DIY Terracotta Pot

Outdoor living is finally happening in the great midwest…so that means I am finally making my porch look like its not a disheveled Christmas mess.  I made some DIY Terracotta pot to spruce up the front porch and I am thinking out delivery drivers will be giving me a slow clap when they arrive next week! (things were looking less than ‘picture perfect’ out there. 

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DIY terracotta pots on porch

DIY Terracotta Pot

2 years ago when I was sprucing up our door way I wanted to come up with some inexpensive planters that were big enough to handle the space.  We have a large brick home, with a somewhat small little porch, so finding a way to decorate the space just right isn’t always easy.

My solution two years ago that has been going strong ever since was a Trash Can planter hack – and Let me tell you, that has been a winner for both me, and many of you!  It worked great, and I truly loved them for 2 solid years on my porch.

Ombre Terracotta Pot

Actually I loved them so much I think they will get a coat of paint and head to the back patio now to hold some of our cute little patio garden plants!

That said – it was time for change.  I wanted a new look with the doormats.  I was early on the buffalo check layered look, and now I see it all over, so decided to get creative with something different. 

I will share all the details to our porch decor, as well as how I made these DIY terracotta pots for roughly $50 for the pair.

Large Terracotta Plant with Fern

How I Made the Planters

Finding large terracotta pots is really expensive.   Actually I tend to think finding any large pots that fit my style is expensive.  I really wanted the look of terracotta without the price tag…and I also was hoping for something that wouldn’t break so easily. 

We grabbed these large planters at Sam’s club for $20 each, and they were the perfect starting point.  They are plastic, and I found some for you here that are very similar in price and size!

DIY Terracotta Pot


Similar pot here on Amazon 

 Sanding block or sand paper

Painters tape

Paint – I personally did Behr flat in Florida Sunrise 

White paint – I used leftover white chalk paint from painting our bathroom floors

Sealer – you could skip this if you did outdoor paint 

paint brushes – I used what I had on hand so did a foam roller then foam brushes

ombre Terracota Pot

How to

Give your pot a slight scrub down with sand paper – just enough to take some of the shine off. 

Wrap the pots with a line of painters tape roughly 3/4 inches down from the top.  This is the top of the solid orange, so you can use your own discretion.  And because of the nature of the pots it doesn’t have to be perfect.

Large Painted Pot

Now paint below that line with the orange paint.  You will have to do a few light coats – let them dry for a bit between each or you will pick up the paint.  (as a reminder – terracotta pots are supposed to be a little rustic, so don’t worry if its perfectly smooth)

Paint above the Tape with white paint – I also painted the inside going down about 4 inches. 

Painted Terra-cotta Pot

Once both of those areas are fully covered with a few coats and the paint is dry, remove the painters tape.

Mix equal parts orange and white paint – but leave it a little unmixed. – Take a paint brush and fill in the unpainted line that was under the painters tape.  Make the line a bit messy going onto the orange and white to give it a a sunrise look.  

front porch with DIY Terracotta pots

Once it is done to your liking let it dry, then spray it well with 2 coats of polly spray paint and you are set!

hello lovely doormat

Styling the Porch

Now it came time to style my porch for these little beauties, and like I said – I was ready for a change from my previous mats.

I went with this blue large under rug for $25 dollars (seriously such. a. deal!) and did a DIY mat on the top.  The DIY Tutorial is highlighted on my Instagram, but because layering rugs can be so much fun, I rounded up some other great options that you might love below!

outdoor rugs and doormats

Shop These Doormats

1  |  2  |  3  |  4  |  5  |  6  |  7  |  8  |  9  |  10  |  11  |  12  | 13

  1. This braided option – we actually had this in our living room for years and I was obsessed – we are actually thinking we will go back to this rug!
  2. Welcome to the Jungle
  3. Dachsten Rug 
  4. Go Away Doormat
  5. Black and White strip rug – this one is such a good price for the size
  6. Rainbow doormat
  7. I am obsessed with this pink one!
  8. Home Plate – so cute for baseball lovers
  9. Welcome Mat
  10. Blue 4×5 for $25 – this is the one I got!
  11. Black and white buffalo check
  12. Wine mat – I linked this one here too with lots of other outdoor decor from Amazon
  13. Black and white 4×6 rug for $20

DIY Terracotta Pot

Hopefully between the DIY terracotta pot and these fun doormat and rug options this gives you great inspiration for your outdoor space!  Be sure to check out the posts below for more inspiration, and if you have any questions or want to see how I made my doormat check out my Instagram! 

Hello Lovely Doormat

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DIY Terracotta Pot





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