Real Moms talk about When Does Morning Sickness Start

When Does Morning Sickness Start?

Alright so you’re pregnant, or you think you might be, and obviously we all google EVERYTHING.  I mean truly everything.  I am now expecting my 4th baby, and I remember even within a few days of taking a test this time, I was still googling “when does morning sickness start?”.  I mean I have obviously been down this road before, but I also just always get in my head and want to know.  So I figured I wasn’t alone in this and really wanted to ask some other moms the question of “when does morning sickness start?” and share it with you all!

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How Soon Can Morning Sickness Kick in?

Alright, for those of you here for the quick answer – Most moms all agreed that morning sickness sets in between 6 and 8 weeks.  That was the common answer between everyone I asked.

How Does Morning Sickness Feel?

Before I go a bit further and share some answers from some of those amazing moms, I wanted to address how morning sickness feels! If this is your first pregnancy you may not even be sure if what your experiencing is morning sickness. Honestly, it’s not a terrific part of pregnancy. Morning sickness can anything from feeling a bit queasy, to mild to severe nausea, to vomiting. And contrary to its name, morning sickness can occur at anytime of the day; some women do experience in the morning, others at night, some all day, and others are lucky enough to not have any!

When Does Morning Sickness peak?

Alright, so let’s get into what these awesome ladies have to share about their experiences and how to relieve morning sickness!

Casey – Mom of 2 Girls

My friend Casey stated that she has had 2 pregnancies.  With her first morning sickness set it around 7 weeks.  She was super nauseous until 14 weeks but only threw up a couple of times.  With her second it started around week 6 and lasted until she was 16 weeks.  That time around she threw up 2-3 times per day!  (it is worth stating, because I know if you’re like me, you will wonder – Casey has two GIRLS.  You can check her out on Instagram here!)

Emily – Mom of 2 Girls

My friend Emily said that her morning sickness started around week 6 with both of her daughters.  With her first pregnancy it subsided mostly by week 15 (with only occasional sickness bouts monthly after that).  With her second pregnancy she was VERY sick the entire pregnancy, so if you’re reading this and finding yourself in that same boat, she would be a great person to reach out to via Instagram!  She has 2 beautiful healthy girls.

Hilary – Mom of 1 Girl, 1 Boy

Hilary one of my best friends via Instagram has 2 kids and this time she did have a bit different experiences and different genders (if you like to read into that kind of thing).  With her first, a girl, she was sick from 7-15 weeks.  It was mostly in the evening and a walk or working out really helped it subside.  With her second, a boy, she had textbook morning sickness from 6-13 weeks.  She didn’t throw up but had nausea the first half of every day!

Jen – Mom of 1 Boy, 1 Girl, 1 unannounced

First time she was mostly fine as long as she had food in her stomach (she even kept snacks next to her bed!) With her second it was from about 7 to 12 weeks mostly in the evenings, and with her current and 3rd pregnancy it was from about 6 to 14 weeks!

Myself – Mom of 2 boys, 1 girl, and one unannounced

And before I get to the advice these mama’s have for you – in case you were wondering.  With my first and third pregnancies my morning sickness set in at 6 weeks, and lifted right at 12 ish weeks.  I never threw up but I was so nauseous and just pretty miserable.  With my second and 4th I didn’t have any morning sickness, and once I made it to the 7th week of my pregnancy kind of breathed a sigh of relief knowing I was in the clear!

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Morning Sickness Remedies: Advice from these Great Moms

Alright, so I am going to compile some great advice from all these moms on ways you can cope with the morning sickness if you’re experiencing it, and just remember, if this is your first time around, it is SO worth it!

  • Keep something in your stomach, and drink lots of water! (Jenny a mama of 2 littles – 1 girl and 1 boy!)
  • Preggie Pops ( Megan mom of 1 boy and 1 girl – she said she didn’t have horrible morning sickness but these really helped with what she had!)
  • Morning sickness medication- both Casey and Emily from above stated that sometimes that is just needed! Emily, also said there is a program where you pay a dollar a pill which makes it much more affordable if you have the sickness the whole time through.
  • If you have other kids, don’t feel bad if they have extra TV time and you just need to lay on the couch.  Growing a human is hard, and those early weeks you have to take care of you!! ( This advice is from Casey and I couldn’t agree more!!)
  • Wink Naturals morning sickness lozenges, lemon candy, peppermint, ginger tea, B vitamin supplement, and ginger ale (Casey)
  • Calm (a magnesium supplement) helped with constipation.  Ginger Chews also helped (Jen)
  • Peppermint and Lemon Essential Oils – which I love too (Hilary).
  • Working out (Hilary)


Hopefully this gives you some clarity on the whole, “when does morning sickness start?” and also some hope that not all mamas get it, and if you do maybe it won’t be to the same degree each time around!! I will be documenting much more of this pregnancy here on my blog, so make sure you subscribe for emails, and follow along on Instagram.

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  1. I’m currently pregnant with my second and my dr gave me an amazing remedy that has changed everything. I have been soooo sick and miserable all day everyday and a couple days ago I tried half a pill of unisom(a safe sleep aid while pregnant) and vitamin b 6. It has changed everything for me I wake up feeling good not sick and can eat, although drinking water does still make me a little sick if I drink to fast. This combo has been life changing for me and if it can help other moms struggling that would be great.