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Lighting and Hardware from Amazon

Another week, and more Amazon finds.  This week I wanted to share some lighting and hardware from Amazon after sharing my kitchen reveal.  We just re-did our kitchen and all the hardware and lighting came from Amazon – so it seemed like a great, organic fit to share that this week.

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gold lights and black handles from amazon in white kitchen

Lighting and Hardware from Amazon

When I am working on a room to update – you guys probably already know that Amazon is my go to for unique finds.  With 4 little ones at home I don’t have time to run to a lot of the little stores, so the convince that Amazon offers is my go to.

We recently updated our kitchen as well as our powder room on our main floor, and for both spaces I chose to use hardware from Amazon for the cabinets, and in the kitchen I also went with lighting from Amazon.

Pink, black and white modern powder room

The only reason I didn’t do lighting from Amazon in the bathroom above was because I was in a hurry and didn’t want to deal with returns in the shade of gold was off.

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Mixing Metals

When I put together this round up I tried to design it so that you could kind of pick and choose and mix anything on the post.  I love the idea of mixing metals and think it opens up opportunities for decorating as time goes on.

Right now brass and black are both really in, so I stuck to that color way for this post, as well as my kitchen, and have been so happy with the end outcome.

black drawer pulls from Amazon

Be sure to check the sizes for many of these, most of the hardware I have purchased from Amazon comes in several different lengths which is great.  When you are measuring you need to measure from the center of the drilled hole to the the center of the drilled hole – sometimes even the slightest miss measurement can end in the wrong hardware.

Using Hardware to Update furniture

Another reason I source hardware so often from Amazon is to update furniture we have.  I have changed out the existing hardware on a majority of our furniture in our house.  For Avé’s room we switched out the drawer pulls to the sliced stone looking ones in the image below.

Drawer pulls from Amazon  on nightlstand

We also used hardware from Amazon for Goldie Dresser – which is an IKEA hack (check out the post here).  I loved that with the pulls we got for Goldie’s dresser we had the option to get them really long!

pink Ikea dresser

Find all the hardware from the images above, and lots more in the image below!

hardware and lighting from Amazon

Amazon Hardware and Lighting

1  |  2  |  3  |  4  |  5  |  6  |  7  |  8  |  9  |  10  |  11  |  12  |  13  |  14  |  15  |  16  |  17  |  18

  1. These are the little T bar pulls I used in our powder room that you saw above – I love how they looked and the simplicity.
  2. Leather Pulls – I love the idea of using these on maybe a nightstand or something else similar.
  3. These sliced stone pulls are what I used in Avé’s room.  I absolutely love them.
  4. If you are looking for a black light – this is a gorgeous option. 
  5. these are really similar to what I did in our power room.  They are gorgeous and perfectly simple.  Paired with #1 they would be amazing.
  6. Simple black bars – these have a slightly more classic look if the other black ones I picked are too modern for you.
  7. Gold pendant lights – this is the light I went with in our kitchen and I love them.
  8. These wall mounted sconces are in my boys room and I LOVE how they look.
  9. Black cup pulls – I love cup pulls and have gold ones on our bar and my master bedroom furniture.
  10. Gold square pulls – these are unique and more expensive than the rest in the post, but they are gorgeous!
  11. Silver and black faux leather pulls 
  12. Glass and bronze pendant – I LOVE THESE.  I personally was going to go with a look like this initially in our kitchen.
  13. Black Squared off pulls – these are the pulls I did in our kitchen.  Super affordable and I love how they look.
  14. Little gold peg pulls – I am obsessed with these.
  15. These are the pulls we did on Goldies dresser – I love that this one comes in so many different lengths.
  16. Lucite – I LOVE lucite and these are a stunning drawer pull option.
  17. Gold cup pulls – like I said above, I love cup pulls
  18. Black and gold 3 light fixture – this is perfectly modern and gorgeous.  I would love to change up my master bathroom and add this in!

Overall – all of these are super fun, and gorgeous options for your home.  Right now, while we are all stuck at home, getting creative with finding home decor on Amazon can be so helpful!  I have several other Amazon posts with Decor from Amazon that I will link below incase you are looking.

wall mounted sconces from amazon

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If you have any questions on any of these items, I love to connect via DM on Instagram (@arinsolange),  or in the comments below!! Hopefully you find some hardware and lighting from Amazon that you Love and inspires you to make your space just the way you want it!

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Hardware and lighting from amazon

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