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Serena and Lily Hanging Chair Review

Since we clearly love them enough to own two, I figured it was time I wrote a review for the Serena and Lily hanging chair.   I know they are a bit of a splurge item, so when we were going back and forth on ordering them I did a lot of research and wanted to be sure we would love it!

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serena and Lilly hanging chair by rainbow

Serena and Lily Hanging Chair

Incase you don’t know what I am talking about – this whole review is on the chair in the photo above. We currently own the white version as well as the natural rattan version – 1 in each of our girls rooms.

We purchased the natural rattan color for our baby girls nursery initially.  It was one of those items that my husband gave in on even tho he thought I was nuts in wanting it.   (But, you know –  who was he to tell his super pregnant wife that?)

Fast forward to nearly a year later and he LOVES it.  It was actually his idea to update our older daughters room and give her own as well. 

Buy in White  |  Buy in Natural

white hanging chair

Why we chose this one?

Rattan chairs are really popular right now…so popular that I am rounding up some other options in this post incase hanging a chair is not your jam haha.  I personally decided on the Serena and Lily version partially because I love the company.

Everything else I have owned from Serena and Lily has been beyond high quality and when it came to a chair I was about to hang from my ceiling and sit in with my newborn daughter I wanted quality even if it meant spending a few extra dollars.

Serena and Lily hanging chair in nursery

I also love that the Serena and Lily version of these chairs is a pretty timeless look.  It isn’t really ornate or swirly, so I felt like I wouldn’t get tired of it quickly.  

If a hanging chair isn’t your thing be sure to check out the round up of other great options towards the bottom of this post with some great free standing options. 

Hanging the Serena and Lily Hanging Chair

When we got the chair we went back and forth with how to hang this chair – I will say LOUD AND CLEAR – they recommend it being hung professionally.  If you are not REALLY confident I recommend following that protocol.  I am sure you could get a contractor pretty inexpensively to come hang it.

What you will need is a large eye bolt, and possibly a caribeaner – make sure that both are approved for high weight bearing loads. 

little girl in hanging Serena and Lily chair

For us personally – we used a large eye bolt and used our stud finder. I highly recommend THIS one because it shows you where the center of the stud is so you can be sure you are all the way in the stud for safety.   We then hung it using a fancy knot that my husband looked up.  Once the knot was secure we sort of tucked the hanging rope to hide the eye bolt.  

My biggest tip is when you pick your height to hang it, pick it just a bit higher than you think.  As you hang it and it settles it will settle down just a bit.

Serena and Lily hanging Chair

The Pro’s to the chairs –

So far they have been so durable.  We have 4 little ones and I wasn’t willing to get something that I thought they would break apart like a wicker basket haha.   These are so well made and durable and I have no doubt they will be beautiful in the girls rooms for years and years to come. 

The biggest question I get – are they comfortable?  I will be honest – I got these for the look. BUT They are so comfortable to sit in.  We have these cute faux white fur throws on each of them so the bars don’t hurt our legs – they don’t bother me without, but if Avé is sitting with her legs crossed it can hurt her ankles.  

Serena and Lily White hanging Chair

I also added throw pillows to each of them – those two things make them sooo comfortable and I have dozed off in Goldies many a time!!

I am also asked about if they can hold an adult – and yes – they can hold up t0 300 lbs – just make sure you are getting hardware (eyebolt) and such that also can hold that amount!

The Cons 

There aren’t many cons to these chairs – I know for some the price is a con, however in my opinion if you buy it on sale it really isn’t over priced.

One thing I don’t love about the white is that there is a section towards the top that is a slightly different shade of white.  You can see that in the picture below.  It isn’t something that ruins the chair in any way – and I would buy it again totally, but I didn’t expect it.

white hanging chair in front of Daisy wallpaper

Otherwise my only other con would be that I wish they would sent the items to hang the chair with it. Hanging a chair is nerve wracking for anyone, and I think that can add a level of nervousness – being worried you will purchase the wrong thing.  I think this sort of goes for most all hanging chairs, but regardless that would be a small con.

Serena and lily hanging chair in little girls room

Other Gorgeous Options

Although I personally don’t think you can beat the Serena and Lily hanging chair (clearly – that’s why I purchased two).  But I also know sometimes when you want to do a rattan chair in a space hanging it isn’t an option, or it is out of the budget.

I rounded up some other great rattan chair options for your space below so you can add that touch to your room no matter what your style is!

rattan chairs for every space


1  |  2  |  3  |  4  |  5  |  6  |  7  |  8  |  9  |  10

  1. Black hanging chair 
  2. Sitting chair option 
  3. Affordable Rattan Option
  4. This Egg chair option is pricey but oh my gosh is it gorgeous!
  5. This is one of the options that has a stand option!
  6. Egg chair – it is gorgeous!
  7. Black egg chair 
  8. The hanging chair from this post in natural
  9. White hanging chair from this post!
  10. White hanging chair with stand

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Hopefully from this post you have a better idea of if the Serena and Lily hanging chair is he right chair for you!  I have loved them in my home, and hope if you decide to add one to your home you will love it too.  Be sure to leave me any questions in the comments below or dm me on Instagram! 

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serena and lily hanging chair


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