptoms, and talking about this pregnancy, so far through 16 and a half weeks, and see what everyones guesses are.  So once you leave your Boy or Girl Gender Guesses in the comments I will pick one of you to win a Starbucks card if you’re right! (I figure maybe thats good karma…get you guys alert with coffee and maybe ill feel alert too haha).

pregnant mom holding pink and blue balloons


Morning Sickness:  Not much at all.  Felt like crap some of the first trimester, but it was never nausea or traditional morning sickness in anyway.

Food Aversions: Really REALLY picky to basically everything.

Cravings: I don’t know if I would say actually cravings, but definitely wanting sweets and fruit more than normal.  (I am always a sweets girl, but never really like fruit).

Tired?: Off and on.  Part of me feels like I have to say not THAT tired because I know it hasn’t been as severe as it was with Walker, but then some days I was just wiped out.

Skin: Horrible – which I don’t think has ever happened to me before when pregnant. NOT HAPPY ABOUT IT.

About the Pregnancy

Heart rateAlright, forgive me because its the 4th kid, so I don’t remember the number but it was considered “lower”.

Carrying: I feel like I’m carrying higher? Its hard to tell because I’m only 16 weeks, but I’m already really starting to show which I wasn’t prepared for.

Old Wives Tales:

Chinese Gender Calendar: Boy

Husband Weight Gain: No – but he never has with pregnancies so I’m not sure this one works for us ha

Comparing to Other Pregnancies

This pregnancy has been super similar to my pregnancy with Avé, just maybe not quite as easy as hers was. I don’t remember feeling sick or tired AT ALL with her, and did some with this baby. With Jack and Walker I had identical pregnancies.  I thought that would definitely mean girl at first but asked my dr who kind of popped my bubble lol.

I took the Sneak peak test at 9.5 weeks pregnant to find out the gender of the baby.  I won’t tell you the results of that, or if it was right or wrong, but you will have to check back on my blog post tomorrow to read more about that! UNTIL THEN, if you leave a comment on this blog post with your gender guess AND your Instagram handle, one person who guesses the right gender will win a Starbucks card on me tomorrow! 



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26 thoughts on “Boy or Girl Gender Guesses

  1. Ahhh my Gut said girl but then reading this made me think boy…. I’ll stick with my gut: ITS A GIRL! ???? @all.rhodes.lead.home

    PS love following you.

    1. haha!! I love that you read through it all and nearly changed your vote! You are so sweet. Thank you for following along!!