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Best Gifts for a 30 Year Old Woman

Why is this gift guide always the hardest for me to come up with?  I am so much better at buying than knowing what to ask for!  I have rounded up the best gifts for a 30 year old woman for those of you that are stumped on what to ask for, or need ideas of what to get the ladies in your life!  These are obviously wonderful ideas no matter the age, but for the sake of giving you – the reader  a bit of an idea  of who put this together, I added my age!

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I have done gift guides for a few years, so have rounded up several of my old ones in the links below incase you need some further inspiration!  To shop this post you just simply click on the image below.  A few items are not linked that way so head to the comments (some sites don’t support that shopping method).

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Best Gifts for a 30 Year Old Woman

  1. Leopard Booties – I have had my eye on these, and all of my friends are obsessed too.  A fun shoe is always a good choice!
  2. Suitcase – I have this exact one and I LOVE it. 
  3. Decorative Vases – these retro ones are a steal!
  4. Makeup case – I have this one and am obsessed with it.
  5. Personalized name earrings
  6. Kendra Scott Necklace – basically anything from Kendra Scott.  It’s name brand/upper end costume jewelry that she will love.
  7. Clear backpack – I included 2 clear bag ideas.  With all the new rules for concerts/games it’s a great item to have in your closet!
  8. Apple Watch band – I have had this band for over a year and its awesome for only about $10
  9. Eye Shadow Pallet – I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love the Naked Pallets
  10. Stairway basket – My husband got me this for Christmas YEARS ago, and its remained a staple.  100% recommend if you don’t have one!
  11. Dyson hair dryer – okay this is a huge splurge, but honestly its top 5 favorite items I own.  It blow drys my hair in about 5 min and makes it so soft and frizz free.  I have a TON of hair, so thats saying a lot!
  12. Oventure Key ring – I recently got one and I’m truly obsessed.  Every woman should have one!
  13. Monogram Coffee Mug
  14. Another great option for a clear purse
  15. Hunter Boots  – loving this style!
  16. These noise canceling ear buds are SO GOOD.  We have them and love them. If you use Code arin you can save 15%
  17. Gel Manicure light – seriously saves so much money having this at home!
  18. Small card holder to go on your Oventure ring – game changer!
  19. Planner – last year my friend Navy got me this planner, and I am seriously never going to a different brand!
  20. Saranoni Blanket – by far the best blankets ever.  I talk about them all the time because we truly love them that much.
  21. Yeti Coffee Mug – I love MINE. Keeps my coffee hot and I like that it has a lid to keep it from spilling so easily with little ones.
  22. This Wine tumbler is so cute!! Definitely on my list this year. 
  23. Leopard Ugg Slippers – another item high on my list this year!

To find the best gifts for a 30 year old woman later, pin the image below!

Best gifts for a 30 year old woman

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