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Useful Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day is 2 weeks from today, and you guys I have been dragging my feet on this post, because its hard to give great ideas on gifts when you never leave your house.  This year Mother’s Day will be unique for sure, but I have rounded up some useful Mother’s Day gift ideas that I think moms will love!

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Useful Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

This will be my 8th mothers day…I seriously can’t even believe that.  To me mothers day is both such a treat (hello – a day where everyone worships you and tells you what a great job you’re doing), and an honor!  There is something so special knowing that I am lucky enough to get that title.

I have been thinking about Mother’s Day gifts a bit differently this year.  My birthday was a couple of years ago, and as with Mother’s Day – we were obviously not going anywhere.  I found it hard to know what to ‘ask for’ because the typical ideas of clothes, shoes, or purses were sort of not needed for the foreseeable future. 

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I tried to round up some ideas for Mother’s Day that would be useful while you’re home, and beyond. Fun ideas that I personally would want, and some that I will definitely be asking for.  – I mean after all, I get to ask for double since we skipped birthday presents right? 

Hopefully there are great items for yourself, or your mom, sister, friend. Items that you will enjoy using or gifting that fit in every budget!

Useful mothers day gifts

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  1. Face mask set – My husband got me this exact set for Christmas and I am obsessed.  They are all good sized so I still have plenty of all of them 5 months later. 
  2. These pants – I got these a couple months ago and I’m obsessed.  They are cute enough to dress up but are basically the most comfortable sweatpants when it comes to how they feel.  Perfect for right now, so you can get dressed and feel put together! 
  3. This AirPod case is SO SO CUTE
  4. PMD exfoliator – I can’t be the only woman that is taking this time at home to work on my skin?  This exfoliator is amazing because you don’t have to buy new brush heads and it is easy to clean – such a good purchase!
  5. Iced Coffee pitcher – we have this and I love it.  I know it’s sort of lame, but also a useful item for anyone who loves iced coffee and is missing their Starbucks runs.
  6. This cup – Basically like the yeti that I have used and loved for years, but this one comes in amazing prints.  I switched to this cup instead of my yeti last fall and love it so much more.  It has an anti skid bottom and keeps my water just as cold!
  7. Saranoni blanket – I add this to all gift guides basically because I have said it before and I will say it again – they are the most comfortable blankets ever!
  8. Candles – I recently got this candle from a local company and it is honest to goodness the best smelling candle EVER.
  9. Freshly Picked Fanny Pack – okay I was late to the fanny pack game, and I regret it. I finally got one of these for our last Florida trip and I am now next level obsessed.  It is so cute and as a mom the convenience was SO GOOD. 
  10. Kitchen Glasses – again not the most exciting item, but I asked for these for Christmas in two sizes and I’m obsessed with them.  They are super light weight and thin, and no frills so a great modern look. (they are also really durable).
  11. Earrings – I recently got this pair and a matching necklace and I LOVE them.
  12. Dyson hair dryer – I know I know….the price tag on this bad boy is kind of dumb.  I cringed when Sam got me this 2 years ago, but it is to this day one of my favorite items.  I travel with it, and hate using anything else.  I have really long, really thick hair, and this can fully dry it in under 10 min. It literally cut the time to about a quarter of what I used to spend, and my hair comes out so much smoother. 
  13. These sweet stackable bracelets – I got these with my kids initials on them and LOVE them.  They are simple for every day wear. 
  14. Oventure Ring – hands down one of the best items for a woman.  Definitely an item to grab!
  15. Espresso machine – I spent so much time researching these, and think I have finally decided on this one.  I love the function and look, and it comes in at a reasonable price.  
  16. Fun tumblers – grab these for summer days outside or by the pool.  They are so darn cute
  17. Ceramic diffuser – a great diffuser isn’t super cheep, so it’s a great gift idea! 
  18. Ceramic pot – this is the freaking cutest pot!!

Family of 6 fall pictures

Hopefully this gives you some fun, unique ideas for Mother’s Day.  I think I speak for all mamas when I say that the gift matters zero, but the thought that goes into them matters a ton.  

Nothing makes me happier than knowing my husband worked hard to find me something that would mean something to me.  I know my mom feels the same way.  I also know that this year with things being so out of the ordinary, I am going to take the opportunity to make other moms in my life are feeling extra loved.

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If you need other ideas on useful Mother’s Day gift ideas send me a DM on Instagram, or comment below, and I hope you’re staying safe, healthy and happy!

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Useful mothers day gifts


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